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Special Report on

It Risk Management

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Symantec Corp. has released the Symantec IT Risk Management Report Volume II, revealing that awareness of the importance of IT risk management is increasing, however several myths persist. Despite the finding that practitioners are embracing a more balanced approach that encompasses security, availability, compliance and performance risks, misunderstandings of IT risk management can lead to potential IT system failures, and ultimately impacts on business continuity. The report also indicates process issues cause 53 percent of IT incidents, while IT often underestimates the frequency of data loss incidents. The comprehensive ...
in Europe, as well as the acknowledgment that IT projects can easily get out of control and profoundly affect the performance of an organization. A characteristic theme of IT governance discussions is that the IT capability can no longer be a black box . The traditional involvement of board-level executives in IT issues was to defer all key decisions to the company's IT professionals. IT governance implies a system in which all stakeholders, including the board, internal customers, and in particular departments such as finance, have the necessary input into the decision making process. This prevents IT from independently ...
Eric Greenberg - IT Security & Risk Management: IT Risk Maturity
In this first blog entry, I will introduce what I plan to discuss on this new site and go into depth on IT risk profiles and IT risk maturity approaches for optimizing IT risk management success. On this blog site I’ll offer my analysis and opinion on a range of IT security, performance, and availability topics. I will address risk management methodologies and current industry changes and transformations. This will include cloud security and compliance, virtualization security and compliance, Web 2.0 security, gaining executive buy-in, security liability and return-on-investment, managing to risk and harmonizing ... market research, surveys and trends
NAC Risk Assessor Job In United States, Other Risk Management ...
Capital Markets , Large Investment Bank New York ... market research, surveys and trends


ISACA US IT Risk/Reward Barometer Survey: More than 45% Say Risks ...
�Close to half of US IT professionals say that the risks of cloud computing outweigh the benefits, according to the first annual ISACA IT Risk/Reward Barometer survey. CXOs are increasingly interested in cloud computing because of its potential to deliver lower total cost of ownership (TCO), higher return on investment (ROI), increased efficiency and pay-as-you-go services. Analyst firm IDC says that cloud services will outpace traditional IT spending over the next five years and will represent $44.2 billion by 2013. Yet IT professionals see risks in entrusting information assets to the cloud, according to the survey of 1,809 US ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
ISACA Survey: Latin America Embracing Cloud Computing More Readily ...
ROLLING MEADOWS, IL--(Marketwire - May 19, 2010) -  Nearly one-third of organizations in Latin America will use cloud computing in 2010, according to the ISACA IT Risk/Reward Barometer survey conducted by ISACA, a nonprofit association of 86,000 IT professionals. Similar surveys conducted by ISACA found that North America and Europe are adopting cloud computing more slowly, with 25 percent of North American organizations and 18 percent of European organizations using it in 2010. While 41 percent of the 433 Latin American IT professionals surveyed believe that the risks of cloud computing outweigh the benefits, 18 percent ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
At the heart of the Olympic Games
In three days (26 August 2010), the inaugural Youth Olympic Games (YOG), hosted by Singapore, will be over. After competing in the arena for 12 days (14-26 August), 36,000 athletes from 107 countries, having entertained some 370,000 spectators, would return home--with or without medals. The members of the organising committee and 1,400 team officials will heave a sigh of relief. Organising an event of this scale isn't exactly a cakewalk. In three days (26 August 2010), the inaugural Youth Olympic Games (YOG), hosted by Singapore, will be over. After competing in the arena for 12 days (14-26 August), 36,000 athletes from 107 ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Agiliance, Qualys Enter Partnership to Provide IT Security Assessment On Demand
a technology partnership to integrate QualyGuard vulnerability and asset data with Agiliance’s real-time risk and compliance solution, RiskVision. According to company sources the integration of QualyGuard with RiskVision helps customers to use both platforms to achieve real-time continuous compliance and IT security assessment on demand. Agiliance has integrated the RiskVision platform to deliver real-time security risk management on demand. Also the combination of QualyGuard’s on demand vulnerability scan results and Agiliance’s real-time business and security data provides customers with an always-on, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Risk Management Guide for Information Technology Systems
Sep 2, 2001 ... Risk Management Guide for. Information Technology Systems. Recommendations of the National Institute of. Standards and Technology ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Information Technology Risk Management
ITC’s Information Technology Security Risk Management (ITS-RM) Program is intended to provide University departments with the information and tools they need to manage properly the security risks associated with their information technology assets. Fire . A fire burns files and melts computers in the University Treasurer's Office. The Physics Department loses its graduate student offices, along with the dissertations of several students. Flood . The Biology Department’s basement-level server room fills with six feet of water overnight when a pipe in the ceiling breaks. Health ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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Enterprise desktop managers: how important is it to lock down ...
If you're in charge of deciding what software goes on a company-issue desktop or laptop, I'd like to understand from you how important you think it is to lock down Windows desktops? -- Is desktop lockdown to prevent users from malware and installing unauthorized software a big deal in the enterprise? If yes, which of these mandates are stronger -- security or compliance/audit? -- Is Windows Vista's UAC good enough to enforce corporate security and/or compliance mandates for elevated privileges? Or do you still have exposure because you never adopted Vista? Thanks for your thoughts! posted April 28, 2009 in ...
Google Answers: IT Risk Management
Hello This is one of my specialised subjects, as I am an IT manager/contractor and I have worked as a Risk Manager on several projects. Most of the following is from personal experience, or taken from Davion Systems: The Project Risk Management Website , a site I’ve found very useful in my own work. (links later) Introduction ____________ A risk is an uncertain event or condition that, if it occurs, will affect your IT system/project objectives (or targets, or goals) and may have a positive or a negative effect. There are usually far more things that are likely to go wrong with an IT system or project than are ...