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Special Report on

Open Source Business Process Management

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–”Interleave is a system that could change your companies process from a jumbled mess of spreadsheets and emails into a well-oiled, trackable process machine.” Randstad, the second-largest HR services company in the world, was one of the first companies to start using Interleave. Over the years they’ve used numerous implementations. They use Interleave as Project Management tool, Documentation Library, Company reorganizations, and even as front-end to monitor financial transactions generated by their massive 130,000-payrolls-a-week backoffice system. Ernst Geene, teammanager I-bridge Service Delivery, states:
SOA also generally provides a way for consumers of services, such as web-based applications, to be aware of available SOA-based services. For example, several disparate departments within a company may develop and deploy SOA services in different implementation languages; their respective clients will benefit from a well understood, well defined interface to access them. XML is commonly used for interfacing with SOA services, though this is not required. SOA defines how to integrate widely disparate applications for a world that is Web based and uses multiple implementation platforms. Rather than defining an API , SOA defines ...
Open source Business process management (BPM) tools
Business process management (BPM) tools are being used more and more by private companies and government agencies as a way to improve processes, increase efficiency and reduce cost. That being said, there are many options available for BPM tools. Surprisingly there are also open source tools out there that will most likely meet the needs of some businesses. What it comes down to is the needs of the business. Typically open source tools will not include technical support out of the box, however, the makers of these tools usually offer support with additional cost. So if you happen to have your own IT shop and qualified ... market research, surveys and trends
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If you are interested in rapidly creating sophisticated BPEL orchestrations in a completely integrated visual orchestration system, please download a fully-supported, 30-day trial of  ActiveVOS , our commercial product. This  screenshot tour of ActiveVOS shows just some of the enhancements that are in ActiveVOS compared to ActiveBPEL. A more detailed comparison of ActiveBPEL to ActiveVOS is available  here . The ActiveBPEL Engine is  available for download here . The ActiveBPEL Engine is made available under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Bonita Open Solution combines three solutions in one to enable you to build process ... market research, surveys and trends


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The Swiss agency for IT in education, SFIB, is recommending that all schools switch to open source software. The IT agency is developing support offerings for schools that are using free and open source software. A survey aimed at public administrators using the Open Source Observatory and Repository ( will be made part of a larger research into public organisation's use of open source. The rural district (Landkreis) Wittmund in northwestern Germany is using GNU/Linux to centrally manage computers usage at eleven of its schools, reports Univention, one of the open source IT companies involved in the project. The ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
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When we talk about business processes or workflows, we are talking about the way information moves around a company or department.  Business process information can move in a number of directions: between people, between systems, or from people to systems (and back again).  Here are three areas where business communication gaps commonly occur: People - people gaps:   When one employee needs information from another in order to execute a task, the transfer of information becomes a critical part of the business process.  When employees fail to pass on the appropriate information to their counterparts in a timely, concise, and ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
BonitaSoft Launches the "Process Challenge" to Champion the Power of Open ...
/PRNewswire/ -- BonitaSoft, leading provider of Open Source Business Process Management (BPM) solutions, has inaugurated a competition to promote the sharing of business process models in its user community. With over 1,500 members, the Bonita Open Source community has experienced tremendous growth since January 2010 , adding more than 1,000 new users representing nearly 150 nationalities. The author of the winning "Process Challenge" process, to be chosen from among the most complete and re-usable business process models posted on the Bonita community website, will be awarded an Apple iPad. Anyone is welcome to ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Self-Service Private and Hybrid Clouds Come to the Enterprise Courtesy of ...
bullet point "MomentumSI" under the Inside the Enterprise Cloud section and revisions to the MomentumSI boilerplate. “Focus on IT Agility: Self-Service, Automation and Elasticity for your Hybrid Cloud” The corrected release reads: SELF-SERVICE PRIVATE AND HYBRID CLOUDS COME TO THE ENTERPRISE COURTESY OF NEWSCALE, RPATH, EUCALYPTUS SYSTEMS Coalition Brings Process and Automation Maturity to Private and Hybrid Clouds; Responds to Independent Research Firm Report—“You’re Not Ready for Internal Cloud”—with Enterprise-Ready Offering at VMworld 2010 Analyst sees coalition ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


A successful Danish-Bolivian partnership in the software-field ...
2 ProcessMaker is Open Source business process management (BPM) software that enables small to mid-sized businesses to ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Web Content Management Systems (WCMS) Standards
an ECM suite include Enterprise Search, Workflow or Business Process Management tools, ... Management (WWCM). • Leading Open Source solutions ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
On The Semantic Web and Web Services
Java developers need to publish synchronous and asynchronous Web services and compose them into reliable and transactional business flows. Web service orchestration standards (SOAP Conversation, BPEL4WS and WS-Transaction) are emerging and need to be packaged into a reliable and easy-to-manage software solution. So we've gathered a wealth of information to get you up-to-speed quickly. The gathered wealth of information looks quite comprehensive. For those getting started with BPEL, this might be a good start! posted by Pranam Kolari @ 9:12 PM   2 comments Reported by CBROnline : From Oasis -- an interview with ...
Can anyone recommend any affordable web-based Business Process ...
I have a friend who recently asked me if I knew of any Business Process Management Software that would be appropriate for his company. He is a small business owner and is looking for a web based tool to automate his business procedures. A typical procedure of his may have anywhere from 20 to 100 tasks and will involve several employees. Most of what he has found on his own is very expensive. He currently is not using any BPM software and is looking for something affordable, easy to implement and scaleable. Please let me know if anyone has any suggestions that I can pass along. Thanks! posted 9 months ago in Planning , ...
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attach documents to each step (supporting documents for the specific process step), either as document (pdf/word) or as link to a url where the document is shown - depict the whole process online in a webpage after finishing; from that page, the attached documents should be clickable, so they can be opened/viewed I came accross a few tools, like Gliffy and Creately, but all have some drawbacks; Gliffy doesn't allow to link to documents or urls in a process step; Creately generates a webpage, but in that webpage, the documents that are attached to the process step can't be clicked (and it's not free either, unless ...