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Special Report on

Management training and leadership development

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Industry leader in the printing field increases employee engagement by 20%, reduces staff turnover and boosts profitability by 36% through a focus on culture change. "We're dedicated to making a difference for people and their organizations. Developing great people and great leaders is the key to organizational success." —Ken Blanchard Using a collaborative diagnostic process, we’ve helped some of the world’s leading organizations solve complex business issues, achieve measurable results, and develop leadership capacity to improve productivity and performance.   When you implement change in the right ...
in the United States, with over four million youth members in its age-related divisions. Since its founding in 1910 as part of the international Scout Movement , more than 110 million Americans have been members of the BSA. The BSA goal is to train youth in responsible citizenship, character development, and self-reliance through participation in a wide range of outdoor activities, educational programs, and, at older age levels, career-oriented programs in partnership with community organizations. For younger members, the Scout method is part of the program to inculcate typical Scouting values such as trustworthiness, good ...
Behind The Blue Wall: [NYPD] Nurse Joan Anne McHugh killed in NYPD ...
Police Officer Involved Domestic Violence. Lighting a candle of remembrance for those who've lost their lives to domestic violence behind the blue wall, for strength and wisdom to those still there, and a non-ending prayer for those who thought they had escaped but can't stop being afraid. The McHugh Long-Term Care Nursing Academy was established to support quality nurse managers in long-term care settings. There is also a Joan Anne McHugh Award for Leadership in Long-Term Care Nursing given out yearly. Nurse Joan Anne McHugh, a principal at the medical consulting firm of Loeb and Troper in Manhattan, was shot... When ... market research, surveys and trends
A Checklist for the Perfect Gen Y Job - Tammy Erickson
It's job hunting time for thousands of soon-to-be-graduates – and these members of Generation Y are proving to have some fairly specific approaches and preferences as they go about the search. For those of you who are trying to entice them to your firm, here’s a quick overview of what they're looking for. And for those of you in the hunt, here’s a 30 point checklist to review as you look for that perfect job. Thirty Points to Check in Your Search for the Perfect Job Before you begin the process: The absence of any negatives in the company’s reputation – ethical, environmental, or others that would make you ... market research, surveys and trends


Bersin predicts major shifts in enterprise learning and talent ...
More than 20% of corporate training dollars ($14B) are directed at solving talent and skills gaps in mid-level management positions. Management training and leadership development are the top two areas of focus for corporate HR, yet only 8% of companies are delivering these programs at high levels of effectiveness. Organizations are expected to dramatically grow these investments in 2008, despite a slowing economy. Facebook is coming to corporate America. Twenty-eight percent of learning executives recently surveyed said that they needed to improve internal collaboration as part of their learning strategies and more than 40% of ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Berkeley Global Health Workforce Conference:
Mar 7, 2008 ... global shortage of over 4 million health workers needed to ..... management training, and leadership development for the group's ...... The analysis showed that increasing donor assistance by 100 percent improves the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Do Techies Make Good Leaders?
Dow Jones Reprints: This copy is for your personal, non-commercial use only. To order presentation-ready copies for distribution to your colleagues, clients or customers, use the Order Reprints tool at the bottom of any article or visit It's hard to develop leaders in any industry. But people in the technology sector seem to believe it's especially hard in their business. So is it? We put that theory to the test and concluded that tech people have a point: The speed of the industry's growth, along with the type of workers it attracts—young and with backgrounds in engineering and ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Millionaires' Kids Hunt M&A for Standard Chartered School
A customer enters a Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Ltd. branch in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Photographer: Thomas Lee/Bloomberg Standard Chartered Plc started a trainee program for the children of private-banking clients, joining bigger rivals including Citigroup Inc. and UBS AG in reaching out to Asia’s next generation of millionaires. Eighteen people aged 18 to 26 enrolled in the six-week program in Singapore, which ended Aug. 13. They were assigned to projects ranging from identifying potential acquisition targets for London-based Standard Chartered to developing ideas for branch design, said Jungkiu Choi, the executive ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Public Service Management Training and Leadership Development ...
management training and leadership development initiatives. Canada has been a leader in this regard with its emphasis on public service renewal, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Leadership in Cinema - Leadership Development
The Leadership in Cinema program is intended to provide a selection of films that will support continuing education efforts within the wildland fire service. Films not only entertain but also provide a medium to teach leadership at all levels in the leadership development process—self or team development. The program is tailored after Reel Leadership: Hollywood Takes the Leadership Challenge . Teaching ideas are presented that work with “students of leadership in any setting.” Using the template provided by Graham, Sincoff, Baker, and Ackerman, facilitators can adapt lesson plans to correlate with the Wildland ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Texas Executive Education- Leadership Development for Professional ...
Uncertain economic times create pressure for your business to come up with the right answers and strategies for success. Texas Executive Education’s training and development programs are designed to help you achieve results and manage change in a complex business environment. Our two-day continuing education courses explore a variety of topics, including managing people, marketing strategies, accounting, finance and managing organizational change. We want to make you a better leader and to that end, we deliver extraordinary teaching and the opportunity for high-impact learning to strengthen your management skills and increase ...
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What are the best leadership and management training programs ...
Career Management (17), Ethics (17), Organizational Development (15), Professional Networking (11), Change Management (9), Mentoring (7), Using LinkedIn (7), Job Search (5), Staffing and Recruiting (5), Communication and Public Speaking (4), Certification and Licenses (2), Government Policy (2), Compensation and Benefits (2), Professional Organizations (2), Blogging (2), Customer Service (1), Education and Schools (1), Occupational Training (1), Economics (1), Personnel Policies (1), Employment and Labor Law (1), Sales Techniques (1), Writing and Editing (1), Non-profit Management (1), Branding (1), Professional Books and ...
Focus On Soft Skills: A Leadership Wake-up Call
The rules for succeeding in business are changing daily. Yet people are still asking for the magic formula that contributes to a successful organization. Is it talented, knowledgeable people plus innovative products? That's a great start, but something vital is missing from this equation. More and more corporations around the world recognize that, in order to gain a competitive advantage, they also need to make sure their people know how to handle themselves at work and how to relate with their customers and peers. From showing empathy and optimism to extreme self-awareness to knowing what's going on ...