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Economists quantify job satisfaction

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The “job quality debate” is nothing new, and during a recession, it is even less popular a topic. But in Demanding Work, economics professor Francis Green gives us a comprehensive new look at the issues. He summarizes both the data analyses and theoretical background behind a number of international attempts at measuring job quality. We may not have a one-size-fits-all job quality index, but we do have a wealth of data from large social surveys. Green asserts that despite whatever biases may exist with social surveys, we can now isolate those effects and evaluate true quality change over time. So, now that we have ...
by combining economists' and psychologists' techniques. It relies on more expansive notions of utility than does conventional economics . Although its usefulness is yet to be determined, it has become a subject of interest and often a measure of comparison with the traditional forms of measuring market health such as GDP and GNP . This field of studies is also called " The economy of happiness".
Alternative measures to US GDP to air this summer « Social Capital ...
The NYT Magazine section (5/16/10) had a long article describing efforts of economists and other social scientists to develop measures for the US that go beyond GDP.  As many have remarked before, what’s good for the GDP is not necessarily good for the US or its citizens:  post hurricane rebuilding efforts, a crime wave that forces people to buy burglar alarms, clear-cutting old growth forest, are but a few examples of activities that boost GDP but don’t necessarily boost welfare.  The article summarizes this as “High GDP Man” vs. Low GDP Man” with the former engaged in lots of activities that boost ... market research, surveys and trends
The Rise and Fall of the G.D.P. - sachin
All the same, it has been a difficult few years for G.D.P. For decades, academics and gadflies have been critical of the measure, suggesting that it is an inaccurate and misleading gauge of prosperity. What has changed more recently is that G.D.P. has been actively challenged by a variety of world leaders, especially in Europe, as well as by a number of international groups, like the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development . The G.D.P., according to arguments I heard from economists as far afield as Italy, France and Canada, has not only failed to capture the well-being of a 21st-century society but has also skewed ... market research, surveys and trends


American Workforce More Loyal, More Satisfied and Pleased With ...
is higher. The number of workers saying it is "very likely" they will be fired or laid off has doubled since 1999. -- Most employees were satisfied with their employer's actions to assist them after the September 11 terrorist attacks. -- Job satisfaction has increased markedly, particularly in the West and South. -- Employee loyalty is up among workers over age 25. According to a recent "Mood of the American Workforce" survey taken in the weeks following the September 11th attacks, U.S. workers were found to be more loyal, more satisfied and pleased with employer response to the terrorist attacks. The survey, conducted ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The rising cost of education over the last twenty or so years has led many to question if their four or more years of investment in an undergraduate education is worthwhile. The cost of the education includes not only the four years of tuition and room and board (if the next best option is to live with your parents), but also the foregone income that you do not earn during those four years. The opportunity cost of getting an undergraduate degree is very high. Is it worth it? According to the Wall StreetJournal (9/26/94), recent college graduates earn 75 percent more than comparable high-school graduates. Moreover, 63 percent of ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Loveman Plays `Purely Empirical' Game as Harrah's CEO
First he considers the most basic set of probabilities, gender and age, since females are more regular gamblers than males and older women are the most lucrative demographic of all. Then he factors in where we live, what we do, how much we make, and, most important, how we wager and what we play when we come to one of his casinos. From those details, Loveman can divine to a remarkably accurate degree how much you, or the set of probabilities you represent, will be worth to Harrah’s over the course of your lifetime. “I am purely empirical,” Loveman says in Bloomberg Businessweek’s Aug. 9 issue, sounding like the former Harvard ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Politics Of 'Livid Pus' To Politics Of Nudging
Thank you for the opportunity to address you again. As always my comments are personal observations although in broad terms at least I believe they are consistent with the Association’s view on the matters discussed. My theme today is how one should approach some of the key challenges of the moment. But first I would like to briefly pay tribute to one of your highly respected colleagues, John Hawke who passed away earlier this year. John was elected to the Association’s first National Executive in 1989, was our third National President (1995-97) and was our first life member. It is difficult to think of a more ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


The Market for New Ph.D. Economists in 2002 John J. Siegfried and ...
The resulting reduction in the supply of new Ph.D. economists, combined with a ..... fringe benefits because their responses would be too difficult to quantify .... in temporary jobs tended to be more negative and their job satisfaction ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Lucia F - January 2010 VITA NAME: Lucia F. Dunn PRESENT ADDRESS ...
EMPLOYMENT: Professor, Department of Economics, Ohio State University, 1987- present .... "Quantifying Nonpecuniary Returns," The Journal of Human Resources, . Vol. 12, No. ... Working Hours and Overall Job Satisfaction, IFG-UAW-OSU ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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