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Special Report on

Education in Switzerland

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Education in Switzerland strongly reflects the vocational and professional needs of a small country which is highly industrialised and dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). Compulsory schooling lasts nine years, but is rarely the end of a student's education. Students must decide whether to ...
. The Swiss constitution sets the foundations, namely that primary school is obligatory for every child and is free in public schools and that the confederation can run or support universities. Swiss people have voted on May 21, 2006 to reform the education system in one common program for all the cantons. Because ...
If you have been an determined tyro in Food and Beverage Management and in in between eighteen and thirty years of age there is a good event for you to work in Switzerland but carrying to outlay thousands of dollars to go to propagandize there. I am essay this from a Canadian viewpoint but I am certain the ... market research, surveys and trends
University of St Gallen (hsg)
The University of St.Gallen (HSG), Switzerland, was founded as a "Business Academy" in 1898 - in the heyday of the St.Gallen embroidery industry - and offered its first lectures in 1899. The HSG continues to pursue the goal of providing its more than 6,000 students with a practice-oriented education, ... market research, surveys and trends
Bhumibol is the Richest King in the World | SKORCAREER
Forbes has named King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand as the richest royal in the world today, replacing the Brunei King, Sultan Haji Hassanah Bolkiah, who dropped to 4th this time around. Bhumibol, 80, is estimated to have a personal net worth of $35 billion. He is the world’s longest monarch who has been at ...


Swiss Ban on Minaret Construction May Prompt Legal Challenges ...
Nov. 30 (Bloomberg) -- Swiss voters approved a ban on the construction of mosque minarets, from where Muslims are called to prayer, a result that may draw legal challenges and protest. The initiative, sponsored by the Swiss People’s Party or SVP, was backed by almost 58 percent of voters yesterday, said Andre Simonazzi industry trends, business articles and survey research
Country Profiles: European Free Trade Association
Until recently, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Iceland, and Switzerland made up the countries of the EFTA. Three of these countries-Austria, Finland, and Sweden-have voted, in national referenda, in favor of joining the EU. These decisions were ratified by their respective parliaments in early 1995. Norway ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Cistc English Version
Norway has two sectors in its higher education system: the university sector consisting of 4 universities and 10 university-level colleges, and the non-university sector which contains 98 colleges. The latter include specialized colleges for fields such as nursing, teacher training, and engineering. These were ...
Music and Markki
It may seem that up-andcoming Fil-Norwegian crooner Markki Stroem is born for show business. He is tall, handsome, and has the singing voice to make girls swoon. Though he does not mind if some people take notice of his good looks more than his talent, Markki is determined to prove that there is more to him than literally meets the eye. “I’m very serious about my music. It’s my love, my passion. And I’m here to pursue music and share my neo-soul style. When I put my mind on something, I really strive to succeed in it,” he says. Having a huge fan base, Markki was expected to be a strong contender at ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Estonia Ranked 32nd in the World's Best Countries List
Although Estonia is a small country with only 1.3 million inhabitants, it still is a “high income” one with a gross national income (GNI) of around 141$ per capita (say 1720 EEK if you still want to stick to the Estonian currency). Not a bad place to live in Estonia ranks 32nd overall with a score of 73.4, in a study that has done carrying an investigation that analyzed five different fields: education, health, quality of life, economic dynamism and political environment. The best five countries overall are Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, Australia and Luxembourg. While the sad trophy of being the worst ones went to ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Higher Education in Switzerland
The quality of tertiary education in Switzerland becomes apparent when ..... Higher education in Switzerland is presently undergoing a major process of ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Fact sheet Education in Switzerland for Foreign Students
Fact sheet Education in Switzerland for Foreign Students. Private Schools in Switzerland. Private schools in Switzerland provide an education in a very high ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
education in Switzerland. Nevertheless, Swiss hotel management ..... Higher education in Switzerland. • Studying in Switzerland. • Admission requirements ...
Distance Education - U.S. Embassy Bern Switzerland
Learning by Distance Education is a very viable educational option for many people. More universities and colleges than ever before are offering not only specific individual educational courses via distance learning but many degree (Bachelor, Masters and even some Doctoral) options are available through distance ...
Accreditation - U.S. Embassy Bern Switzerland
In the United States accreditation is not a government process. It is the system used in the US to determine if institutions of higher education meet acceptable levels of educational quality. It is a voluntary process that an educational institution elects to go through which, upon successful completion, grants a ...
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WikiAnswers - What is Education in Switzerland
What is switzerland education?  How is switzerland education system?  Where in switzerland do kids get educated?  How much money for education in switzerland?  Describe the school education in switzerland?  In switzerland is education esteemed or ...
Education in Switzerland at AllExperts
(Article 62). The Swiss constitution sets the foundations, namely that primary school is obligatory for every child and is free in public schools and that the confederation can run or support universities. The Swiss maintain a high standard for education that is world renowned. Because of its diversity, there are ...
List of universities in Switzerland at AllExperts
There are a number of private colleges which offer courses based on the Anglo-Saxon system. The studies and examinations offered by these colleges are not recognized in Switzerland. The CRUS warns that some of these colleges may even offer courses which are not serious, and advises anyone interested in following ...