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McGraw-Hill Professional

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series is designed to provide convenient, inexpensive access to a wide range of current articles from some of the most respected magazines, newspapers, and journals published today. Annual Editions are updated on a regular basis through a continuous monitoring of over 300 periodical sources. The articles selected are authored by prominent scholars, researchers, and commentators writing for a general audience. The Annual Editions volumes have a number of common organizational features designed to make them particularly useful in the classroom: a general introduction; an annotated table of contents; a topic guide; an annotated ...
Its primary areas of business are education, publishing, broadcasting, and financial and business services. It publishes numerous textbooks and magazines, including Architectural Record and Aviation Week , and is the parent company of Standard & Poor's , Platts , and J.D. Power and Associates . It is the majority owner of the Canadian publisher McGraw-Hill Ryerson ( TSX ). The company has its corporate headquarters in 1221 Avenue of the Americas , Midtown Manhattan , New York City .
McGraw-Hill Offers Free Career Webinars for Veterans this April
Series in the month of April. Our country’s service men and women are returning home from tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan to a more competitive job market than the one they left. They face the additional challenges of rejoining the workforce after a long absence, and converting their military skills into marketable civilian career skills. McGraw-Hill thought this would be a valuable service to offer to our country’s veterans. In the month of April, four of McGraw-Hill’s expert career authors will be presenting their one-of-a-kind expertise on making the most of the job search as a veteran: April 2, 1pmEST : Jay Block ( 101 ... market research, surveys and trends
Robotics & Automation
Don't expect the International Olympic Committee to recognize it as a sport just yet, but robotics competitions are increasingly more popular these days. On Comedy Central's BattleBots , robots created by teams of enthusiasts try to incapacitate their opponents; another popular contest is robot sumo wresting in which participants try to force each other out of the ring. There is even a robot soccer world cup! So what is the attraction? Perhaps it's because you can watch violence without fear of anyone getting harmed. Or perhaps it's the David vs. Goliath nature of the sport, where a teenage girl with ... market research, surveys and trends


McGraw-Hill: Information from
As a successful publishing operation, McGraw-Hill is a textbook case. The company is one of the world's largest producers of textbooks, tests, and related materials, serving the elementary, secondary, and higher education markets through its McGraw-Hill Education unit. Its McGraw-Hill Financial Services unit is a leading supplier of financial and business information services, providing indexes and ratings for both domestic and overseas markets through Standard & Poor's. A third unit, McGraw-Hill Information & Media, publishes trade journals and other industry content (such as Aviation Week). The company also operates ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Timebomb : McGraw-Hill Professional Online Book Store
"This is an excellent book. It should be read by all who are interested in any aspect of Tuberculosis, including the growing problem of Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis." Journal of American Medical Association "The book serves an important function, relaying statistics and TB hot spots, proposing funding and international standardized treatments. Government officials, researchers and nonprofit health organizations will likely cast this as the authoritative book on the subject." Publishers Weekly "Like other recent works on the threat of infectious diseases such as Laurie Garrett's The Coming ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The Value of an Organization's Vision
Many audiovisual integration companies start small, with three-to-five people filling a multitude of roles and performing many tasks. These roles and responsibilities often overlapped, so the founding members understood one another's jobs, and probably shared a common purpose, something like "do whatever it takes to make the customer happy and do really cool work while we're at it." That was their purpose — their reason for existence. It didn't have to be written down someplace — it was the truth that everyone knew and measured themselves against. More Top InfoComm is working with McGraw-Hill ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Why you should buy organic berries and other fruits: studies discuss possible ...
People who choose between organic blueberries and commercial blueberries usually choose the commercial because the berries are bigger and sweeter. They also contain more sugar. But you should choose the organic blueberries, especially when giving the blueberries to children or the older adult. Here's why. Check out the article, Tiny pesticide exposure during pregnancy can have long-term impact . Did you know that the USDA did a study two years ago that found malathion, an organophosphate pesticide residue in 28% of frozen blueberries? Malathion also was found on 25% of the strawberries and 19% of the celery. See the article, market trends, news research and surveys resources


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3 Mike Meyers' CompTIA Network+ Certification Passport, Third Edition © 2009. Clarke, Glen / Meyers, Michael. Description ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Traveler eCollection from NetLibrary
Publication: New York McGraw-Hill Professional, 2005. 7. The Better Brain Book: The Best Tools for Improving Memory and Sharpness ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
McGraw-Hill Announces AccessEngineering 2.0
McGraw-Hill Professional Announces AccessEngineering 2.0 NEW YORK, NY, April 21, 2010 - McGraw-Hill is pleased to announce upcoming major new features and enhancements to AccessEngineering: Launched in March 2009, AccessEngineering is a comprehensive collection of the complete contents of McGraw-Hill's industry leading engineering and technical books, supporting all levels of scientific and technical research and innovation in the academic, corporate, industrial, and government sectors. AccessEngineering 2.0 will feature a number of customer-requested enhancements. In the final ...
  1. profile image technical_book The Ultimate Guide to Getting Into Physician Assistant School, Third Edition - by Andrew Rodican - McGraw-Hill Medical.
  2. profile image longtuti Dermatopathology, Third Edition, 2010: Dermatopathology, Third Edition, 2010Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional | ...
Google Answers: Business letter format
What is the most authoritative source for format of business letters? If different formats are "more authoritative" in different situations or settings, please expound. Clarification of Question by atkruse-ga on 07 Dec 2002 07:52 PST Hi Shiv - I don't need descriptions, or a tutorial in business letters. I'm simply looking for a referral to sources with authority - links would be fine, or titles of books if appropriate. An explanation of that authority would be of most use to me. Thanks, atkruse Atkruse – This is actually a fascinating issue, particularly in the days of Internet and e-mail. Many ...
What is the equipment that i need to start a home recording studio ...
The required equipment for your recording studio will vary depending on the type of recording as well as the style of music you will be recording …and your budget of course. Audio technology along with audio production software is constantly changing, which compounds the difficulty in recommending specific software and equipment for your particular application. I’ll try my best to give you a fairly general set of guidelines that should help you get started. For more detailed information please take advantage of the resources below. First things first you will need a multitrack recording device. Popular multitrack recording ...