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Special Report on

Enterprise information security architecture

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        We are in an era where Security and Compliance have made it to the forefront of corporate board room discussions. It is now one of the key topics on the agenda.  Are we protecting our corporate and personal data?  Are we meeting both corporate and regulatory requirements as it relates to data privacy? (HIPAA, GLBA, SOX, PCI DSS).  With these questions hovering over the corporate leaders, there has been an overwhelming requirement to ensure that security positions are being filled to ensure compliance. Over the past 10+ years the roles of CSO, CISO, Director Security, Analyst, Engineer/Technical, IT Compliance Leader and ...
Quantifying Risk and Cost of IT Security Compliance: Part 4
If you are in security no doubt you have been challenged by management about your security expenditures.  I have often heard executives say that they regret authorizing sufficiently large security budgets because they can’t tell if the expenses were worthwhile.  It’s a good point.  I’ll try to address it in this blog. Measuring the Effectiveness of Mitigation It is paramount to close the risk management loop by comparing planned and actual results of mitigation. Goal is to clearly identify if risk level has changed and what consistent metrics will be used to base a conclusion. Once again, this may be difficult to accomplish ... market research, surveys and trends
"How To Create An Informational Website Architecture" Thing ...
to figure out how the website will interrelate with complex database structures or legacy applications. There are those that use IA's to qualify and test their usability, informational flow and make assessments about the amount, location and type of content being used. And lastly, there are those who use IA's to simply sell and scope the work to the client. Naturally it's best to understand that they can be used in the "E - All of the above" category. Ergo – engage this post! Wikipedia describes and IA as: "Information architecture (IA) is the art of expressing a model or concept of ... market research, surveys and trends


Doctoral Dissertation
ingredient as foundation for Enterprise Information Security Architecture. They fail to ...... Loss of privacy could lead to identity theft, a multi-billion dollar crime in the United ...... Twelve to thirteen percent cast absentee ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
support the safety goal, FMCSA estimates that well over 93 percent of the ...... The FMCSA estimates that approximately 3.5 million medical ...... The Agency will develop industry standard enterprise information security architecture, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Is BlackBerry really a secure platform?
While debates on national security versus customer privacy are being thrashed out, experts suggest that it is not really that difficult to break BlackBerry's 'strong encryption' codes, even without the use of RIM's Canada server While debates on national security versus customer privacy are being thrashed out, experts suggest that it is not really that difficult to break BlackBerry's 'strong encryption' codes, even without the use of RIM's Canada server Ahead of security concerns on BlackBerry reaching boiling point with an August 31 deadline being given to RIM and SPs to provide all ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Analyst Angle: BlackBerry maker trapped between competing security imperatives
It is no small irony that the very feature that has made Research In Motion the darling of the enterprise – its security architecture – has now become the company's biggest headache as it seeks to expand its footprint in high-growth emerging markets. The BlackBerry maker finds itself trapped between competing, and equally legitimate, security imperatives – of the sovereign nation-state on the one hand and the enterprise on the other, not to mention the individual's right to privacy. Several countries the Middle East and Asia, citing national security concerns, are seeking access to the encrypted data ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Information Technology (IT) Security Essential Body of Knowledge ...
Establish overall enterprise information security architecture (EISA) by aligning business processes, IT software and hardware, local and wide area networks ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Draft Publications - - Computer Security Division ...
This page consists of draft NIST Publications (FIPS, Special Publications) that are either open for public review and to offer comments, or the document is waiting to be approved as a final document by the Secretary of Commerce. May 14, 2010 SP 800-85 A-2 DRAFT PIV Card Application and Middleware Interface Test Guidelines (SP 800-73-3 Compliance) NIST has a revised version of NIST Special Publication 800-85A. The revised document is titled Draft Special Publication 800-85A-2 �PIV Card Application and Middleware Interface Test Guidelines (SP800-73-3 compliance)� . The revisions include the additional tests necessary to test some ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Enterprise Information Security Policies Version 1.6
Information Security Infrastructure (4.1). OIR Security Management shall initiate and control an enterprise information security architecture that includes, ...
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What is the difference between Enterprise architecture and IT ...
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How would you incorporate Privacy into the design of a new ...
The topic is broad, but I'll try to focus on the essence. First of all you have to perform data classification on all data processed by the application - maybe not every piece of data is equally sensitive and some may require stronger or weaker protection - this way you can perform an early risk based controls evaluation and optimize cost. Architecturally you have to identify how data flows in the system, make sure that data in databases is protected with encryption, communication between system components should include authentication and authorization each time data is exchanged. Also implement role separation, define ...