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Special Report on

Management and Board of Directors

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Chairman of the Board, CEO and President - Mr. Skae was appointed President of New Leaf Brands in January 2009 and was appointed Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors in March 2009. Mr. Skae has served as a director since September 2008. Mr. Skae has spent the past nineteen years in the beverage industry working in senior-level sales, marketing and distribution roles. Prior to joining New Leaf Brands, Mr. Skae founded Skae Beverage International, LLC as Midnight Sun Brands, LLC in October 2002. During this time he created the New Leaf Brand and was also a partner with Pepsi Iceland developing Iceland ...
Throughout the world, its principal business is to process payments between the banks of merchants and the banks of purchasers that use its "MasterCard" brand debit and credit cards to make purchases. MasterCard Worldwide has been a publicly traded company since 2006. Prior to its initial public offering , MasterCard Worldwide was a membership organization owned by the 25,000+ financial institutions that issue its card. MasterCard, originally known as MasterCharge, was created by several California banks as a competitor to the BankAmericard issued by Bank of America , which later became the Visa credit card issued by ...
CFI Board accepts Paul Kurtz's resignation | Paliban Daily
The Board of Directors of the Center for Inquiry, the world’s leading and largest organization promoting humanism and skepticism, issued the following statement today. The board will accept Dr. Paul Kurtz’s resignation as chairman emeritus and as a member of the board: The board sincerely thanks Paul Kurtz for his decades of service to the Center for Inquiry and its affiliates. The board deeply respects Dr. Kurtz and his work and knows that this organization will always be associated with his efforts on its behalf. Dr. Kurtz founded and led our organization and helped it thrive. Much of CFI’s success is due to Paul Kurtz’s ... market research, surveys and trends - Energy Stocks: Trading Alert on Williams ...
On January 14, 2010, Mr. Miller published analysis titled "Natural Gas Pipelines: Some Get It and Some Don't" and issued a Buy opinion for Williams Companies (NYSE: WMB). In his opinion, Mr. Miller cited that he believed WMB management and Board of Directors had been appropriately overhauled WMB, gotten its combined act together after years of languishing and put serious focus on its two core businesses; I) transporting natural gas on its mainline pipes and; II) natural gas exploration and production, with very stated high drilling success rates. Highlights of WMB announced restructurings announced January 19, ... market research, surveys and trends


Strategic Role of Treasury Survey - Strategic Role.indd
In the 2003 survey, 71 percent of senior treasury professionals ... greater than $1 billion have treasury departments that dedicate fewer ..... executive management and Board of Directors may not be aware of the contributions made by ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Clearwire Completes Transaction with Sprint Nextel and $3.2 ...
Clearwire Corporation (NASDAQ: CLWRD for the first 20 trading days and CLWR thereafter) today announced that it has completed the transaction with Sprint Nextel Corporation (NYSE: S) to combine their next-generation wireless Internet businesses.  The new company retains the Clearwire name and expects to build the first nationwide 4G mobile broadband network focused on meeting the evolving needs and demands for Internet-based communications services.  In addition, Clearwire has received a $3.2 billion investment from Comcast, Intel, Time Warner Cable, Google and Bright House Networks.  The transaction with Sprint ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Geeknet Announces Second Quarter Financial Results and Departure of President ...
Aug 4, 2010 (GlobeNewswire via COMTEX) -- -- Ken Langone Named Executive Chairman and Interim CEO -- Board of Directors approves 1:10 Reverse Stock Split Subject to Shareholder Approval -- Announces Change in Ticker Symbol to GKNT Effective Thursday, August 5, 2010 MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Aug. 4, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Geeknet, Inc. , the online network for the global geek community, today announced financial results for the quarter ended June 30, 2010 and the resignation of President and CEO Scott Kauffman. The Company also announced that Chairman of the Board Ken Langone has been named ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
American International Industries, Inc., Announces Voluntary Withdrawal From ...
(the "Company") today announced that it has voluntarily withdrawn its listing on the NASDAQ Stock Market effective on or before August 13, 2010 at which time the stock will be subject to quotation on the OTCBB: symbol "AMIN". The Company received a letter from NASDAQ on June 23, 2010, that the Company reported on Form 8-K dated June 29, 2010, disclosing that it was not in compliance with the listing rule relating to audit committee independence. This was the result of the issuance of shares over a three year period for total compensation valued at approximately $15,000 to a director who is one of the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Senior Management and Board of Directors
Senior Management and Board of Directors. Senior Management. JAN A. VESTRUM. President and Chief Executive Officer. Jan A. Vestrum holds a M.Sc. (1984) in ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Board of Directors and Senior Management Oversight
Senior management, with input and approval by the board of directors, .... of identified risks to management and the board of directors of the FHLBank. Risk ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Management and Directors - Apollo Group
is the founder of Apollo Group, Inc. Dr. Sperling was appointed Executive Chairman of the Board in 2008, he had been Acting Executive Chairman since January of 2006.  Dr. Sperling was the Chairman of the Board of Directors from its inception until June 2004, was President of Apollo Group, Inc. until February 1998 and Chief Executive Officer of Apollo Group, Inc. until August 2001. Prior to his involvement with Apollo Group, Inc., from 1961 to ...
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Corporations offer pieces of themselves, called "shares", for sale to the public. So you and I can buy a share of IBM, and if we get one, we actually own a bit of IBM. IBM cannot stop that from happening. And we actually have a say in how it is run, albeit a teensy-weensy one. People or companies who own lots of shares of IBM get to say more, and if they have a "controlling interest" or usually 50% of the shares, they get to control, in general terms, how the company is run. A hostile takeover occurs when one company buys a controlling interest in another company. The company being bought has shares that are available to the ...