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Special Report on

Office of Transformation Management

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The District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) is seeking an experienced Specialist to perform data analysis and performance measurement activities. The position, located within the Office of Youth Engagement, reports to the Deputy Chief of Youth Engagement and is a part of the leadership team. The Office’s goal is to ensure that all students are able to engage fully and effectively in the academic curriculum. The office works towards this goal by focusing on five major initiatives: increase student attendance, improve student behavior, enhance positive school culture, ensure student health and wellness, and provide intensive ...
and to co-ordinate the delivery of government objectives via other departments. It currently has just over 1,000 staff, most of whom work in Whitehall .
Operational Reform Coordinator, Office of Transformation Management
We are looking for highly motivated and skilled talent to join our team at District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS). We seek individuals who are passionate about transforming the DC school system and making a significant difference in the lives of public school students, parents, principals, teachers, and central office employees. DCPS serves 45,000 students in the nation’s capital through the efforts of approximately 4,000 educators in 123 schools. As part of a comprehensive reform effort to become the preeminent urban school system in America, DCPS intends to have the highest-performing, best paid, most satisfied, and most ... market research, surveys and trends
The Year Ahead: 2010 in Shared Services & Outsourcing ...
As highlighted in the Year in Review feature, shared services and BPO as delivery solutions that can achieve the triple benefit of reduced cost, improved service levels and an enhanced control environment has been on the agenda of many an Executive Board.  This has been a great opportunity for shared services professionals to become more visible within the organizations they support.  Shared services has also been able to move up the value chain and expand scope across multiple processes.  This will likely continue in 2010.  The challenge is that if we do not fall back into recession and sustained growth does return, the focus ... market research, surveys and trends


Chris Lyons' Hill Job Listings for May 7, 2010
SENIOR LEGISLATIVE ASSISTANT – Senior Democratic Member seeks Senior Legislative Assistant to serve in his congressional office. Position will develop and plan legislative initiatives and monitor legislative developments within Committees and on the House floor; write floor speeches, committee statements, and lines of questioning for hearing witnesses; and conduct meetings on behalf of Member. A background in economic policy or financial services is preferred. Portfolio will include General Economic Policy analysis, Employment, Financial Services, Housing, Tax, Social Security and Retirement issues, Oversight, and related ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Ramstein the read rate was 65 percent. Brewin (2005) also reports that Navy officials at the ...... The reason the Army lost 1.2 billion dollars of material : it was lost, ...... AF Office of Transformation Management. Mr. Bill Wakeley ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
White House Honchos Tout Benefits of Reform
WASHINGTON -- Physicians must "embrace rather than resist change" under the new healthcare reform law, three administration officials wrote in an article published in the Aug. 24 issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine . "The most successful physicians will be those who most effectively collaborate with other providers to improve outcomes, care productivity, and patient experience," wrote Robert Kocher, MD, of the National Economic Council; Ezekiel Emanuel, MD, of the Office of Management and Budget; and Nancy-Ann DeParle, JD, director of the White House's Office of Health Reform. They argue that the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
HCL's CEO on its 'Management Makeover'
“Employees First, Customers Second,” which has been recently published by Harvard Business School Press. In it, Vineet, CEO of HCL Technologies, talks about the progress his company has made in making managers more accountable to those on the front lines. Having posted my summary, I invited you to submit your questions to Vineet, and many of you did, along with plenty of piquant comments. Herewith, Vineet’s reply. He begins by providing a bit of context, and then takes on a few of the most-asked queries. Vineet Nayar on the challenges of leading a management makeover Transforming an organization takes you on an ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Kids Count Proposal
DCPS sponsor: Abigail Smith, Office of Transformation Management .... Abigail Smith in the Office of Transformation Management at DCPS is the contact person ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
DC Public Schools, Office of the Chancellor - Jonathan M. Tisch ...
Chancellor Rhee’s Urban Education Leaders Internship Program (UELIP) is an intensive multi-disciplinary, academic internship program that runs semester-long throughout the year. The District of Columbia Public Schools Office of the Chancellor accepts Associates yearlong, with a position reserved for a Tufts Fellow during the 2010 summer session. It is for leaders who are in the process of completing their undergraduate or graduate/professional degrees by the start of the program. Mission Statement: We recruit, develop, and connect emerging leaders to effect change in DC public schools. Through hands-on projects and ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Which certification course would you recommend for a program ...
Using LinkedIn (3), Education and Schools (1), Certification and Licenses (1), Mentoring (1), Mergers and Acquisitions (1), Government Services (1), Customer Relationship Management (1), Ethics (1), Business Plans (1), Green Business (1), Wireless (1) PMP posted 3 months ago SpaceMinds President & Owner. International Consultant & Speaker. People CMM Instructor & SCAMPI Lead Appraiser see all my answers I would highly recommend the People Capability Maturity Model (R) (People CMM(R)) training programs. As they take people from a system/software mindset into the wider organizational "whole-system" improvement and organizational ...
How do we convince buyers of the benefits of changes in ...
With e-procurement leading best value supply, what is the best way of convincing risk avers buyers to move outside of the box and invest in suitable systems? The problems that I have encountered relate to electronic tendering and reverse auctions and I have deliberately posted this question in the section dealing with the Public Sector. I see the problem being that to follow our strict public procurement rules buyers can wind the handle and do whatever they have historically done without any risk as the process is well known and accepted. To step outside of the box and encompass other methods of procurement is a potential risk ...