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Special Report on

Line of Business Reporting

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The congruence between externally and internally reported segment definitions affects the qualitative judgments and decisions of investment analysts. This was the main finding of an experiment wherein 56 financial analysts were given financial data for a company which reported information for three divisions as two segments in its annual report. The effect of two alternative approaches to segment definition was examined, namely, definition by internal reporting classification and definition by grouping similar products. As expected by the Financial Accounting Standards Board, segment data are perceived as more reliable by ...
Development on PerformancePoint was discontinued in April 2009 Like most Microsoft products, PerformancePoint Server 2007 is fully integrated with other Microsoft Office products including Excel , Visio , SQL Server , and SharePoint Server . It is also the successor to the scorecard capabilities of Microsoft Office Business Scorecard Manager and the monitoring and analytic capabilities of recently acquired ProClarity. PerformancePoint Server also provides a planning and budgeting component which is directly integrated with Microsoft Excel and SQL Server Analysis Services. This integration now allows Performance point to join the ...
Designing Tables for Audit Data in SQL Server
My company is just starting to look at adding functionality to retain historical data for key tables and columns for auditing purposes in many of our SQL Server databases.  I have seen some of your recent tips related to triggers ( Forcing Trigger Firing Order in SQL Server and Trigger Alternatives in SQL Server - OUTPUT Clause ).  Based on using triggers or a similar technology, what is the best way to store the historical data?  What options are available to store the data?  Are there really a variety of options?  Should the historical data be in the same database as the original data?  Does it ... market research, surveys and trends
PerformancePoint (Biz#) is coming « Charlie Maitland's Blog
Amongst many things that we were shown was the new Biz# Performance Management tool. In the past I have seen screenshots and I have considered it to be only a holder and management tool for cubes. My assumptions were very wrong. There was so much more to it that I missed some of the points but what I did get was that it is a full blown performance management tool. In this tool you define dimensions and cubes (called models) as one would expect. You can also define security as one would expect. What I did not expect is the ability to define complex consolidation processes, business rules and workflow. There is the ability to ... market research, surveys and trends


Abstracts: Business ethics: Is it a priority for corporate America ...
America's major corporations are making progress in the ethical conduct of their business, as demonstrated by the inclusion of ethics in management training programs, written codes of conduct, etc. However, recent public opinion polls are inconclusive, and the 1985 Opinion Research Corp. survey indicated that large companies and their executives rank low in public confidence and trust. Moreover, most people do not understand the corporate world and exaggerate corporate profits. Although the public opposes government regulation, it does not trust businesses to regulate themselves. For American business to obtain more ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Quarterly Supplement to Information Statement dated March 31, 1997 ...
Line of Business Reporting nancial information by line of business for ... March 31, 1997 and $312 billion, or 96 percent of total assets, at March 31, 1996 ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The recovery is losing steam, fast
Another day, another lousy piece of economic data. The 27.2 percent fall in existing home sales in July was far below analysts' official expectations (though in line with some of the whisper numbers that close watchers of housing data were expecting). And financial markets have again taken notice; money continues gushing into safe U.S. Treasury bonds, sending the yield on those bonds to 2.52 percent as of 11 a.m. (it reached as low as 2.48 percent earlier this morning). There's a pattern here, and it's not a good one. Virtually every major economic indicator to come out in the past two months has been ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
WSJ Takes Aim at...Corporate Responsibility?
In a year when all eyes have been on the oil spill in the Gulf, automobile recalls, and the ongoing debate over behavior in the banking system, the Wall Street Journal -- inexplicably -- weighed in today by publishing a piece titled "The Case Against Corporate Social Responsibility." University of Michigan business school professor Aneel Karnani's piece was nothing more than a rehash of the arguments first made more than four decades ago by Milton Friedman. His assertion that delivering returns for shareholders is the only responsibility of business was wrong then, and it is wrong today, as even Jack Welch now ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Speech: Corporate Financial Reporting: The Developing Debate on ...
for line of business reporting, and we do not expect to reach a conclusion until ,~ehave had time to evaluate the results of the studies and to con- ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The validity of studies with Line of Business - STOR
fulness of the Federal Trade Commission's. Line of Business Reporting Program," in. Benefits and Costs of the Federal Trade. Commission's Line of Business ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Tax Planning: Small Business Loss Reporting, personal tax return ...
It is at the IRS' discretion to apply the 1 in 3, 2 in 5 rule. Effectively; the IRS can reclassify a business that does not make a profit in at least 1 of the first 3 years, or 2 of the last 5 years as a hobby. They will disallow ALL the business deductions for all the years, and you can be liable for all of the back taxes, upto 100% penalties and interest. Are you adjusting your cashflow to take the profits personally, or are you spending more in the business than you make? If you are losing money in business and there is no end in sight; Quit. If you just enjoy it, and want to do it for the fun? Quit. then start doing it ...
Release notes - DFP Small Business Help
Please review the full notes below for the complete list of features and fixes included in this release of DFP Small Business. To read a supporting Help Center article about a new feature, click the link in the feature's description. New delivery priorities: Choose from six distinct delivery priority options that now offer new features such as percentage-based, share-of-voice delivery . Sponsorship: The highest delivery priority type, typically revenue-generating. Specify a percentage of your total impressions to fulfill and use cost-per-day (CPD) pricing. Standard (default setting): Standard line items are most commonly ...