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Special Report on

OpenKM Document Management System

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OpenKM is a Open Source electronic document management system, which, due to its characteristics, can be used by large companies as well as by the small ones, as a useful tool in knowledge management processing, providing a more flexible and lower-cost alternative to other proprietary applications. The use of knowledge management systems by a company helps it to manage intelligence on the resources available to the company, more efficiently. This leads to a medium-term increase in productivity. Using these systems, the information, as well as the knowledge generated within the organization, can be universally accessed. ...
9 useful Project Management tools
is the discipline of planning, organizing and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives. In this article, you will read about the 9 useful Project Management tools to reduce your work load. KnowledgeTree is open source, easily programmable, and flexible PHP-based document management application built with PHP & uses MySQL for storing the data. KnowledgeTree works with Microsoft® Office®, Microsoft® Windows® and Linux®. KnowledgeTree is specially designed for business people to connects people, processes, and ideas. Collaborate, securely store all ... market research, surveys and trends
30+ Professionally Designed & Useful Mac Applications
Macintosh computers are really known to bring out the creative side of people. To harness it, and refine your potential there are some great Mac tools that you can use online and some of them for free. As Microsoft burdens you with tons of softwares that serve the purpose and slow downs the computer at the same time these serve as a better alternative. The best part is that abundant tools are available to do things from simple text editors to image processing tools. Most of these tools provide an easy to use interface and work efficiently. Here is a list of useful Mac applications, which looks really slick too. Fontcase is an ... market research, surveys and trends


Outpilot: delicious bookmarks
Commentary, musings and rants on security and networking related technologies, or anything else I happen to find interesting. Email spotswoode at gmail dot com Build A Custom Search Engine Using Your Social Bookmarks - ReadWriteWeb Robin Lee Powell's Backup Method How to Record Sirius Radio Online to the PC SQL Injection Cheat Sheet YouTube - SQL Injection SecuriTeam™ - SQL Injection Walkthrough SQL Injection Attacks by Example Bust Up These Beasts - Optimal remote backups with rsync over Samba How to Create The Ultimate Windows XP Installation CD/DVD | A New Morning ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Knowledge Discovery Resources 2010 - An Internet MiniGuide ...
This compilation is dedicated to the latest and most competent resources for knowledge discovery available over the Internet. The key is to be able to find the important knowledge discovery resources and sites both in the visible and invisible World Wide Web. The following selected knowledge discovery resources and sites offer excellent knowledge and information discovery sources to help you accomplish your research goals. ACM SIGKDD: Current Explorations Issue Explorations is published twice yearly, in June/July and in December/January each year. The newsletter ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


OpenKM Document management system. Solodex: Create and sharedocs and projects. Zoho: Online document management. CRM software services ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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I need a good document management system - any recommendations ...
I am a chartered accountant with a part time practise and I want to take to plunge into paperless document management systems as my filing cabinet is full to overflowing and I don't have room in my office to expand my file storage. I took a look at Rack2File and it looks promising - something that would work for me but it has several bad reviews and I am not about to risk my client records on something that may or may not work well. I am looking for recommendations from accountants that have managed to go completely paperless - what software do you use and why do you like/dislike it? I have a small number of notice to ...
Is there software that can organize and search PDFs based on their ...
How do you make journal article PDFs searchable by keywords, controlled vocabulary subject headings, as well as authors and titles? I'm working for a team of researchers that would like to share their personal files of journal articles and reports with each other. They are primarily stored as pdfs, but there are also some Word documents. They use Windows machines and the core group shares a network drive. They would like a more organized system to allow more precise searching and useful sorting. I've looked at various bibliographic management software programs, but I'm hoping for something that will be able to ...