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Special Report on

Management Fads in Higher Education

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I gave an early conceptualisation of a cycle I was seeing in the history of educational technology I’ve been working on as part of the “Past Experience” section of the Ps Framework – chapter 2 of my thesis . In this post I try and give an overview of a similar cycle already well established: Birnbaum’s (2000) Life Cycle of the Fads Process. As I near the end of this post, I recognise the overlap/connection with Gartner’s Hype Cycle , so I’ve added some discussion of that. Since it appears to pre-date Birnbaum’s work. Robert Birnbaum is both an academic researcher and writer about ...
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Academic Leadership Leading Assessment: From Faculty Reluctance to ...
Assessing college student learning consumes substantial energy, driven or encouraged by accrediting bodies, the Federal and state governments, and other stakeholders. One might think, for these reasons as well as the longevity assessment has displayed as a movement, that it would be celebrating its many successes in transforming higher education. Yet while it has outlasted many other higher education reforms, assessment of student learning (arguably) seems to have stalled as a vehicle for transforming higher education. Yes, data collection is happening in many places and there are pockets of excellence (e.g., Alverno College, ... market research, surveys and trends
Public Schools Need Radical Reform, Educational Leaders Must ...
Dr. Wood, Thanks for your continuing efforts to improve American education. I am responding to your invitation to readers of February’s issue of the Forum For Education and Democracy newsletter to analyze a first draft of an article written by Carl Glickman: “Closing the Participation Gap: A Thought Piece.” To introduce myself, you will remember me from 1999 when, through the initiative of the West Carrollton Teachers Association, you made a public address in West Carrollton about ideas in your book, Schools That Work . I met you at the South Dayton Airport and took you to the meeting. I later visited, along ... market research, surveys and trends


Liberal Education | Fall 2003 | Faculty Work in Challenging Times ...
Aaron Kaufman returns to work after a week's vacation with his family. There are over a hundred e-mails and a stack of mail from students and colleagues waiting for him. He has received a letter from the Center for Teaching inviting him to participate in a diversity training and possibly a new living-learning program that includes significant service-learning and community outreach. There is a message from the dean reporting that due to budget cuts they will not be able to ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Two Decades of Strategic Planning
internally recycle at least one percent of its operating budget each year – that is, redirect ... college with the support of a single $30 million gift while substantially ... Management Fads in Higher education: Where They Came ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
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C-Change Media Co. launched the first in a network of business websites and social networks today with the debut of, a site devoted to the coverage of graduate business school education. “With PoetsandQuants, our goal is to become the go-to place for serious applicants to the best MBA programs in the world,” said John A. Byrne, chairman of C-Change Media and editor-in-chief of PoetsandQuants. “It’s also the very first of what we expect to be a network of at least a dozen sites and hundreds of bloggers serving important business niches, from doing business in China, to entrepreneurs who use disruptive business ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
The Best Fiscal Stimulus: Trust
is driving west along Interstate 10 on a gorgeous Southern California morning. As we pass emerald hillsides, glowing from recent rains, and the snow-blanketed ridges of the San Gabriel Mountains, Zak talks about how standard economics neglects the biological mechanisms of trust that underlie myriad human interactions. “Why people cooperate — why people are altruistic — is a huge question,” he says. “When you think about how much of the world works on a handshake or on holding a door open for somebody in an airport, all that kind of falls through the cracks in economics.” Zak and his collaborators at ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Robert Birnbaum Management Fads in Higher Education
Robert Birnbaum brings four decades of experience to bear on this examination of Management Fads in Higher Education. Birnbaum is currently professor of ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Change and Higher Education
The life cycle of academic management fads. Journal of Higher Education. 71(1), 1-16. Briggs, C. L., Stark, J. S., & Rowland-Poplawski, J. (2003). ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Birnbaum, Robert. (2000). Management fads in higher education ...
traces the history of seven management fads in American higher education to develop a compelling model of the fad process and the transmission of fads to higher education. Subsequently, he posits characteristics and factors that make institutions vulnerable to fads and suggests why managers implement them. Finally, Birnbaum examines the legacy of fads in higher education. Underlying this cathartic book is Birnbaum's belief that the techniques and technologies we use are not neutral but rather embody particular ideological beliefs. Management fads are the widespread, zealous and blessedly short-lived application ...
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Business Majors: textile industry analysis, strategic planning ...
Quite far outside my area. There are quite a few research reports out there, but very expensive on the subject. Mostly in France and Germany, I found some material. I would suggest that you contact the Arts Institute in your area and ask for a fashion professor. I pasted a few references below. Sorry that I was not more help. Dr. Joseph de Beauchamp Growth and portfolio theory In the 1970s much of strategic management dealt with size, growth, and portfolio theory. The PIMS study was a long term study, started in the 1960s and lasted for 19 years, that attempted to understand the Profit Impact of Marketing Strategies (PIMS), ...
Slashdot | Dealing With an Authoritarian Management Style In IT?
"My software development group, including my manager, was moved recently under another bigger group with different style of management. The new objective for the group is to 'speak as one person', meaning that the reasons behind management decisions are well understood and technical information is well communicated. At first, it seemed to be a very good thing to do. In reality, it was just a disguised authoritarian method of imposing information censorship and making sure there is no opposition within. We used to cooperate openly with each other and people from other groups, exchanging opinions and ideas, but ...