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Special Report on

Global Trade Management for Importers

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TradeBeam, Inc., a leading provider of on-demand Global Trade Management (GTM) software and services, today announced the general availability of its Global Trade Management Release 3.2.4. This release delivers new bar code label management functionality designed to strengthen buyer-supplier collaboration across borders, while enhancing compliance and visibility solutions already supported by the company's leading-edge GTM platform. According to Logistics Management: Recapture the Economies of Scale Lost to Globalization, a report by AMR Research, "Companies are assuming greater responsibility for document generation ...
Solutions offered include on-demand software for automating import and export processes (such as Product Classification and management using Export Control Classification Number and Harmonized System numbers), providing order and shipment visibility, calculating tariffs , duties , and taxes , ensuring regulatory compliance , and simplifying the financing, sourcing, and transporting of goods across international borders Management Dynamics was founded in 1990 by John and James Preuninger. The company currently has 13,000 global users in a variety of industries, including 3PLs , ocean carriers, brokers , manufacturers , retailers ...
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Global Supply Chain » Challenges to achieveing Global Trade ...
Stanford University professors Warren Hausman and Hau Lee and TradeBeam associates Graham Napier and Alex Thompson released, in October 2009, a detailed study on Global Trade Management (GTM) focusing on the complexity of the global trade environment.  In the report they detail  the >100 processes related to a global transaction and the value proposition for managing the processes efficiently and effectively.  The report,  “How Enterprises and Trading Partners Gain from Global Trade Management” is chock full or process flows, charts and formula that provide extensive insight into what is actually required to affect a ... market research, surveys and trends


Global Trade Success
Management Dynamics, a leading provider of Global Trade Management solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with FTZ Corporation, a leading provider of Foreign-Trade Zone consulting services and developer of the SmartZone Premier application.  The partnership seeks to expand the use of foreign-trade zones integrated with core Global Trade Management (GTM) processes of import, export and trade agreement management. Foreign-Trade Zones have been in use for nearly seventy six years with the passage of the Foreign-Trade Zones Act of 1934 to expedite and encourage foreign commerce.  Foreign-Trade Zones are now a key ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Welcome to SupplyChainBrain: Free-Trade Pacts Create Challenges ...
A proliferation of bilateral and regional trade agreements in recent years has made it more difficult than ever for companies to understand the many duty-avoidance options they might leverage to lower the total landed cost of imported goods. The World Trade Organization estimates that by 2010 there will be around 400 such agreements. While these go against the WTO�s support of broad, multilateral trade pacts, the slow pace of the current Doha round of multilateral negotiations has made the relatively rapid time-to-benefit of bilateral agreements an attractive option. Many WTO members already are party to 10 or more such ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Yamaha Gets Up to Speed on 10+2 Filing Rule
Juna Kim didn�t waste time in responding to the new Importer Security Filing (ISF) rules of U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The director of import and export for Yamaha Corporation of America knew she had to move fast in order to get all of her suppliers on board with the regulation, which took full effect at the beginning of this year. Yamaha, a maker of musical instruments as well as audio and video equipment, has a complex supply chain, with some 18 factories and nearly 40 overseas vendors. In addition, the American operation, based in Buena Park, Calif., must coordinate activities with corporate headquarters in Japan. ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Mumbai Oil Spill: Key Issues, Action Required
The collision between MSC Chitra and MV Khalija III on August 7 th 2010, near Prongs Light, a lighthouse off the coast of Mumbai, between JNPT and Mumbai ports , two of the nation's busiest ports that handle nearly 40% of sea bound traffic, and 75%(JNPT) of container traffic, raises many key issues that need to be addressed as well as call for some immediate as well as long term remedial action. The MSC Chitra had on board nearly 2450 containers, about 2500 tonnes of furnace oil and some 300 tonnes of diesel fuel,. Some 240 odd containers are reportedly fallen/sunk/floating in the coastal water of the Arabian sea. . ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Global Trade Management Landscape of Vendors
ers for global trade management. Having grown well .... for retailers, importers , exporters, and custom brokers. Strengths ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
BERA: Issue 7/8 International Economics & Trade: International ...
One of the benefits of international trade is that countries can use their resources - land, labor, capital and entrepreneurship - in a manner that promotes efficiency. Countries can limit themselves to those products and services that they can produce more efficiently, and trade them for other goods and services that they do not produce. This results in wealthier countries and a wealthier world. Through specialization and trade, a larger variety of goods are available for consumers to choose from, and prices are more affordable. As trade has become of greater importance to the world economy, international organizations have ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
How Enterprises and Trading Partners Gain from Global Trade Management
Global Trade Management (GTM) as a term came about in the late 1990s and early ...... The most significant restrictions on global trade are import tariffs. ...
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