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Special Report on

Internal Customer Care

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Over the past 15 years, Impact Learning Systems has worked with many organizations to help establish a culture of world-class service. The principles outlined here are key to that endeavor, regardless of industry. Of course, it’s difficult to pare down to only five principles — certainly there are more that could be considered. But this should provide a good starting point for anyone trying to build and maintain a strong customer care culture in their own organization. Before addressing some core principles of customer care, I just want to distinguish them from the concept of skills. There are some essential skills ...
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Jobs Openings For Process Trainer In Yahoo Software Development ...
Jobs Openings For Process Trainer In Yahoo Software Development India Pvt. Ltd. At Bangalore | Latest Recruitment For Process Trainer In Yahoo Software Development India Pvt. Ltd. ABOUT COMPANY: At Yahoo!, we look at life in a different way. Everything inspires us: from a train ticket to the beverage we drink. Equations, Algorithms, Indexes, Terabytes of data; we see them everywhere. No wonder our product teams in Bangalore have been able to churn out a host of innovations: Yahoo! Podcasts, Yahoo! Audio Search, Yahoo! Hotjobs, Yahoo! SpamGuard+, Behavioral Targeting, consumer centric data driven products and marketing ... market research, surveys and trends
Power Up Performance: 9 Ways to Keep Employees Engaged
Are your employees engaged in their work, or are they estranged from your company's mission and their role in making it happen? Mounting evidence suggests that the more engaged employees are in what they do, the better their performance and the higher the rewards for everyone. The key is to have managers who are skilled at creating employee engagement. Customer Care Coach´┐Ż publisher JoAnna Brandi explains why this is important, and shares tips for giving employees what they need so that they're willing to be and do their best. Are your employees giving your company 'their all?' Do they believe that what ... market research, surveys and trends


Tell Me About Yourself: CHAPTER 05: Resumes that Tell a Story Archives
With some career experts predicting that traditional resumes may be on their way out, readers may question the notion of the storytelling resume. Citing online recruiting expert John Sullivan as well as Allan Schweyer of the Human Capital Institute, Deborah Dib prognosticates that “within a few years most companies who are hiring or recruiting online will use e-profiles in place of the traditional resume. E-profiles allow access to information that is sorted and easy to use.” Dib’s finger is on the pulse of those who predict that paperless recruiting will become the norm. While the resume may disappear from the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
SAP Design Guild -- Locating and Linking Experts - A Knowledge ...
With approximately three billion Euro at hand, Aventis Pharma funds one of the largest research and development budgets for prescription drugs in the pharmaceutical branch. In the pharmaceutical industry, the development of a drug, from identifying the active ingredient to approval can take ten to 15 years. A substance with average to good profitability (for example, €365 million per year) generates an average of one million Euro each day. Saving even the smallest amount of time in the development phase is important because these savings mean higher sales revenues and contribute to refinancing ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
MedAssets and Prodigo Solutions to Improve Efficiency, Contract Compliance in ...
ATLANTA & PITTSBURGH, Aug 24, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- To improve efficiency and contract compliance for hospitals and other health care providers, Prodigo Solutions LLC today announced an exclusive agreement with MedAssets to offer its customers Prodigo's electronic-procurement marketplace solutions. The technology allows buyers of health care supplies to connect through a single online portal to multiple, disparate data systems for ordering everything from replacement knees to office furniture. At the same time, suppliers manage the online catalogs, freeing health care ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Kindred Healthcare Signs Definitive Agreements to Acquire Five Hospitals and ...
today announced that its subsidiaries have signed a definitive agreement to acquire five long-term acute care ("LTAC") hospitals from Vista Healthcare, LLC ("Vista") for a purchase price of $180 million in cash. Vista operates four freestanding hospitals and one hospital-in-hospital with a total of 250 beds all located in southern California. The assets being acquired currently generate annualized revenues of approximately $150 million and earnings before interest, income taxes, depreciation and amortization of approximately $27 million. The Company is ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Internal Customer Care is a live thriving issue for the ... WHAT IS INTERNAL CUSTOMER CARE? A customer is anyone for whom we provide a service, or who ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The Fire Service's Internal Customer
that if you take care of the internal customer, the internal customer will take care of the external customer. The Central Yavapai Fire District can ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Wayne F. English Customer Service Award (1002684)
Wayne English epitomized excellent customer service. He was respected for not only providing excellent service to our user community, but also to his coworkers within AIS. Therefore, to honor his memory, we have developed an award for AIS staff and we request nominations from our user community. Two awards are given each year: one to recognize someone who provides excellent customer service to our users and another to recognize someone who provides excellent customer service within AIS. 2009 Internal Customer Service Award Winner, November 2009 - Diane Brigman "In the past year, I seem to have had more ...
Turning Customer Service Inside Out
While companies focus thousands of dollars on external customer service in hopes of wooing and retaining customers, little attention is being paid to the effect poor internal customer service has on customer satisfaction. It all starts within your organization! Sooner or later the ripple effect reaches your customers. To really walk your service talk, make sure your commitment to internal customer service matches your company's external focus on customer care. When we think of customer service we think of staff serving customers over a counter or over the phone. But customer service occurs within ...
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is about "being there" for the Customer. In business there is an implied contract between the Customer and the Company. The Customer expects to get what they pay for and to be treated with respect, and in a friendly and ethical manner. However, that's just Customer Service, not necessarily great Customer Service. Internal Customer Service is also about "being there" for your Staff. As well, there is an implied contract between Employer and Employee, that the Employee will be treated with respect by the employer; that the employee will be provided with the tools and knowledge to do their job ...