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Special Report on

Improving Corporate Transparency

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If you already have a username for the old, or for our old LZA site at, please use your existing username and password here. If not, please feel free to register. It's free and entitles you to our biweekly ZapFlash newsletter! Home » Research » ZapFlash » Batch Processing with SOA Although typically thought of as an artifact of legacy computing, batch processes remain vital to today’s real-time enterprises. Behind the real time systems that power the real time enterprise, such as customer order fulfillment, account management, supply chain scheduling and optimization, ...
is the operating company responsible for the processing of natural and associated gas from onshore oil operations in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi , UAE .
Ebook Corporate Ownership Structure and the Informativeness of ...
Public corporations in East Asia typically have a low level of transparency and disclosure quality. Poor accounting information is often blamed for high financing costs in this region. The financing difficulty became evident during the recent Asian Financial Crisis. Independent from the Crisis, East Asian firms also face increasing worldwide competition, thanks to globalization of trade and opening up of domestic markets. Poor accounting information and its associated high capital cost pose a potential threat to the competitiveness of East Asian firms. Some commentators and policy advisors, including the World Bank and the ... market research, surveys and trends
Top U.S. Trading Partners - THIS MONTH'S ISSUE - World Trade
In 2007, the Canadian economy essentially averted the slowdown developing in the United States. Wage and job growth provided solid support for household consumption. Both residential and non-residential construction continued to trend up, representing 25 per cent of GDP growth. The Canadian dollar appreciation undercut, however, the increase in export revenues associated with the soaring prices for raw materials—oil, coking coal, electricity, grain and metals—and also undermined the prices and the volumes of traditional exports to the United States, which absorbs the highest proportion of them by far. The economy should remain ... market research, surveys and trends


Corporate Sustainability Disclosure in Emerging Markets
Dec 17, 2009 ... As a group, the 100 companies represent 46.5 percent of the market ...... than $960 billion in assets under management have signed onto the ... teams in improving corporate transparency and performance on sustainability. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
FRB: Speech, Bies--Innovation in Financial Markets and Banking ...
I am very pleased to be here for the Financial Executives International 2004 Summit. As many of you know, before my appointment to the Board of Governors, I was quite active in this organization, particularly on the Committee on Corporate Reporting. I also served on the Financial Accounting Standards Board's Emerging Issues Task Force. Now, as a member of the Federal Reserve Board, and Chair of the Board's Committee on Supervisory and Regulatory Affairs, I find myself focusing on the growth and evolution of the financial system from a slightly ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Improving tax-to-GDP ratio: A lesson from Sweden
In his annual State of the Nation speech on Monday, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) announced an increase of 0.1 percent of the tax-to-GDP ratio from 11.9 percent to 12 percent. This will cover about 77 percent of the 2011 state budget revenue. This target is perhaps quite realistic. However, it is important to note that this tax-to-GDP ratio is still among the lowest in the world. This ratio should be increased significantly since the tax revenue would be more dominant in contributing to the state revenue in the coming years. This is also very important if we want to reduce our foreign debt. Sweden is considered one of ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Tulong Introduces Repair The World(R) Clothing for The Conscious Consumer
Tulong (which means help in the Tagalog language), the parent company for Repair the World° apparel, is one of a very few U.S. based, for-profit entities that focuses on social responsibility, providing sustainable products, while applying best practices as a model of socially responsible business. According to a Schwab Foundation™ survey of 98 ventures formed by 115 social entrepreneurs, just under one-third (30) have a social business model similar to Tulong. However, only 2 of those enterprises are based in the United States.1 Tulong was founded in 2008 by Mark Heiman, a patent-holding textile innovator and 30 year ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Cost of corporate fraud far outweighs cost of legal compliance
have credited Sarbanes-Oxley with restoring investor confidence and improving corporate transparency and internal controls. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Testimony: The Corporate and Auditing Accountability ...
I am pleased to appear before the House Financial Services Committee today on behalf of the Securities and Exchange Commission regarding H.R. 3763, the Corporate and Auditing Accountability, Responsibility, and Transparency Act of 2002. On February 4 th of this year, I was privileged to testify before Subcommittee Chairman Baker and Congressman Kanjorski on "Legislative Solutions to Problems Raised by Events Relating to Enron." I know that all Members of this Committee have worked diligently to explore the substantive issues at stake and to develop reform proposals that will help restore confidence in the integrity of our ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Governance Mechanisms and Corporate Transparency
company-specific information also improve transparency by, for instance, increasing the ... technology can play in enhancing corporate transparency and the ...
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Corporate Blogging: 7 Best Practices
Blogs have become one of the hottest communication tools on the Web. Offering the opportunity for anyone to create their own free Web site, encouraging opinions and interaction, blogs provide forums for individuals to create their own highly personal presentations to the Web audience. They also provide for consortia of all types to experience the sort of online community feeling that was pioneered by early newsgroups and by the phenomenal success of AOL in the 1990s. Blogs have reached into the corporate and government sectors as well. What started out as an outlet for ...
How can corporations win back consumer trust in the current ...
Ethics (5), Government Policy (2), Change Management (2), Mentoring (1), Contracts (1), Planning (1), Computer Networking (1) This was selected as Best Answer Here are a few bellwether strategies for winning and retaining consumer trust: 1. Don't sell products or services that you would not buy yourself. 2. When you make a mistake, own up to it instead of trying to shift the blame for it somewhere else. 3. Do right by those who were harmed as a result of your mistake. 4. Tell people the truth about the products or services you are selling. Disclose the risks. 5. Develop a "team-based" culture for corporate success ...