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Special Report on

Donor Management Software

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You track important donor and fundraising information all year long. How can you get the most out of it so you can see strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities? donorCentrics takes a deep dive into your data. It transforms historical data into action by providing an accurate, unbiased framework to identify best practices. View year-to-year trends and compare segments of your database population to help you get a clear picture of your donors. You can run a donorCentrics analysis annually, biannually, or quarterly; we can help you choose the best frequency for your organization. Don’t let standard database reports hide important ...
available to all campaigns soon after the election campaign has begun. Campaigns can then merge this information with the other data they have collected on voters over the years to create their database. Often basic information such as phone numbers and postal codes are not included on the voters list, and the campaign will have to procure this data as well. The United States has no state or federal election agency, and thus no central lists. In 2002, the United States Congress passed HAVA , the Help America Vote Act. HAVA required that each state compile an official state voter database by January 2006. Most states complied ...
Why CRM Is For Business And Donor Management Software Is For ...
Tired of managing your donors in excel sheets and thinking of trying out something a bit more sophisticated like CRM (Customer Relationship Software)? You may want to hold on to that thought for a while and consider a few things before taking the plunge. While the donor management process in a nonprofit can be considered the counterpart of the customer relationship management process in a business, when it comes down to the details of what kind of software could help manage these, they as different as Norah Jones and Rage Against The Machine. While there are nonprofits who use CRM tools to help track their donors, CRM software ... market research, surveys and trends
Choosing The Right Donor Management Software
Researching Donor and Fundraising software for your nonprofit organization sounds like a fairly straight-forward task.  That is, until you start looking at demos, talking to salespeople, and getting advice from well-intentioned friends and associates.  It doesn’t take long before the project becomes confusing and overwhelming. Everyone has a different take on the subject – because every organization is unique.  So how do you decide what’s right for your organization?  Before you begin your search, here are a few questions to consider.  When answering them, try to project where your organization will be a year ... market research, surveys and trends


NP Times / Special Report: Tsunami Put Donor Management Software ...
It has been an interesting year in the donor management software market. For many of the vendors who sell donor management software, the big news this last year wasn’t a new technology. Rather, it was a tragedy -- the tsunami that devastated large areas around the Indian Ocean and killed thousands of people. Response to this tragic event was both instantaneous and worldwide. The increased worldwide penetration of the Internet made it easy for caring people and organizations to pitch in, regardless of their location or time zone. Dan ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Data Sources
wealth identification services from Target Analytics use information from the most respected prospect research data sources to find and return the most current, accurate information on prospects. Plus, we make use of unique data sources, including invaluable philanthropic gift information from Donor Bank and comprehensive real estate information from Fidelity Data Services. Target Analytics data sources include: Dun & Bradstreet® Understanding a constituent’s professional life is a crucial part of identifying the major gift prospects in your file. WealthPoint leverages three files from Dun & Bradstreet to provide you with ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Industry Growth and Specialization Spur Increase in Sage MIP Fund Accounting ...
AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - August 23, 2010) -  Sage North America announced today the addition of four business partners representing its Sage MIP Fund Accounting nonprofit financial management software. ADSS Global of Exton, Penn., JOSEPH EVE of Great Falls, Mon., Kernutt Stokes Brandt & Co. LLP of Eugene, Ore., and Kerr Consulting & Support of Houston, Texas, were recently certified on the software. Resellers and accountants increasingly view specialization with products, such as Sage MIP Fund Accounting, as a growth opportunity. More than 50% of respondents to CCH's 2009 Accounting Trends Survey said specialization ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Avectra Announces Enhanced Fundraising Solutions for Associations
(AMS), today announced enhanced fundraising solutions to help association leaders improve donor engagement, advocacy, and fundraising efforts – key revenue drivers for association and not-for-profits. Avectra’s leading association management solution (AMS) combined with the integrated, enhanced fundraising functionality allows organizations to manage their important fundraising activities within their central membership database . The combination of the industry leading AMS with powerful fundraising, e-Mail marketing, and website management provides real-time tools to drive ongoing fundraising efforts and eliminates the costly ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Donor Management Software - You would think that if someone
Sep 1, 2009 ... Donor management software changing the way nonprofits coordinate efforts. Keith Heller of. Heller Consulting is implementing. Common Ground ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
BK080037 Summary
The following Blood Bank management software products in the market will be referenced to compare Client Server Blood Bank with Electronic Crossmatch version 5.6 to show it is substantially equivalent in its intended use and features: MEDITECH MAGIC Blood Bank Version 4.9, cleared for commercial distribution under BK060029 MEDITECH Client Server Blood Bank Version 5.1, cleared under BK980046 A4. Intended Use   The MEDITECH Blood Bank Software provides a variety of functionality for Healthcare Personnel. The software helps personnel, in both multiple and single facility organizations, manage their departments more ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
CUSSN Human services and mental health software connection
The purpose of the CUSSN Software Connection is to link users to human service freeware, shareware, demos, limited use software, online programs or application service providers (ASPs), or software that I feel has special relevance.  This list specializes in software that you can examine without talking to a vendor.  However, completing a form to request a download might put your name on a vendor salesperson's "to call" list.   Check the privacy policies before downloading.  If you experience unwanted calls from a vendor listed below, let me know and I will add that notation or ...
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What is the best, AFFORDABLE fundraising/donor management software ...
The question depends in part on what you intend to do with it. The software is as good as the data you put into it and the actions you take based on what you see in the data. I should add that what is important depends a bit on what kind of non-profit work your organization does. You might place a lot of value on knowing donors' birthdays so that you can send notes. Others might put great value on estimating donor's giving capacity. Another dimension to consider is how "real time" you want to be. If you're in the software daily, you'll have one set of needs. If you're an infrequent user, you may ...
Raiser's Edge -- THE nonprofit donor management system? | LinkedIn ...
I've worked with Raiser's Edge at a few nonprofit organizations (from a sysadmin/consultant's perspective) and found it to be very easy to install and maintain. I had to call their support once and found the reps to be helpful and knowledgeable. I would recommend a dedicated box (or virtual server) as the system can become cumbersome under moderate load. I'd also say to have a scheduled job to restart the service on a weekly basis. I can't really comment from a user's point of view, but I didn't hear too many complaints. Andrew. posted April 3, 2008 As with any software package, there are ...