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Special Report on

Polling Place Management

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You might have seen the recent news reports about the collision between U.S. and Russian communication satellites. The U.S. satellite was one of the Iridium satellites. What wasn’t reported and you probably don’t know is that an object database management system (ODBMS) is an important part of the Iridium system. Even though ODBMSs are a [...] February 13, 2009 I am now also posting on the Cutter Blog. My initial posting is (The Acronym) SOA is (Perhaps) Dead (at Some Companies); Long Live Services. It is a response to Anne Thomas Manes’ SOA is Dead; Long Live Services on her blog at the Burton Group. January ...
has the electoral college flunked out?
Presidential Election Reform Act”. Its proposal is to allocate electors in the next presidential election at the district level, rather than use the notorious “winner-take-all” approach used in all states except for Maine and Nebraska. Now, I actually advocated for this approach after the 2004 elections. Imagine my surprise to find out that I’m a republican tool. At least, the blogosphere is interpreting the California initiative as a shady trick, mostly because the initiative was floated by Republicans and because in California, the net effect of switching from WTA to a proportional allocation would ... market research, surveys and trends
howard, we have a problem here
"I think it's hypocritical for the Republicans to pretend to reach out to the African-American community unless they say they are going to reauthorize what gave the African-American community political power," Dean said in an interview. "I'd love to have the president say whether he's going to reauthorize the Voting Rights Act." After barely registering a double-digit showing among black voters nationally in last fall's election, the Republican Party has intensified its efforts to recruit African-American supporters. Chairman Ken Mehlman is engineering the party's most aggressive ... market research, surveys and trends


VTP News | Voting Technology Project
Attached is a PDF of the Carnegie Review, which features an article where Mike Alvarez was interviewed on Electoral Reform. Former Soviet Republic Estonia is the first country in the world to allow citizens to vote over the internet. Thad Hall, an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Utah, recently observed the municipal elections in that country, which saw 20% of the vote conducted online. He tells Utah Policy how the country conducts the online vote and ensures the integrity of the election process on the internet. See attached interview. industry trends, business articles and survey research
Data for Democracy
for polling-place management, the study nonetheless provides a window into attitudes of ...... items are considered North Dakota would has a score of 79.8 percent. ..... elections and jurisdictions with a population over 1 million ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Voters Pick 2010 Slate Today; 166 Polls Open at 7 AM
LAKELAND | Phase one of the 2010 election year ends today with some candidates elected and other contests winnowed down for the Nov. 2 general election. Voters in both major parties will select federal and statewide candidates as well as their parties' local candidates. But those registered in a third party or with no party affiliation can vote as well for Polk County School Board no matter where they live in the county and for Lake Region Lakes Management District board if they live within that region. The county's 166 polls will open at 7 this morning. When they close at 7 tonight, county elections officials predict ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
State cuts 97 polling places
After casting her ballots for years at Pauoa Elementary School, Pearl Johnson will join hundreds of voters across the islands trying to figure out where her polling place has moved for next month's primary election. "I think it's Kawananakoa Middle School," Johnson said, "but I'm not even sure of that." >> Call 211 or your county clerk office of the Office of Elections at 453-VOTE (8683). >> Go online to the Office of Elections website at and type in your name and address. For a list of polling places, go to . And Johnson is the president of the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Courses to be offered—Spring Regional Trainings
Description: This course covers the basics of polling place management and set up. We will review the materials needed at the polling place, polling place ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Nassau County Board Of Elections
Congress enacted the Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA) in response to the numerous voting problems experienced in the 2000 Presidential election. HAVA provisions were put in place to help states improve the administration of elections in the United States. It also set nationwide standards in areas such as voting systems; registration and voter record management; and polling place accessibility and procedures. The HAVA package of legislative election reforms break down into three major areas. The creation of the federal Election Assistance Commission, empowered with the following duties: The Commission shall serve as a ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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What are the resistance for Internet Voting for Elections ...
-for voter privacy, I see two rules: replace voters' names by Nr in the voters' register; treat the voter ID and the vote as two different data in the system. -Vote selling: there are solutions such as asking people to pre.register on the voting web site and introduce a personal question. This question is then asked when the log in to vote. Depending on the answer, their vote is accepted or not (this is more to fight coercion). It is also pssible to let them vote several times and to only count the last vote. --Voter literacy: the system must be as simple as possible, but it is a real issue since the mere view of a PC ...
In this age of advanced technology and automated systems, can ...
We have been regularly using Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) for all sorts of elections in India. Though the handicap is if we have large number of candidates then the EVMs run out of space. The Indian EVMs can take in 16 names per machine. posted 12 days ago Experienced Inventory and Demand Manager see all my answers Best Answers in: Government Policy (52), Government Services (5), Supply Chain Management (4), Health Care (3), Economics (2), Social Enterpreneurship (2), Communication and Public Speaking (2), Using LinkedIn (2), Education and Schools (1), Conference Venues (1), Compensation and Benefits (1), Staffing and ...