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Special Report on

Defining Ecosystem Management

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This CD-ROM contains digital versions (PDF) of the major scientific documents prepared for the Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Project (ICBEMP). "A Framework for Ecosystem Management in the Interior Columbia Basin and Portions of the Klamath and Great Basins" describes a general planning model for ecosystem management. The "Highlighted Scientific Findings of the Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Project" provides an overview of the science information. The "Status of the Columbia Basin: Summary of Scientific Findings" summarizes the ...
Place-based Bills & Agreements: Defining Characteristic #2 ...
Nearly every place-based bill and initiative examined thus far focuses on the need for “landscape-scale” restoration.  From a collaboration standpoint, restoration is a common zone of agreement among several of these groups.  The scale is sometimes defined by reference to (sub)watersheds or acreage (e.g., 25,000 to 50,000 acres) for which restoration projects should be planned and implemented.  Though the term “landscape-scale” is now fashionable, it is often used with some imprecision. (Just how, for example, does this differ from yesterday’s focus on ecosystem management?).  These cases give the term additional meaning, by ... market research, surveys and trends
SATURN 2010: Notes from Wayne Longcore's Keynote « SATURN Network Blog
Cisco has said that it believes the Smart Grid will be 1000 times larger than today’s internet. When the electric grid went down in 2003, society was disrupted. The power grid must be adaptable. One of the defining characteristics of ULS systems is that, while pieces of the system might fail at times, the system as a whole must remain operational. “I didn’t know the SEI term  ULS system then, but I’d have used it had I known it.” Smart Grid: Every device that uses and produces power. One big electro-mechanical machine across North American continent. Smart Grid’s vision is to provide quality ... market research, surveys and trends


A century ago, only a few prescient individuals were concerned about the sustainability of the variety of ecosystems that provide the commodities and services upon which humans depend. Large expanses of "the frontier" remained, the sea was considered unexplored and underexploited and the natural world was seen solely as a cornucopia whose raison d'etre was to provision human needs, as well as an infinite sink for human wastes and pollutants. During this century, human populations, along with their demands for space, commodities and ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The political ecology of the ecosystem approach for - Cover - The ...
for defining ecosystem management in a way that automatically, .... have estimated that only 40–50 percent of Thailand's one million ethnic minority people ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
A Win-Win Smart Grid Vision
A smart grid is best built with an eye toward technologies, standards and services of the future. In order to ensure utilities and consumers both win in the smart grid game, it's essential that all players in the ecosystem consider the various moving parts involved as energy networks across the globe evolve. An interoperable infrastructure approach will rapidly lead to innovations and achievements, while limited, closed approaches will ultimately kill innovation and benefit very few. It's not just about smart meters. Smart metering is an essential part and the foundation of the smart grid itself--offering increased ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
GLOBALFOUNDRIES to Host Forum with Senior Executives from World Leaders in ...
SUNNYVALE, Calif., Aug 24, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- At the Global Technology Conference on September 1, senior executives from leading firms in the EDA/IP industry will join GLOBALFOUNDRIES in an Executive Forum about the increasing challenges in design enablement and manufacturing on advanced technology nodes. The GTC 2010 forum, which will take place at 1:00 p.m. PDT in the auditorium of the Santa Clara Convention Center, will be introduced by GLOBALFOUNDRIES CEO Doug Grose and moderated by Mojy Chian, senior vice president of design enablement. The discussion ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


What Is Ecosystem Management?
3ut defining ecosystem management goals is also a political process; those authors advocating a new vision of ecological integrity (Clark & Zaunbrechet ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Western Ecology Division | US EPA
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, June 19 - 23, 1994. This paper has been subjected to scientific peer review but does not necessarily reflect policy positions of the United States Environmental Protection Agency or any other organization. 2 The author is associate director for science of EPA's Western Ecology Division, National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory, 200 SW 35th Street, Corvallis, Oregon 97333. He also is courtesy professor of fisheries and adjunct professor of political science at Oregon State University. Abstract Ecosystem management is widely proposed in the popular and professional literature ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Which strategies have you found most successful in employer ...
►CEO ►Director ►Ex-Banker ►Business Futurist ►Speaker ►Future-Proof, Bankable Strategies see all my answers Best Answers in: Using LinkedIn (212), Organizational Development (75), Change Management (65), Government Policy (46), Economics (28), Corporate Governance (23), Ethics (23), Staffing and Recruiting (22), Equity Markets (22), Career Management (21), Mentoring (19), Business Development (19), Planning (18), Communication and Public Speaking (16), Internationalization and Localization (13), Education and Schools (12), Business Analytics (12), Energy and Development (11), Web ...
WikiAnswers - What is the Role of Decision support systems in ...
Typical roles decision support systems (DSS) play in business modeling are around advocating a certain thought around decision making use of the underlying data. For example : identifying from the underlying data who are the most profitable customers, what products are selling well in a certain market etc ...for organizations DSS could help in cost management as well (where is money getting spent for what) .. it could help in defining marketing strategy, it could help is supply chain management and pretty much in the whole ecosystem of the organization. First answer by Azkuma . Last edit by Azkuma . Contributor trust : ...