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Special Report on

Professional Risk Management

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This intensive one-week course is designed to meet the demands of the risk professional by bridging the gap between theory and practice in financial risk management. PRMIA and the Kellogg School’s Zell Center for Risk Research jointly offer this classroom-based educational program featuring top faculty from the Kellogg School of Management. "We are very pleased to be partnering with PRMIA and look forward to offering this risk management course at the Kellogg School," said Professor Robert Korajczyk, director of the Zell Center for Risk ...
(nicknamed "Pukke") was formerly known as the Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education (abbreviated PU for CHE). It is a medium-sized South African university. Tuition is mainly in Afrikaans on the Potchefstroom campus and in English on the other campuses in Mafikeng , and the Vaal Triangle (situated in Vanderbijlpark ).
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Professional risk associations abound as they experience a new era of growth. How are they all differentiated, and how does RIMS fit into the mix? By STEVE YAHN, who has written for and edited national publications for more than 30 years The world according to GARP is an ambitious one, but the Jersey City, N.J.-based Global Association of Risk Professionals is just one of many highly rated risk management professional organizations in the United States and elsewhere around the world. "I like GARP because they combine traditional risk management issues with much more quantitative and qualitative matters than other ... market research, surveys and trends
How to manage your risk?
Once you have the facts it is decision time. You can choose to do nothing or seek to reduce the exposures or to hedge them in whole or in part. The unforgivable sins are to fail to consider the risks or fail to act on any decisions. The risk culture of your business is critical and must be established at the most senior level. Above all it calls for honesty. Too often individuals are criticized for decisions that, at the time, were in tune with the organization’s perceived appetite for risk. But it is never easy to set down effective guidelines and the range of exposures for even a simple transaction can be extensive. For ... market research, surveys and trends


RiskCenter: A Financial Risk Management Media Company
A survey of the more than 100 executives within the U.S. and Canadian electric and natural gas industries shows that some 80% are dissatisfied with the U.S. government�s energy policy performance following the one-year anniversary of President Obama�s inauguration and amid a slowly rebounding economy. Full Story... The strong seasonal benefits of tax refunds and better recovery rates on repossessed vehicles have led to a 30% decline in delinquencies and losses on U.S. prime auto loan ABS through the first four months of 2010. Full Story... Freddie Mac yesterday released the results of its Primary Mortgage Market Survey (PMMS) in ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Risk Management in IT Projects
The risks associated with electronic data processing represent a majority of today's companies' operational risk. In addition to the mere operating risk, the successful completion of complex IT projects has a major strategic impact on enterprises and their competitiveness. The operational risks resulting from IT projects can be reduced substantially through efficient risk management. IT auditors therefore must be involved more actively in project risk management. Since 1 May 1998, public limited companies in Germany are obliged by law (Gesetz zur Kontrolle und Transparenz im Unternehmensbereich) to implement a ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Losing Yourself to The Markets
As many of you know, the first positive steps of my personal trading journey started with Online Trading Academy. I enrolled as a student in the Professional Trader class and never looked back, soon after taking the Forex class, Futures class, and becoming a Platinum Passport holder. I made up my mind that nothing was going to stop me from attaining my goal of becoming a full-time professional trader. I learned many lessons about the market and even more about myself and now, as an instructor and mentor to others, I hope that by sharing my experiences with others willing to put the work into trading, I can help them a little ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Aspect Enterprise Solutions Goes CTRM, Gears Up For Growth
Aspect Enterprise Solutions (AES), a leading provider of software as a service (SaaS) trading and risk management solutions, today underscores its multi-commodity market credentials with a new CTRM identity across its solutions portfolio. The new Commodities Trading and Risk Management identity replaces the previous ETRM (Energy) branding. The change reflects AES’ 10-year journey from the energy sector only into the oil, natural gas, marine fuels, biofuels, coal, emissions, metals, steel, agriculture and softs markets it addresses today. With the world’s first fully Web-delivered market data, trading and risk management ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


THIS AGREEMENT is effective June 1, 2008, between Professional Risk Management Services, Inc. (PRMS) (the "Business Associate") and the Program ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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It is no secret that we live in a litigious society. The court system is kept very busy handling lawsuits (sometimes valid, sometimes not) that are initiated by individuals or entities against other individuals or entities. There are various types of liability claims. Some claims are for bodily injury, some are for property damage and others are for pain and suffering, economic or other damages. Some claims are related to employment laws or allege violations of civil rights statutes. Even if a claim does not make it to ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Strategic Decision and Risk Management Certificate | Stanford ...
The Stanford Strategic Decision and Risk Management Certificate Program provides participants the advanced skills needed to execute business strategies effectively. The program consists of a curriculum of noncredit short courses and combines Stanford University's academic and research depth with the decision and risk management expertise and track record of Strategic Decisions Group (SDG) . For more information, please check out our minisite: Strategic Decision and Risk Management Certificate The strategic decisions that you participate in shape the direction and success of your organization. The ability to make effective ...
  1. profile image JobHitsUS VP Risk Management job in New York, NY at Kforce Professional Staffing, Inc. #management #jobs
  2. profile image intsystemdesign Professional companies make risk management part of their day-to-day operations and include it in project meetings and the training of staff
  3. profile image EducateEarly Outsourcing cops in budget: ... and reductions to the risk management allocation and building professional service...
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I am keen on enhancing my knowledge in risk management. My risk management activities are currently restricted to information technology projects. I want to widen my horizons to include enterprise risk management. Are there any special courses that can help me reach next orbit. I prefer online course that I can pursue during free time from my desktop. Regards, posted 17 days ago in Project Management | Closed Share This Regulatory Compliance Specialist at American General Finance see all my answers First I would suggest They offer two certificates that you would probably be interested in;
Google Answers: Value at Risk - Credit risk, Financial Risk Management
cfamaniac, Short question, long answer (although by the way that you price the question I think you realised that). I'm going to start off by discussing the value at risk framework and methodology. Having done that, I will then discuss the incoporation of credit risk into the models. I will then try to answer your question on the CBAS as best as possible. Along the way I will use a mixture of personal knowledge (what are the odds on there being a Google Answers researcher who has studied Value at Risk), textbook information and links that either I personally recommend or find from google searches. I'm ...