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Flight management system

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HUNT VALLEY, Md: AAI Corporation, an operating unit of Textron Systems, a Textron Inc. company, announced today that its Shadow Tactical Unmanned Aircraft System has performed the first “proof of concept” flight demonstration of an unmanned aircraft controlled by a four-dimensional trajectory (4DT) flight management system (FMS) certified for use in manned commercial aircraft. It was conducted at the U.S. Army’s Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Ala., in cooperation with GE Aviation Systems, which provided the 4DT FMS, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the U.S. Army. This Shadow aircraft “proof of concept” flight ...
is a fundamental part of a modern aircraft in that it controls the navigation. The flight management system (FMS) is the avionics that holds the flight plan, and allows the pilot to modify as required in flight. The FMS uses various sensors to determine the aircraft's position. Given the position and the flight plan, the FMS guides the aircraft along the flight plan. The FMS is normally controlled through a small screen and a keyboard. The FMS sends the flight plan for display on the EFIS , Navigation Display (ND) or MultiFuction Display (MFD). The modern FMS was introduced on the Boeing 767 , though earlier navigation ...
Anaheim, CA – August 19, 1997 – Malev Hungarian Airlines Plc has placed an order with Interstate Electronics Corporation (IEC) of Anaheim, California, to upgrade Malev’s fleet of Boeing 737-200 aircraft with the IEC 9002 Flight Management System (FMS). Installation of the GPS-based system is to begin in September. Ethiopian Airlines also recently selected the IEC 9002 to upgrade its B737-200 and L100-30 aircraft. The 9002 FMS incorporates an IEC 12-channel GPS receiver to allow accurate navigation in all phases of flight. The system is designed for aircraft en route, terminal, and GPS approach navigation. ... market research, surveys and trends
Research in Germany: Future of flight - DLR research with ATRA
It is the largest member of the German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt; DLR) research fleet: the ATRA (Advanced Technology Research Aircraft), a modified Airbus A320, has supported research since it was brought into use in the end of 2008. From new types of vibration tests through the 'Competitive Airport' project to low-emission flying, all experiments with  ATRA were successful. Mobile vibration tests save costs and time During Spring 2009, ATRA, equipped with its 140 acceleration sensors, taxied at the airport in Manching near Ingolstadt. The DLR Institute of Aeroelasticity in Göttingen ... market research, surveys and trends


Honeywell's Next-Generation Flight Management System With New User ...
Revenue from the A380 FMS business is estimated at $200 million over a 15-year period, including follow-on sales of spare units, product support, data base updates and other after-market business. "Honeywell's flight management systems have been standard on all Airbus models since 1984, and with this selection our leadership in FMS technology has once again been acknowledged by this premier manufacturer of transport aircraft," said Frank Daly, President, Air Transport Systems, Honeywell Aerospace Electronic Systems. "It's a great vote of confidence by Airbus." "To create this next-generation ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The Business - JAVAD GNSS Unveils Survey Products | GPS World
JAVAD GNSS unveiled its own brand of GNSS products in February, including the TRIUMPH chip; OEM boards; TRIUMPH-1 and TRIUMPH-4X (Cluster RTK) GNSS receivers; six antenna types; software applications including Giodis, Justin, and Tracy; and its rugged controller, Victor. JAVAD GNSS introduced its products in February, along with bundle pricing and discount structures. “You can select different options and see how quickly you will reach the 75 percent discount level on options. One advantage of this open pricing policy is that you will get the same exact low prices anywhere in the world,” explained Javad Ashjaee, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Why did ED202 pilot stray to the hills?
The investigations so far have established the circumstances surrounding the crash and are now looking at what caused the pilot to deviate. — Photo by AP ISLAMABAD: The pilot of the ill-fated Airblue flight ED202 strayed from the normal landing approach and inexplicably continued flying towards Margalla Hills, leading to the crash. Preliminary investigations by the aviation authorities have indicated that pilot’s navigational error could be the most likely cause of the crash. But the air traffic control tower’s role has also come under the scanner for failing to warn the pilot that he had veered off the flight path. “It could be ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Innovating to deliver top-tier, first-to-market solutions
When a plane crashes under unknown circumstances, a “black box” can help provide information necessary to investigators to determine what went wrong. Universal Avionics Systems Corporation has been helping make that possible on all types of aircrafts for more than 20 years. “Black boxes,” or flight data recorders, are among the mix of avionics equipment the firm makes and they’ve been at the forefront on major improvements to the devices over the years. In 1991, Universal Avionics, 3260 E. Universal Way, was the first company to replace the magnetic tape recorder with a solid state, digital voice ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Software upgrades to extend the life of your flight management system
and deployed, this feature like PRNAV, becomes invaluable to the operator flying in tightly controlled airspace. GNS-XLS Enhanced. Flight Management System. technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
01B 122 Tribble Final
SOFTWARE SAFETY ANALYSIS OF A FLIGHT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM ... functions are the Flight Management System (FMS) and the Flight Control System (FCS). The FCS is ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
An Autonomous Autopilot Control System Design for Small-Scale UAVs ...
The flight management system class is a state machine that controls the continuous feedback control system in the controller object. The FMS is responsible ...
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What is flight management computer system (FMCS) ?? - Yahoo! Answers
A flight management system, or FMS, is a computerized system that pilots the aircraft in most phases of flight. Modern airliners are all equipped with flight management systems, and the majority of every commercial flight today is flown under computer control. The pilots simply watch the computers work, and occasionally double-check things. Pilots are there mainly to handle any unexpected problems, which computers aren't very good at dealing with. Most airliners are flown by hand during take-off, and during landing. However, the flight management system and other automation systems can land the aircraft on its own, ...
Aerospace/Aviation: MCDU Importance in Airbus and Boeing Aircrafts ...
I can answers questions relating to: aircraft and airline operations; aircraft technical matters relating to a number of different aircraft types; flight operations & flight planning; Aviation meteorology; accident prevention and investigation; the Air Traffic control system and how pilots interact with it; and pilot and airline licensing in the Europe, Asia, Canada and the US. I also answer questions about all types of Navigation, Aviation Weather, Aircraft Performance, Procedures and Aviation law (in general). Experience Current Airbus Captain with over 23 years as an airline pilot and over 13,500 hours of experience. Also ...