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Executive Jobs / Project Management Jobs

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Are you looking for challenging work? Do you want to contribute to Latin America and the Caribbean? You can make a difference at the Inter-American Development Bank. We are searching for outstanding individuals to fill two (2) professional staff positions and four (4) contractual employment opportunities at our Washington, D.C. Headquarters... more... Sign in to see if you have connections who can help you get this job Registered Nurse w/ active Maryland license - NIH - Bethesda Kelly Government Solutions - Bethesda, Maryland - May 17, 2010 Contract: Long Term, Indefinite Bethesda, ...
first appeared in the 1968 NATO Software Engineering Conference, and was meant to provoke thought regarding the perceived " software crisis " at the time. Since the field is still relatively young compared to its sister fields of engineering, there is still much debate around what software engineering actually is, and if it conforms to the classical definition of engineering. Some people argue that development of computer software is more art than science , and that attempting to impose engineering disciplines over a type of art is an exercise in futility because what represents good practice in the creation of ...
Jobs for Change - Project and Communications Manager
The mission of The Cloud Institute is to ensure the viability of sustainable communities by leveraging change in K-12 school systems to prepare young people for the shift toward a sustainable future. We are currently seeking a full-time Project and Communications Manager to oversee and support client projects, EfS training workshops, events and the full range of marketing and promotional activities. The ideal candidate will be a team player with experience managing multiple projects and deadlines. Areas of Responsibility ·         Project Management Manage client projects including ... market research, surveys and trends
Boomers Need to Rethink Seeking Full-Time Jobs With Gen Xers ...
In my coaching practice, I often hear complaints from job seekers over 50 regarding not being considered for a full-time position by a Gen Xer. “I was fully qualified and it makes no sense” is the most common complaint. “They simply don’t know how to hire” is another one. “They told me that I was overqualified.” Other comments cannot be repeated. To put some perspective on this phenomenon, here are some observations I have made, both as a coach and an executive recruiter: 1. Thirty-somethings don’t want to hire their parents. Boomers have hired people from their own age demographic or their juniors for years. Would you have ... market research, surveys and trends


Secretaries and Administrative Assistants
Secretaries and administrative assistants are increasingly assuming responsibilities once reserved for managerial and professional staff. As the reliance on technology continues to expand in offices, the role of the office professional has greatly evolved. Office automation and organizational restructuring have led secretaries and administrative assistants to increasingly assume responsibilities once reserved for managerial and professional staff. In spite of these changes, however, the core responsibilities for secretaries and administrative assistants have remained much the same: performing and coordinating an office's ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Survey shows the top IT paying jobs
A recent survey examines the trends in IT pay and benefits packages. But some experts contend business skills are becoming even more important than being technically adept. This week's Tech Watch considers whether the survey results tell the whole story. Curious about which IT jobs are paying the biggest bucks? Management consulting firm Hewitt Associates ’ recent salary survey reports IT pros with the hottest skills are averaging base pay increases of more than 10 percent a year, compared to national average annual increases of approximately 4 percent for non-IT salaried employees. Beyond pay, IT pros are getting ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Government of Canada Helps Moose Jaw Youth Prepare for Jobs
Local youth who face barriers to employment will get job preparation training and work experience through the Government of Canada's support for an employment project. Mr. Ray Boughen, Member of Parliament for Palliser, made the announcement today on behalf of the Honourable Diane Finley, Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development. "In today's environment, it is more important than ever that youth develop the skills they need to participate and succeed in the job market," said Mr. Boughen. "By supporting this project, we are helping Moose Jaw youth develop the skills, knowledge and work ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
The housing market has not yet hit the bottom
released by the National Association of Realtors on Tuesday are terrible. Compared to a year ago, sales fell 25.5 percent, down to an annual rate of 3.83 million per year -- the lowest such rate in 15 years. The amount of time it would normally take to sell off the inventory of currently unsold homes jumped from 8.9 months to a disastrous 12.5. Although the extent of the damage was much worse than the consensus opinion of economists surveyed by various media publications, the pathetic performance of the housing sector did not come as a surprise to the most perspicacious analysts. The expiration of a hefty federal home purchase ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Updated Guidance on the American Recovery and Reinvestment ...
Dec 18, 2009 ... EXECUTIVE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT. OFFICE OF MANAGEMENT AND BUDGET ..... jobs created and jobs retained for each project or activity in ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Top Executives
Keen competition is expected because the prestige and high compensation of these jobs attract a substantial number of applicants. Top executives are among the highest paid workers; however, long hours, considerable travel, and intense pressure to succeed are common. The formal education and experience of top executives vary as extensively as the nature of their responsibilities, but many of these workers have at least a bachelor's degree and considerable experience. All organizations have specific goals and objectives that they strive to meet. Top executives devise strategies and formulate policies to ensure that these ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Executive Summary - GREEN COLLAR JOBS
Project Manager. Water. Water Conservation. Adaptive Grey Water Reuse ... The owners and managers of green business are willing to hire job ready workers ...
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  2. profile image bfsi_jobs Task Manager, Chennai, 0 - 5 Year Exp,Administration Executive Accountant , Project Management, Man Management...
Students' perception of occupations is locking them out of good ...
In a recent survey of 450 Oxford students, we found that they think jobs are either good for society or for individuals, but not both. High-flying students decide where to apply based on these perceptions, ruling out some occupations without even applying. Many think they have to make compromises. Women may think lots of professions are open to them but, just as in the seventies, eighties, and nineties, they still perceive that there will be a big discrimination gap between them and their male counterparts in Oxford. That's interesting. These are women who have little experience of the workplace - is this perception coming ...
WikiAnswers - What jobs can you get with a bachelor's degree in ...
A degree in Sociology is what you make out of it. You can market the degree to employers in a variety of different ways. As a sociologist you are familiar with the study of trends in a population's size, attitudes, beliefs, etc. which can be useful in many different business applications. You also are familiar with studies of human behavior and group behavior, this also has applications in the business world from management to human resources to assembling a task force for a project. You will find that many people may have misconceptions about a degree in sociology, it is up to you to market the degree as a useful set of ...