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Special Report on

Ethics in Healthcare Management

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The Health Organization Management Program is a joint venture between the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center School of Medicine and the Jerry S. Rawls College of Business. The Mission of the Master's of Business Administration Program in Health Organization Management [MBA (HOM)] is (1) to provide and integrate health care management education, which is based upon the core business management skills found in the MBA in Management curriculum, (2) to conduct and report relevant research, and (3) to provide service related to the management of healthcare organizations.  The mission of the MBA (HOM) Program is consistent ...
The Honorable S. Ward Casscells, MD is the John E. Tyson Distinguished Professor of Medicine and Public Health, and Vice President for External Affairs and Public Policy at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, and Senior Scholar at the Texas Heart Institute. His team contributes original data (including the regular Zogby/Casscells surveys) and insights on healthcare reform, pandemic readiness, and health diplomacy. From April 2007 through April 2009, he served as the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Health Affairs) where he was credited with turning around a struggling $45B health and education system with ...
the ethics of full disclosure
In general discussions on ethics, it is easy to choose the right choice because there are no real life consequences to the actions that are made. In reality, choosing the most “right” decision can be difficult, as these decisions can have lasting consequences and have a number of variables. In the example of the Paradise Hills case, the physicians choosing not to tell patients about a medical error could have been the "right" decision if it caused additional and undue stress for the patients to do so (Perry, 2002). However, this reasoning when weighed against all of the other reasons for not telling the patients ... market research, surveys and trends
ethical problem solving. any healthcare administrator is dealing ...
I believe, it can be challenging to solve the problem ethically. However, since healthcare executives set an example for their employees, it is very important for them to pay close attention while addressing ethical dilemmas. In my opinion, medical errors are one of the most challenging issues to solve. Looking at the situation described in my previous posting and also at the Paradise Hills Medical Center story, where governing board and physicians decided not to disclose the information that the number of patients received wrong amounts of radiation during their treatments, it is clear that these type of issues are not easy to ... market research, surveys and trends


PARADISE HILLS Medical Center is a 500-bed teaching hospital
2 The Tracks We Leave: Ethics in Healthcare Management ..... to reduce preventable medical errors by 50 percent within five years. This action plan called for: • $20 million for the creation of a center for Quality ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Health Care
full-time worker; 30 percent are children; and almost two-thirds come from low- income families (less ..... of a million people. In a rural area when you move your car ...... Perry F. The Tracks We Leave: Ethics in Healthcare Management. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Franchise Consulting Firm Sees Opportunity in Canadian Market
announced that it recently joined the Canadian Franchise Association. Company executives believe that the Canadian franchise market is one of great opportunity and potential for businesses of all types and sizes.   "We are proud to have recently become a member in good standing of the Canadian Franchise Association, as it helps convey to franchisors and other companies in the Canadian market that we stand for ethical franchising, per the CFA's Code of Ethics," states iFranchise Group CEO, Mark Siebert . "We have already worked with a number of Canadian start-up and existing franchise organizations, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Research Roundup: Lowering Malpractice Costs; Advance Care Planning ...
Liability Claims And Costs Before And After Implementation Of A Medical Error Disclosure Program - This study focused on a "disclosure-with-offer program" launched by the University of Michigan Health System (UMHS) in 2001. "After full implementation of a disclosure-with-offer program, the average monthly rate of new claims decreased from 7.03 to 4.52 per 100,000 patient encounters. ... The average monthly rate of lawsuits decreased from 2.13 to 0.75 per 100,000 patient encounters. ... Median time from claim reporting to resolution decreased from 1.36 to 0.95 years." The authors conclude, "In an era of ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


The tracks we leave: Ethics in healthcare management. Chicago, IL: Health Administration Press. Porter, R., and Schick, I. (2003). ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Ethics Consultation - National Center for Ethics in Health Care
Many organizations do not know how to evaluate the effectiveness of their ethics consultation services. Evaluation is essential to improve and maintain ethics consultation quality. Health care organizations do not always have effective training resources available for ethics consultants. A lack of adequate training for consultants limits the effectiveness and quality of their work. The Joint Commission requires that hospitals have in place and use a process that allows staff, residents, and families to address ethical issues. VA has developed comprehensive standards, methods, and tools to ensure high quality ethics consultations ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Webster University: MA in Health Care Management
The objective of this curriculum is to provide directors and potential directors of nursing school institutions who are already qualified, trained, and experienced, with advanced training in health care management. This major is available only in Geneva, Switzerland, and the courses are taught in French. Program Learning Outcomes Graduates will explain the important terminology, facts, concepts, principles, analytic techniques, and theories used in the field of health care management. Graduates will be able to effectively apply important terminology, facts, concepts, principles, analytic techniques, and theories in the field of ...
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Has U.S. Healthcare Reform by politically combining delivery ...
By remaking the health and wellness delivery system to insure more equality and fairness is the U.S. guaranteeing conflict with America’s typical ideology about individual liberty (i.e., opportunity) and will this ultimately force us to become ever more industrial in healthcare delivery? I also can’t help but wonder if an underlying reason that the attacks have been so ruthless on both sides of U.S. Healthcare Reform is that by shifting to insurance for almost everyone, life expectancies will likely shift up and down within various demographic populations. Maybe we sense this, but have yet to define it, much less ...
Medical Ethics: ethics in organ donor protocols, organ donation ...
I am hoping to get some insight from you on ethics in regard to organ donor protocols but hope you'll first give me a little more information about your thesis because I am confused by the following statement:  "My thesis focused on the United States' prisoner's constitutional right to healthcare and exclusion from the organ donation network". Answer Hi Theresa, Thank you so much for your question.  It requires a rather lengthy explanation and I hope you will be patient as I explain the complex legal and ethical dilemmas involved. The decisions of the United States Supreme Court in the cases of ...