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Special Report on

Management Buyout / Corporate Divestiture

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Divestitures, understood as the parent company's disposal and sale of assets, facilities, product lines, subsidiaries, divisions and business units, are emerging as a central topic of research in several areas. Yet our understanding of these operations is still limited. For example, it is still not clear whether divestitures are merely a reflection of the economic cycle, a means to correct or reverse previous strategic decisions, or a proactive strategic option. Integrating literature in finance, strategy, and organisational behaviour, this paper offers a comprehensive picture of divesting modes, antecedents, ...
headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. Its selection of clothing merchandise can vary significantly from location to location, resulting in the exclusive availability of certain brands in only higher end stores. The company has designated additional regional flagships but in major urban centers and operates a total of 107 U.S. stores (as of January 30, 2010). The company produces the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade , a well known parade which has been held on the streets of New York City annually since 1924. The company also sponsors the city's annual Fourth of July fireworks display, which began in 1976.
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Qui sommes nous? Un spécialiste des opérations de fusion-acquisition locales ou internationales, en Europe, Amérique du Nord et Australie, pour des valeurs de transaction de 10 à 500 millions d’euros. Next Capital has invested AU$ 35 million to acquire a 55% interest in Steelforce Australia Limited. Steelforce is primarily a steel distribution company with businesses in Brisbane and Sydney. Steelforce recently opened a steel pipe and tube manufacturing business in China. As part of the transaction, Steelforce acquired the outstanding 50% ownership of SydSteel Pty Ltd, a subsidiary company, and the outstanding 25% interest ... market research, surveys and trends
Deal Grab Bag: Airgas, Schlumberger, A.I.G. and More - DealBook ...
Instead of a longer one-topic post, I thought that I would address some of the more significant events that have occurred. With Air Products and Chemicals ’s takeover bid for Airgas officially hostile, Airgas on Monday filed its recommendation statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission . Not surprisingly, Airgas mounts a vocal argument that Air Products’ bid undervalues the company. The filing was accompanied by an updated PowerPoint presentation which provides a particularly thorough review of Airgas’s case. In connection with the Airgas filing, Airgas has requested and received inadequacy opinions from ... market research, surveys and trends


Corporate Divestiture - benefits
in exchange for other forms of assets. Divestiture may be a voluntary act effected to raise money, stem operating losses, or reorganize a corporation. It also may be compulsory, where a government or regulator demands a divestment to achieve a public policy goal under the threat of legal action. Companies usually divest themselves of subsidiary business units because the capital invested in that operation could be more wisely employed somewhere else. These disposals are frequently carried out under the authority of a board of directors, and usually do not require the express consent of ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
2009 Managing Portfolio Investments Survey
Fund sizes ranged from less than $100 million in assets to more than $3 billion. All private equity responses in the .... Buyout funds. Mezzanine funds. Venture funds .... Corporate divestiture or carve outs. Participate on transactions with other funds ... industry analysis (70 percent) and recruit management ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Provident Announces 2010 Second Quarter Results and August Cash Distribution
announces its 2010 second quarter interim financial and operating results and the August cash distribution of $0.06 per unit. "While two significant transactions impacted the results of the quarter, results from our core midstream business were in-line with our expectations, with first half gross operating margins exceeding those generated during the first half of 2009 by nine percent." said Doug Haughey, President & Chief Executive Officer. "As we exit the second quarter, we are very excited about moving Provident forward as a pure play NGL midstream business." 2010 Second Quarter Summary The second ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
No Shaq . . . now what?
Atlanta also wasn’t willing to pay Shaq more than the minimum and that was a sticking point for him. He didn’t want to sign for the minimum when the Hawks had their bi-annual and mid-level exceptions available because of the perception that would create–as in the Hawks could have paid him more but didn’t. That’s not the case with Boston, which had neither of those exceptions and so could only give him the minimum. The big guy still has his pride. The Hawks thought Shaq could help them and would be a good risk at the minimum salary despite his history of negatively effecting locker rooms and tending ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Case Study: Management Buyout / Corporate Divestiture
Case Study: Management Buyout / Corporate Divestiture. Dexter Magnetic Technologies, Inc. Elk Grove Village, IL Business: ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Goal: Create 10 $1 Billion Minority Suppliers in the Telecom ...
This Minority Business Ombudsmen (“MBO”) would be available to provide ... Have minority entrepreneurs participate in corporate divestitures and spin-offs ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
corporate divestitures help reduce agency problems by correcting past mistakes .... sample of divisional management buyouts. Hirschey and Zaima (1989) find ...
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During an acquisition which is more favorable stock or cash buyout ...
Mergers and Acquisitions (9), Organizational Development (7), Change Management (6), Internationalization and Localization (5), Business Analytics (5), Corporate Governance (5), Economics (4), Offshoring and Outsourcing (3), Planning (3), Project Management (3), Information Security (3), Government Policy (2), Compensation and Benefits (2), Currency Markets (2), Career Management (2), Professional Organizations (2), Ethics (2), Starting Up (2), Enterprise Software (2), Certification and Licenses (1), Risk Management (1), Personnel Policies (1), Staffing and Recruiting (1), Advertising (1), Business Development (1), Customer ...
Management Consulting: capital investment and financial decisions ...
2.What is Social Cost Benefit Analysis? Make a social Cost Benefit Analysis of any important national project of your choice. 3.What is corporate restructuring? What motivates an enterprises to engage in restructuring exercise? Answer SREEDEVI, HERE  IS SOME  USEFUL  MATERIAL. REGARDS LEO LINGHAM ========================= 1. Explain the various methods used for evaluating investment proposals Various  evaluation and analysis techniques namely -Payback Method, -Accounting rate of return, -Internal rate of return, -Net present Value, and -Profitability Index STAKEHOLDERS needs to be informed on the two aspects: