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Special Report on

Park Place Property Management

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After you add up the increased rent we can often command, the discounts you'll receive on advertising, and the company rate we get on repairs, you'll often make more money than if you managed the property yourself! The better condition that a house is in, the better quality tenant that it will attract. Your home must be left in professionally cleaned condition as the tenants will be paying a non-refundable cleaning fee . Your Property Manager prefers to arrange this cleaning to insure that the cleaning guidelines are strictly followed. The carpets must be freshly cleaned and all debris and personal belonging removed ...
enabling visitors to easily walk from unit to unit, along with a parking area – a modern, indoor version of the traditional marketplace. Modern "car-friendly" strip malls developed from the 1920s, and shopping malls corresponded with the rise of suburban living in many parts of the Western World, especially the United States , after World War II . From early on, the design tended to be inward-facing, with malls following theories of how customers could best be enticed in a controlled environment. Similar, the concept of a mall having one or more "anchor" or "big box" stores was pioneered early, ...
15 private properties receive gold awards for best landscape (with ...
     Winners of the Best Landscape Award for Private Property Development 2010 were announced today (May 20). With outstanding landscape design and excellent horticultural maintenance, 15 private properties received the gold awards.      In addition to the 15 gold awards, 40 merit awards were given at the prize presentation ceremony organised by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department to commend organisations for their efforts in greening and to enhance the green consciousness of the public.      The Best Landscape Award for Private Property ... market research, surveys and trends
Park revises bear policy
Glacier National Park has revised key parts of its bear management policy in the wake of a decision to remove a grizzly sow and her cubs from the Two Medicine area last summer. The Oldman Lake grizzly, as she was called, had a history of run-ins with campers and hikers dating back to at least 2004. On several occasions over the years, either she or her cubs, entered campgrounds, rummaged through bags and sniffed tents at the Oldman Lake campground and the Morningstar Lake campground. Glacier closed the campgrounds on several occasions and used Karelian bear dogs to "haze" off the bear as well. Those efforts didn't ... market research, surveys and trends


Third-party management companies survey | Hotel & Motel Management ...
Third-Party Management Companies Survey This survey is intended specifically for companies that manage hotels for other owners. Companies that manage their own portfolios are included only if they do not have 100-percent ownership of 100 percent of the properties managed. Companies must have third-party contracts to be included. We do not include the management arms of franchise companies that service only their own properties. Company name | Contact name | Contact E-mail Company website Aimbridge Hospitality | Dave Johnson | connie.rauscher@ ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Survey shows Realtors persevere in market transition, optimistic ...
— With the real estate market improving, three-quarters of Realtors� are very certain they will remain active in the market for two more years, according to the 2010 National Association of Realtors Member Profile. Only 8 percent were uncertain about their future. The study�s results are representative of the nation�s 1.1 million Realtors, who account for 60 percent of the 1.85 million active real estate licensees in the U.S. The typical member of the National Association of Reators has 10 years of experience, and many have increased their training, Web presence and use of social media over the past year. More than half ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
City council further reviews snow removal policy and 2011 budget
The new snow removal policy was once again briefly discussed at the special meeting of the Tyndall City Council August 18. Prior to the special meeting, the council had received a copy of the revised policy which contained the additions and changes the council expressed at the August 2 meeting. The council agreed to what appeared in the revised policy for snow removal with the first reading to be approved at the September 8 meeting. The policy is printed as follows... A PROPOSED ORDINANCE ESTABLISHING SNOW REMOVAL AND SANDING POLICY BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY OF TYNDALL, BON HOMME COUNTY, SOUTH DAKOTA: Section 1: It shall be ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Will Growing Rental Trends Undermine US Home Sales?
There is a far-reaching change occurring now which threatens housing markets around the country. A survey conducted by Harris Interactive for the National Apartment Association in May 2010 found that 76% of those surveyed now believe that renting is a better option than buying in the current real estate market, up from 71% in 2008.  Especially sobering was the fact that 78% of those surveyed were homeowners. David Neithercut, CEO of Equity Residential, the nation's largest multi-family landlord, believes that there is a "psychology change" in the mind of consumers.  In a June address to an industry ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


580 Market Place
Welcome Home & Park Place Property Management. Pyzano's. 24 Hour Fitness. Subway . Available (20'W x 70'D). Dry Clean USA. Parrot Cellular. GNC. Martial Arts ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Property, Real Estate, and Community Association Managers
Opportunities should be best for those with college degrees in business administration, real estate, or related fields and for those with professional designations. Particularly good opportunities are expected for those with experience managing housing for older people or with experience running a healthcare facility. About 46 percent of property, real estate, and community association managers are self-employed. To homeowners, a well-managed property looks nice, operates smoothly, and preserves the resale value of the property. To businesses and investors, properly managed real estate may result in greater income and profits. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Manhattan Apartment Directory - Kansas State University
Abbott Management                                                            776-1340 225 McCall Road   Aggie Village ...
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Residential Property Management: Can't sell mobile home in rented ...
I currently own a single-wide mobile home in a rented lot near Ann Arbor, MI. I had to move to start a new job and there is a few months left on my 3-year lease on the mobile home lot. I have excellent credit and want to keep it that way, but am not sure I can afford to pay for my new apartment and my old mobile home while waiting for it to sell. I have done everything I can do to list the home with the property managers to sell it. The park is a great park to live in and the home is very new and reasonably priced for the area. However, I'm not getting any bites. My lease on the lot ends in a few months and I doubt it will ...
Where is the best place to park your money in Canada? | LinkedIn ...
Using LinkedIn (674), Customer Service (20), Job Search (15), Education and Schools (11), Staffing and Recruiting (11), Professional Networking (10), Business Development (9), Manufacturing (7), Internet Marketing (6), Small Business (6), Resume Writing (5), Project Management (5), Software Development (5), Wireless (5), Exporting/Importing (4), Ethics (4), Telecommunications (4), Web Development (4), Business Insurance (3), Facilities Management (3), Accounting (3), Government Contracts (3), Government Policy (3), Criminal Law (3), Contracts (3), Public Relations (3), Sales Techniques (3), Business Analytics (3), Change ...