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Special Report on

Program Management Office

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North America leadership realized they had a problem with the delivery and execution of some of their projects. Although the issue was not widespread, it was clearly effecting client satisfaction. During a month-long analysis effort several large projects were reviewed, a number of clients interviewed, and brainstorming sessions held with many consultants. This process uncovered three deficiencies we thought were critical to our clients' ongoing success: A lack of rigor in the process of project management Absence of a formal means to assess, develop and measure the capability of its project management practitioners. A ...
NIEM represents a collaborative partnership of agencies and organizations across all levels of government (federal, state, tribal, and local) and with private industry. The purpose of this partnership is to effectively and efficiently share critical information at key decision points throughout the whole of the justice , public safety , emergency and disaster management , intelligence , and homeland security enterprise. NIEM is designed to develop, disseminate, and support enterprise-wide information exchange standards and processes that will enable jurisdictions to automate information sharing. NIEM is an outgrowth of the ...
Homeland Security's (DHS) Office of Intelligence and Analysis
"Thus it is said that one who knows the enemy and knows himself will not be endangered in a hundred engagements."                            Sun Tzu, The Art of War. Testimony of Under Secretary and Chief Intelligence Officer Caryn Wagner and Principal Deputy Under Secretary Bart Johnson, before the House Committee on Homeland Security , on the Office of Intelligence and Analysis' Vision and Goals Release Date: May 12, 2010 Introduction Chairman Harman, Ranking Member McCaul, and ... market research, surveys and trends
Why the Sudden Proliferation of Program Management Office (PMO ...
While researching and writing this PMO blog, I have observed that, in the last several years, project-focused organizations have increasingly expanded the use of (or created) Program Management Offices within their organizations.  Historically, the PMO concept first appeared in Information Technology or Information Services organizations, principally because those structures advocated and sponsored more disciplined and consistent/repeatable processes including change management, applications development, and project management processes.  From IT and IS organizations, the PMO then became more widespread in Shared Services ... market research, surveys and trends


billion dollar baby – DC Velocity
The freight management contract signed late last year between the U.S. Department of Defense and Menlo Worldwide Government Services is a big deal in more ways than one. By Steve Geary The late Sen. Everett Dirksen is credited with this unforgettable line: "a billion here and a billion there, and pretty soon you're talking about real money." If anyone knows just what he meant, it's the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD). Late in 2007, DOD's U.S. Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) signed a contract with Menlo Worldwide Government Services that's worth an estimated $1.6 billion over its potential ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
All about Project Management Offices: Planview's PMO 2.0 Survey
I've now read the report for the second time - yes, it is that interesting. I also wanted to make some notes. Let me first compliment Planview. This is an excellent work and continues to reinforce their leadership in the PMO space. Terry Doerscher is their Chief Process Architect and driving force behind the PMO 2.0 initiative, and the chief contributor to Planview's thought leadership. No, I am not getting paid, and no I do not have a Planview system. I ran a PMO that had one and liked it very much, but no kickbacks (yet anyway). On to the survey. The survey was given to over 1000 PMO directors, managers, staff ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Administrators Believe Cost-Cutting Initiatives Will Save University $75 Million
After reviewing recommendations from the Initiatives Coordination Office, President David Skorton and Provost Kent Fuchs have accepted a number of cost-saving initiatives in several areas of focus at the University, a move that the administration expects to save the University up to $75 million annually by 2015. “As a campus, we are going through a tough financial period that is not quite over yet and these plans are the roadmap to take us into the future,” Vice President for Planning and Budget Elmira Mangum said in an e-mail. “There is still much to be done and investments to be made to realize the transformations but the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Fusion Apps Questions Oracle Should Answer
Oracle appears set to deliver more information than ever before about its long-awaited Fusion Applications at the OpenWorld conference in September, with more than 30 sessions listed as of Tuesday. Fusion Applications are supposed to combine the best attributes of Oracle's various application lines into a next-generation suite. Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has said they will make their initial debut sometime this year, and many observers are expecting a release announcement at OpenWorld. The conference sessions include deep-dives into individual Fusion modules, the suite's architectural underpinnings and its pervasive use ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


The Project/Program Management Office (PMO)
The Project/Program Management Office (PMO) is the fastest growing concept in project management today and is key to effective implementation of project ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Policies & Program Management - OFFICE OF WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT
Policies and Program Management Office. Function. Name/E-mail. Phone. Alternate. Phone. Director. Jim Faulkner. James.P.Faulkner@NOAA.Gov. Silver Spring, MD ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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Program Management Office : which is your experience ?? | LinkedIn ...
Project Management (2), Mentoring (1), Risk Management (1), Exporting/Importing (1), Customs, Tariffs and Taxes (1), Intellectual Property (1), Change Management (1), Manufacturing (1), Market Research and Definition (1), Career Management (1) Walter, the PMO activities depend upon the charter with which it is created. In most companies, the PMO is in charge of the projects portfolio, being them external or internal. In case of external projects, the PMO team is the interface with the customer and handles the execution interfacing with the Supply Chain. The activities that you are listing are, in general, all managed by the PMO ...
What is the meaning of PMO? - Yahoo! Answers
As with so many other definitions in the world of project management, it can have multiple meanings. In many cases, it stands for Project Management Office, yet we are seeing examples where it also stands for Portfolio or Program Management Office as well. To get some sense of the "Tower of Babel" of Project Management, if you look at research done by GAPPS, there are something like 4 "buckets" or definitions of "Program Management" and to further illustrate the challenges we face, if you look at Max Wideman's Comparative ...