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Special Report on

Energy Management Activities

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Nagoya University won the “Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award for Excellence in Energy-saving Practice” in 2007, gathering nationwide attention as a leader in practical energy saving in Japan. What ecological action did the University devise and implement when it was troubled by the increase in its energy usage, and what are its goals for the future? (Released in March 2010) “People of knowledge and courage” - That's the concept of education at Nagoya University, which is a center of Japanese craftsmanship. The campus, with its rich foliage and atmosphere of freedom, has produced countless ...
through the efforts of the Science Mission Directorate's Heliophysics Research Program, exploring bodies throughout the Solar System with advanced robotic missions such as New Horizons , and researching astrophysics topics, such as the Big Bang , through the Great Observatories and associated programs. NASA shares data with various national and international organizations such as from the Greenhouse Gases Observing Satellite . : There are tags on this page, but the references will not show without a tag.
Bytes From Lev: Universities and The National Broadband Plan
to create a competitive and open access broadband future to enable a 21st century, globally competitive America. America's higher education community can and should play a major role in leading the nation's long overdue first national broadband plan. Our role can include an assurance that there is an open access option in support of broad public policy goals. The six leading goals of the Plan include a baseline commitment for affordable access to broadband, leading edge commitments to ultra broadband connectivity for a significant number of households, public anchor tenants in every community with robust capacity to ... market research, surveys and trends
BSI joins forces with gas certification body to provide extended ...
BSI today announces the acquisition of leading gas certification body GLCS. Previously the UK equipment testing business unit of British Gas, and most recently GL Noble Denton UK With increasing concerns over climate change and consumer safety, there is a rising public demand for more efficient and safe gas and other energy appliances. There is a clear need to satisfy that demand with an independent and professional testing service.  BSI already leads the way in developing new standards for energy efficiency and management, and in testing products against those standards. This acquisition is a clear demonstration of BSI’s ... market research, surveys and trends


2007 ENERGY STAR Award Recipients : ENERGY STAR
3M, a diversified technology company with a worldwide presence in many markets, has a long-term commitment to energy management excellence that improves its energy performance year after year. Since first recognized as a Partner of the Year for Energy Management in 2004, 3M has consistently improved its energy performance and the quality of its energy program. In 2006 alone, 3M implemented more than 200 energy projects worldwide, yielding improvements in energy efficiency of 9 percent and saving more than $10 million. 3M also expanded its energy program by engaging employees in the ENERGY STAR "Change a Light, Change the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
1994 Manufacturing Energy Consumption Survey Methodology
The MECS has increased its sample size by roughly 40 percent since the 1991 survey, increasing the designed sample size from 16,054 establishments to 22,922. This increase in size and change in sampling criteria required a departure from using the Annual Survey of Manufactures (ASM) as the MECS sampling frame. For 1994, establishments were selected directly from the 1992 Census of Manufactures (CM) mail file, updated by 1993 ASM. Sample Frame Coverage . The coverage in the 1994 MECS is 98 percent of the manufacturing population as measured in total payroll. The sampling process itself provided that ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Job Losses Over Drilling Ban Fail to Materialize
WASHINGTON — When the Obama administration called a halt to virtually all deepwater drilling activity in the Gulf of Mexico after the Deepwater Horizon blowout and fire in April, oil executives, economists and local officials complained that the six-month moratorium would cost thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in lost revenue. Oil supply firms went to court to have the moratorium overturned, calling it illegal and warning that it would exacerbate the nation’s economic woes, lead to oil shortages and cause an exodus of drilling rigs from the gulf to other fields around the world. Two federal courts agreed. Yet ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
DOI curbs CX use offshore in wake of CEQ report
The US Department of the Interior will restrict its use of categorical exclusions (CXs) to activities involving limited environmental risk as it reviews its National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process and use of CXs on the US Outer Continental Shelf, officials said. Interior Sec. Ken Salazar and Michael R. Bromwich, director of DOI's US Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation, and Enforcement (BOE), also said on Aug. 16 that the department plans to conduct a new environmental analysis in the Gulf of Mexico that will provide information for future leasing and development decisions. BOE will publish a notice in the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Energy Management Activities in Japan
3) The excellent energy management activities and advanced products have been ... Owing to the energy management activities in the industrial sector, the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Energy Management
Figure 1 shows that for virtually all of the programs listed, there has been an increase in participation from 1998 to 2002 by manufacturing establishments. When the cost of inputs to production processes, such as energy sources, undergo percentage increases greater than that of the price of the manufactured product, profit margins are squeezed. Responses to this condition can include initiating an effort to improve energy management. More manufacturing establishments, in an effort to improve energy efficiency, installed new or retrofit equipment in 2002 than in 1998. In Figure 2, as in Figure 1, the increase is in both ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Energy Management and Sustainability
The University is committed to promoting energy conservation and efficiency, which can have a significant impact on the University’s greenhouse gas emissions and the use of non-renewable resources.  In addition to the environmental benefits, energy conservation and efficiency decrease operational costs. The University of Virginia Energy Management and Sustainability Policy provides guidelines and procedures that foster energy conservation, efficiency and environmental stewardship with the goal of reducing energy usage, cost, and environmental impact including greenhouse gas emissions.  While this policy is ...
Customer behaviour is an interiguing subject as it relates to our ...
Public Relations (3), Event Marketing and Promotions (1), Advertising (1), Internet Marketing (1), Business Development (1) Teens have two different fashion needs: daytime (school) and nighttime (fun). Because teens will take the time to beautify themselves for both, they have a much broader market. This is opposed to adults who simply update their daytime makeup for nighttime with a brighter lipstick or some jewelry. Teens these days want to all be unique. We are Gen Attention! But the best products are actually very neutral, to allow for unique accessories. Teens are drifting away from logo tees to plain shirts to dress up. ...
What are the challenges for Supply Chain Managment activities ...
Using LinkedIn (68), Education and Schools (17), Business Development (12), Government Policy (10), Enterprise Software (9), Software Development (8), Web Development (8), Customer Service (7), Computers and Software (7), Internationalization and Localization (6), Manufacturing (6), Regulation and Compliance (5), Corporate Governance (5), Career Management (5), Communication and Public Speaking (5), Small Business (5), Starting Up (5), Energy and Development (5), E-Commerce (5), Certification and Licenses (4), Financial Regulation (4), Staffing and Recruiting (4), Internet Marketing (4), Public Relations (4), Organizational ...