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Freedom Debt Relief

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Freedom Debt Relief (FDR) has reached – and surpassed – the $500 million mark, settling more than $506 million in consumer debt since settling its first account in 2003. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PR Log (Press Release) – Nov 09, 2009 – Freedom Debt Relief (FDR) has reached – and surpassed – the $500 million ...
company based in San Mateo, California, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Freedom Financial Network, LLC a financial service company headquartered in San Mateo California. The company has served more than 40,000 clients since its inception in 2002. Freedom employs more than 600 employees across the U.S.
Freedom Debt Relief – KRON4 TV Interview with Brad Stroh
If you have a serious problem with credit card debt, these articles and resources can help. Get tips and techniques to pay off your balances December 29, 2009 at 12:16 pm | Credit Card Debt Videos - Posted by moxzox33 | Add Your Comments In this interview with KRON4 TV, Brad Stroh (co-CEO & Founder of ... market research, surveys and trends
How to Save More Money – 5 Easy Tips for Creating Wealth
they work because we’ll be debt free and paying off our home mortgage in a couple of months! These tips for creating wealth are easy, effective, and virtually painless – especially when you get into the simple habit of spending less money. Before the tips, a quip: “I’m living so far beyond my income ... market research, surveys and trends
Financial Freedom Debt Relief That Works!
We�ve found that one of the best ways to inspire our readers and to keep you motivated to work your debt reduction plan � and identifying new ways to earn additional income - is by sharing the many success stories of regular people just like you, who are now on the road to financial victory. If you are truly ...


Freedom Debt Relief Surpasses $500 Million Mark in Settlements ...
)-- Freedom Debt Relief (FDR) has reached – and surpassed – the $500 million mark, settling more than $506 million in consumer debt since settling its first account in 2003. The $500 million milestone comes on the heels of a record-setting month in October, in which the company settled $32.6 million in ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Bargaining and
Welcome to the Freedom Debt Relief monthly newsletter! ..... poll revealed that six percent of Americans, approximately 13.5 million consumers, continue ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Freedom Debt Relief Offers Tips To Avoid Holiday Credit Card Debt ...
-- This year, Americans spent less and used less credit on "Black Friday," a sign that consumers are moving in the right direction to avoid over-spending at the holidays. As the holidays approach, Freedom Debt Relief offers tips to help consumers stay on the right track and avoid excessive credit card ...
Freedom Debt Relief Looks Forward to Positive Changes from New FTC Rules
The rule provides a significant capital challenge to the debt settlement industry, but we are pleased that the FTC heard at least a few of our comments and reflected them in the final rule. San Mateo, CA (PRWEB) August 17, 2010 The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently announced sweeping regulations on the debt relief industry, and these reforms have spawned questions on what the rules mean, the impact on consumers in serious debt and the effect on the debt settlement industry. Andrew Housser, co-founder and CEO of Freedom Debt Relief (FDR) , is available to comment on the regulations, which will be implemented in two phases, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
10 things NOT to do when applying for a credit card
As with any loan, applying for a credit card involves preparation, especially if your credit history is less than sparkling. But a few activities -- some of them not obvious -- can hurt your chances of getting approved for that new plastic. If you're looking for a card, the best thing you can do to increase your chances is to pull your credit report, review it for accuracy and analyze the data to make sure you're in the best possible financial standing.   The worst moves you can make to spoil your chances of getting a credit card? Lenders and financial counselors offered these top 10.  Letting your credit ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Malls and department stores may not
The Freedom Debt Relief newsletter is published by The Premier Institute for Financial Freedom. While articles in this newsletter are factual and accurate, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
freedom debt relief
Mar 18, 2009 ... Freedom Debt Relief is dedicated to helping Americans with ... Freedom Debt Relief negotiates with creditors to reduce debt to as low as 50% ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Comment submitted by Freedom Debt Relief, Robert Linderman
Oct 9, 2009 ... Division. Division ofof Freedom. Freedom Financial. Financial Network,. Network, LLC. LLC. October. October 8,8, 2009 ...
Policy Watch: Debt Relief
the five years prior to debt relief, to 3.5 percent per year in the subsequent ..... Heritage House Index of Economic Freedom and gives similar results. ...
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WikiAnswers - What is debt settlement and is Freedom Debt Relief a ...
What Freedom Debt Relief basically does is get you a plan to lower your debts about in half to get you out of debt in around 2 or 3 years. For me, that is much shorter time than paying debts on my own (which would take me like 15 years) and saved me about $20,000 from what it would have cost me on my own. I also ...
Is Private Debt Solutions a good choice?? PLEASE HELP!? - Yahoo ...
I am in debt and am thinking about using a debt relief program. I have heard horrible things about Freedom Debt Relief, so I decided to look into Private Debt Solutions. They have a good record with the BBB, but I am still a little nervous about taking the plunge. Does anybody know anything about PDS? If so, can ...
WikiAnswers - How do you find a legitimate debt relief program
Talk to an Attorney. They usually give you 1 hour free to talk to them. As a former debt collector, this is the way I would recommend. From my experience, debt relief programs will still have a neg. impact on your credit rating. They try to negoiate for a reduced amount; meaning a settlemnet. Talk to an Attorney or ...