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Special Report on

Oklahoma Pandemic Influenza Management Plan

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A fast-growing FBI data-mining system billed as a tool for hunting terrorists is being used in hacker and domestic criminal investigations, and now contains tens of thousands of records from private corporate databases, including car-rental companies, large hotel chains and at least one national department store, declassified documents obtained by show. Headquartered in Crystal City, Virginia, just outside Washington, the FBI’s National Security Branch Analysis Center (NSAC) maintains a hodgepodge of data sets packed with more than 1.5 billion government and private-sector records about citizens and foreigners, ...
then spreading to infect people in Texas, New York, and other states by mid-April. Early cases were associated with recent travel to Mexico; many were students who had traveled to Mexico for Spring Break. 2 This spread continued across the country's population and by the end of May there were approximately 0 confirmed cases throughout all 50 states. 3 4 On April 28, 2009, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed the first official US death of swine flu, a 23-month-old toddler from Mexico who died on April 27 while visiting Texas. 5 By June 24, 132 deaths had been attributed to the virus. 4
Oklahoma Public Health Emergency Documents
Does the Governor or any local jurisdictional body have the authority to order a mandatory evacuation during emergencies and/or natural disasters? QuestionState Director Albert Ashwood, Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management 2007 MIPS OKLAHOMA MASS IMMUNIZATION PROPHYLAXIS PLAN OKMIPS10581 ____________ 2007 Oklahoma Pandemic Influenza Management Plan Preparedness 2007 OK State Pandemic Plan __________ Law Statute Public Health Powers Quarantine, Isolation, vaccination, treatment, Law enforcement, appeal, property, liability New 2008. 310:521-7-1. Examination The Commissioner may issue an order for the examination of any ... market research, surveys and trends
GAO-07-1259T Influenza Pandemic: Federal Executive Boards' Ability ...
Pandemic Influenza Implementation Plan, the center of gravity of the pandemic response will be in communities.2 The distributed nature of a. 1GAO, The Federal Workforce: Additional Steps Needed to Take Advantage of Federal ... federal employees or had recent emergency management experience. The selected FEBs were Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas-Fort. Worth, Denver, Minnesota, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York City,. Oklahoma, Philadelphia, San Francisco, ... market research, surveys and trends


H1N1 Vaccination A Eugenics Weapon - Cannabis Culture Forums
Canadian doctor Ghislaine Lanct�t, author of the Medical Mafia, has underscored the lawsuit recently filed by Austrian journalist Jane B�rgermeister against the WHO, the UN, and several high ranking government and corporate officials. B�rgermeister has documented how an international corporate criminal syndicate plans to unleash a deadly flu virus and institute a forced vaccination program. �I am emerging from a long silence on the subject of vaccination, because I feel that, this time, the stakes involved are huge. The consequences may spread much further than anticipated,� writes Lanct�t, who believes the A(H1N1) virus will be ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Spending - Report to Congress ...
A key goal of the HHS Pandemic Influenza Plan is to provide pandemic influenza vaccine to ... treatment courses for 25 percent of the population, or 75 million individuals. By FY 2008 and ... Management System (LIMS) that will facilitate the rapid, real time transmission of ..... OKLAHOMA STATE DEPT OF HEALTH. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


Oklahoma Pandemic Influenza Management Plan
The overall goals of the Oklahoma Pandemic Influenza Management Plan are to: reduce morbidity and mortality among Oklahomans during a serious influenza ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Pandemic Influenza Tabletop Exercise Situation Manual (SITMAN)
Oct 12, 2009 ... Assess the validity of the draft University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. Pandemic Influenza Response Plan. .... Will the University publish the pandemic emergency management plan? What are the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Be Ready and Prepared for Disasters
If a disaster like a fire, flood, hurricane, tornado or a terrorist attack occurred, would you, your family and your business be prepared? September is the sixth annual National Preparedness Month. The U.S. Government and its many private industry and non-profit organization partners are suggesting that all of us become better prepared for emergencies of all kinds. �National Preparedness Month is about building a culture of personal preparedness and shared responsibility across our country,� said Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano. �This month, we ask all Americans to visit
What are 2 Historical Events that happened between 1906AD-1970AD ...
February 15 - Representatives of the Labour Representation Committee in the UK parliament take the name Parliamentary Labour Party. February 28 - Upton Sinclair publishes The Jungle, a novel depicting the life of an immigrant family living in Chicago during the early 1900s. [edit] March March 10 - Explosion in coal mine in Courrières, France kills 1060. March 15 - Rolls-Royce Ltd. is registered. March 18 - Traian Vuia flies a self-propelled heavier than air aircraft. March 15: Rolls-RoyceMarch 27 - The Alpine Club of Canada is founded in Winnipeg by Elizabeth Parker and Arthur Oliver Wheeler [edit] April April 7 - Mount Vesuvius ...