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Document Management Made Simple

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KnowledgeTree 3.6-Community Edition is an update on the open source 3.5.5-Community (snapshot) release, and 3.5.4a-Community Edition (public) release. KnowledgeTree 3.6-Community Edition is the open source version of our pending Commercial server release - KnowledgeTree 3.6.1-Commercial Edition, which will include additional features and functionality, over and above those listed below for this release. 15 April 2009 KnowledgeTree 3.6-Community Edition fixes a great deal of pre-existing bugs, including many that have been reported by the KnowledgeTree Community over the last few releases, and several that were uncovered during ...
and documents related to an organization and its processes. ECM tools allow the management of an enterprise level organization's information.
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KnowledgeTree? is document management made simple: easily secure, share, track and manage the documents and records your organization depends on. KnowledgeTree is the leading commercial open source document management system designed for the SMB and departmental user. * Easy to Use Web and Microsoft? Windows? Interface * Drag and Drop Documents Using KnowledgeTree Explorer or WebDAV * Version-controlled Document Repository * Search within Document Contents or Metadata * Access to Documents from within Microsoft? Office? Applications * Scan/OCR Documents Direct To Repository * Document Workflow and Powerful Permission Model * ... market research, surveys and trends
Effective Paper Document Management Made Simple
When documents are printed they are often done so without any branding or layer of protection. In a shared-printer environment, this is even more of a regular occurrencewhere they are left in printer trays for others to see or whatever. Information workers, temporary employees, guests and others may be walking by the printer where the document(s) are in full view. Where the is no regular policy and user-friendly method of document protection, printed documents are subject to misuse and misinterpretation. While this may not be a common event, when it does happen — and a document is misused — the price can be inestimable. market research, surveys and trends


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in London last Thursday (13th May). It was a great event and very well organized. I was impressed with how accessible and engaged the SugarCRM execs are with their customers and market. Apart from taking the opportunity to poke fun at the enigmatic world of British politics, the topic of my talk was "Accelerating Sales Velocity with an Integrated CRM-DMS Solution". I looked at how integrating SugarCRM and KnowledgeTree through a module called iNetDocs (written by a KnowledgeTree partner in Paris – iNet Process) can empower sales agents by ensuring they have the right information when they needed it in the sales cycle. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Document Management Made Simple ... serving nearly two million people annually. .... percent cost reimbursement from county and city governments. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
DocSolid KwikTag for Worldox Gives Law Firms the Power of Enterprise Document ...
DocSolid, makers of KwikTag document imaging for law firms, together with World Software Corporation®, the company behind the award-winning Worldox® Document Management System (DMS) software, today announced the integration of their products. DocSolid FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRLog (Press Release) – Aug 23, 2010 – Las Vegas – ILTA 2010 – DocSolid, makers of KwikTag document imaging for law firms, together with World Software Corporation® , the company behind the award-winning Worldox® Document Management System (DMS) software, today announced the integration of their products. Worldox customers can now add KwikTag as an ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
One.Tel: the ghost won't let the 'rich boys' rest
IT SEEMS an aeon ago that the telco upstart One.Tel went spectacularly belly-up. So many large events in history have transpired since - wars, terrorist attacks, the global financial crisis, the election of a black president in the US. But the decision by Murdoch's News Corp and Packer's PBL to bail out and then withdraw their support for a rights issue to fund One.Tel just won't go away. The saga has dogged James Packer and Lachlan Murdoch since the telco was laid to rest in 2001. The two (dubbed the rich boys) at the time were just that - rich and boys. Packer, the older of the two, was 34 and Murdoch was 30. ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


KnowledgeTree Fact Sheet - Document Management Made Simple
Document Management Made Simple. KnowledgeTree is open source document management ... Document Management Made Simple. Allocate permissions on a per user, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Guidelines for Choosing Records Management Software
You know what you need to manage your records; make sure the software supports .... management software and developing a simple records management ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Xythos Enterprise Document Management Suite
Record managers can audit all records and all actions made on records .... “[ Xythos] provides simple, effective document management that is ...
You've been given a new sales territory. How do you "attack" it to ...
Sales Techniques (3), Occupational Training (1), Staffing and Recruiting (1), Viral Marketing (1), Business Development (1), Planning (1), Career Management (1) This was selected as Best Answer When I was in various sales roles at Xerox and DHL, the first thing I would ever do when I was given a new territory was to indentify who the largest possible target clients were. I wanted to find prospects that no one before me had been able to get a foot in the door. I looked for the biggest challenges possible, with the largest rewards. I organized a process and a plan to spend time each week moving towards opening up new ...
Need a simple/inexpensive document management/imaging solution for ...
Need a simple document management system with a clean, easy interface that can index documents based on job #, who the document is to and from, and date. Tagging the documents would be a really cool feature (like tagging) but not required. I would also like to have OCR somehow so that we can search through larger documents. Inexpensive is a high priority. It doesn't need to have complex workflow management or anything, I think the biggest issue is just that it needs to be really really simple to scan a document we've received by fax or print and be able to quickly and easily tag it with the appropriate ...