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Special Report on

Edge Portfolio Management

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SCM is an independent financial management firm, established in 2003, located just north of Boston in the Seacoast community of North Hampton, New Hampshire. We offer clients throughout the region and the U.S. comprehensive financial planning and asset management services. Why Seascape? The Seascape experience offers clients access to a seasoned investment team and cutting edge portfolio management technology while providing the service of a small, local boutique. As a client of SCM, you are able to speak directly to lead portfolio managers as well as take advantage of dedicated service staff that can handle requests from ...
(IT) capabilities. Examples of IT portfolios would be planned initiatives, projects, and ongoing IT services (such as application support). The promise of IT portfolio management is the quantification of previously mysterious IT efforts, enabling measurement and objective evaluation of investment scenarios.
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real estate, tax and trust specialists fashion tailor-made solutions for transferring wealth from one generation to another as well as for tax optimisation wealth engineering: wealth engineering team comprises specialists from various disciplines and offers personalised investment strategies and financing concepts which are based on an overall view of a client’s specific preferences corporate finance: corporate finance specialists assist entrepreneurs and executives with integrated, independent advice at every stage in their company’s development investment funds: Julius Baer holds a solid position in the ... market research, surveys and trends
“Efficient Portfolio Management”: A Guide To Effective Investment ...
In practice, it is essential to take an integrated approach to clients’ wealth management and investment supervision activities.  The integration is based upon expressly recognizing the three major components of this process:  wealth planning, investment supervision, and portfolio accounting and reporting.  Each component is now examined in turn.   I  The Investment Process:  Wealth Planning Although often a convenient starting point for any investment relationship, the planning phase is really a continuous and dynamic process that requires ongoing review and refinement as client needs and objectives change.  It is during ... market research, surveys and trends


Smart companies are moving into enterprise portfolio management, a ...
Dec 1, 2005 ... 2004 sales: $36.5 billion. Employees: more than 175000. Stores: 1125. IT executive: Steve Stone, CIO ... Currently, approximately 85 percent of Lowe's pro- ... Using Pacific Edge's portfolio management software, Lowe's ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Analyze This - CFO Magazine - December 2003 Issue -
In the early 1950s, Harry Markowitz began formulating his groundbreaking theories on modern portfolio management. Applying the concepts of variance and co-variance, Markowitz showed that a diversified portfolio of financial assets can be optimized to deliver the maximum return for a given level of risk. Then, in 1981, F. Warren McFarlan took Markowitz's theory in a different direction. In an article published in the Harvard Business Review, McFarlan argued that, where possible, the fundamentals of portfolio management could—and should—be applied to corporate technology assets. Two decades later, McFarlan's ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Germany Ignores Soros as Exports Boom at Consumers' Expense
Billionaire George Soros, seen here, has urged Germany to do more to smooth out trade flows which pose an obstacle to a global recovery. Photographer: Jason Alden/Bloomberg Germany may have become too competitive for its own good. With exports driving the fastest economic growth since reunification, consumers are failing to respond in kind as companies from Siemens AG to Daimler AG hold fast to the wage restraint that’s given them an international edge. The result: Europe’s largest economy, four times more reliant on exports than the U.S., is firing on only one cylinder. That’s unlikely to change as Germany spearheads a push for ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Equity edge ensures high returns
HDFC Prudence Fund, launched on February 1, 1994, is one of the oldest funds in the equity-oriented hybrid funds category (also called as balanced funds). As of July, the fund’s average assets under management (AUM) were Rs 4,558 crore.  It has been ranked ‘Crisil Mutual Fund Rank 1’ for the past three quarters and has held the top rank on 22 occasions over the 10-year history of Crisil Mutual Fund Ranking. The high consistency in rankings is an indication of a blend of superior performance and disciplined portfolio management.  Investment style  It seeks to benefit from both asset classes, ie, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


report - IT Portfolio Management
Currently, Lowe's uses Pacific Edge's portfolio management software and tracks the following parameters closely: - Status of the projects ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
NSF FY98 Budget - Research Project Support - Portfolio Management
As the only federal agency charged with strengthening the nation's research performance in essentially all fields of science and engineering, NSF aims to support a balanced portfolio of excellent research projects across all fields of science and engineering. Balance is sought through program planning, recognition of scientific opportunities, project selection, resource management, partnerships to reinforce and help fund our priorities, and attention to enabling present and future researchers to produce excellent research. Candidates for Enhanced Investment One of the first steps in managing the portfolio is to identify ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
What are the characteristics of Business Process Management ...
Health Care (8), Small Business (8), Staffing and Recruiting (6), Personnel Policies (5), Health Administration (5), Organizational Development (5), Compensation and Benefits (4), Property Law (4), Career Management (4), Starting Up (4), Using LinkedIn (4), Certification and Licenses (3), Job Search (3), Venture Capital and Private Equity (3), Employment and Labor Law (3), Biotech (3), Computer Networking (3), Education and Schools (2), Freelancing and Contracting (2), Resume Writing (2), Government Services (2), Advertising (2), Business Analytics (2), Corporate Governance (2), Planning (2), Derivatives Markets (2), Non-profit ...
How have management consultants utilized heat maps in strategic ...
Staffing and Recruiting (22), Using LinkedIn (2), Job Search (1), Personnel Policies (1), Organizational Development (1), Career Management (1) This was selected as Best Answer A heat map is a visualization of data which uses color to represent the data values in a two-dimensional image. There are many different types of heat maps used in different disciplines with varied visualization techniques. Most heat maps use mapping techniques to represent their data rather than charting and graphing techniques, thus providing unique views of data not available in charts and graphs. Tree maps are one of the the most common type of heat map.