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( The mission of this website is to serve as a noncommercial resource for healthcare professionals & their patients, providing open access to clinical news, information, research, and education for a better understanding of evidence-based pain-management practices. YOUR COMMENTS ARE WELCOMED. Millions of Americans with significant acute or chronic pain are being undertreated as physicians fail to provide comprehensive pain treatment, according to recent reviews. The failure is due to inadequate training of physicians, personal biases and, increasingly, fears of prescription analgesic drug abuse. Writing in
is the largest privately-owned publishing company in the United Kingdom. It also has offices in Australia, China, Germany, Brussels, India, Japan, Singapore and the USA. It started out as Cornmarket Press in the 1950s. Clive Labovitch and Michael Heseltine – later a minister under Margaret Thatcher and Deputy Prime Minister under John Major – who had met at university started out with the 1957 Directory of Opportunities for Graduates and in 1959 relaunched Man About Town , which was to become an influential (though unprofitable) men's consumer magazine. The company failed in its relaunch of the British news weekly Topic , ...
AP IMPACT: Fed'l inspections on rig not as claimed - CNBC
The federal agency responsible for ensuring that an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico was operating safely before it exploded last month fell well short of its own policy that inspections be done at least once per month, an Associated Press investigation shows. Since January 2005, the federal Minerals Management Service conducted at least 16 fewer inspections aboard the Deepwater Horizon than it should have under the policy, a dramatic fall from the frequency of prior years, according to the agency's records. Under a revised statement given to the AP on Sunday, MMS officials said the last infraction aboard the rig, which blew ... market research, surveys and trends
QNAP NAS Community Forum • View topic - TS-509 unstable network ...
I'm using a TS-509 in my mac environment for multimedia storage. The TS-509 is wired with two Ethernet cables into a Linksys Gigabit switch (EG008W). The network tab on the QNAP shows that it's connected at a speed of 1000MBPS. While I'm transferring 700GB from one disk to another on the same NAS I've noticed varying transfer speeds. The highest speed I get is about 50MB/s (mainly the first 15 minutes of a transfer) versus 345Kb/s at the end. But the speed varies during the whole transfer of the data. It's almost a wave pattern...slow...speed is pickup...and slowing down again. The speed varies, after ... market research, surveys and trends


Management News Topic: Technology, Innovation and Change
is South-Western's service to provide summaries of the latest management news stories. Review the brief summaries and, for stories of interest, select the full summary. In today’s economic climate, risk is the last thing many managers are thinking about. But it could be that when sales slip and profits dip, it’s time to focus on research, reinvent, and take the initiative toward innovation. (Updated June 2009) How much of the world is now online? Which nations have higher rates of Internet access, which are lagging behind? How does bandwidth, or lack of it, affect a nation’s business ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
HRM in the News Topic: Safety, Health and Security
is South-Western's service to provide summaries of the latest human resource management news stories. Review the brief summaries and, for stories of interest, select the full summary. Many point to the election of Barack Obama as a sign of new racial equality and acceptance. But take today’s uncertain job market, mix it with an increasingly diverse work culture, and that volatile combination may spark racial comments, intolerant attitudes, and at times violence and tragedy. HR managers need to identify the potential for racially based workplace aggression and put plans into place that address tensions and prevent ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The fifth annual Supply Chain Asia Forum is under way in Singapore until Friday. The first of these events was held in Bangkok, serving as a great foundation. Both Supply Chain Asia ( as an organisation and these forums have gone from strength to strength in the years since. These annual events are a rare opportunity in supply chain management to effectively combine learning, debating, networking and fellowship across the industry. The format of the sessions is typically one of panel discussions rather than formal PowerPoint presentations. There is often lively debate among both the panel members as well as ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Hard times lead to fewer students
Due to another round of severe budget cuts, WSU is being more selective with enrollment and shutting the door to a portion of this year�s applicants, President Elson S. Floyd said at a news conference Monday morning. The repercussions of the $15 million cut and continued decreases in state funding include a renewed determination by the administration to pursue tuition-setting authority. The university will also hire fewer faculty members and admit fewer students. Floyd said the freshman classes have been exceptionally large over the past three years, but this year�s class will not hit the same mark. Though the official ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Project Management News from Germany
topic “Gender Diversity in Project Management”. ... The good news is that in 2007 17.000 additional jobs in the software and IT services ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Ohio's Emergency Management News
Mar 18, 2010 ... Ohio's Emergency Management News. Ted Strickland, Governor Cathy Collins-Taylor .... Other topics included: the National Response Framework; ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
MIT Libraries News » Business + Management
Please note all libraries will be closed Memorial Day weekend (May 29-31) and for a week during the Independence Day holiday (July 2-9). Posted in All news , Archives + MIT History , Art + Architecture + Planning , Bioinformatics , Business + Management , Engineering , GIS , Humanities , Music , Science , Social Sciences , Subject/Topic areas Posted April 21st, 2010 by Ryan Gray WHEN: Friday, April 30, 12 – 1pm WHERE: Digital Instruction Resource Center (DIRC), 14N-132 Zotero is a free, open-source program for Firefox that helps you to collect, manage, cite, and share your citations and files. With one click, you can save ...
  1. profile image DebbieFulton BookMasters Goes Vertical: Its content services division provides project management for complex educational conte...
  2. profile image BenKremen RT @fazz27: Socialtext is an enterprise collaboration tool that should be considered by management
  3. profile image eugenelee RT @NahumG: RT @fazz27: Socialtext is an enterprise collaboration tool that should be considered by management #e20
Google Answers: Topic -Corrections-Special Needs Inmates or ...
I'm working on a college syllabus and need to obtain a list of books/texts resourses on the subject of "special needs" inmates in prisons & jails. A "special needs inmate" is an inmate who has one or more of the following problems:elderly,medical illness i.e.HIV/AIDES, mental health problems,mental retardation,physical disability-ADA needs,sex offenders,drug & alcohol problems.It could also be listed as "special management inmates"I primely need a textbook reference. Thanks Hi beaker4572, I have been able to find a lot of material in this regard. There are several agencies that specialize on the general topic of ...
Business Know-How Small Business Forum - Discuss between ...
Management is the grunt work of the job. It's the paperwork, the reports, disciplinary actions, attendance, etc. Leadership is motivating your team (or group of employees) to do what you need them to do. It's not yelling, or getting upset as most people think. Leadership is an art form that allows you gain the trust of your employees, and their assistance in meeting your goals, so you look good too. The biggest difference between managers and leaders is the way they motivate the people who work or follow them ... Leadership is setting a new direction or vision for a group that they ...