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Special Report on

Project Management and Workflow

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This blog post will focus on how we use Basecamp, which has been one of our main tools for managing the ongoing work of individual projects. While we've since moved on to other project management tools ourselves, our tricks and observations about working with Basecamp still apply. How can online collaboration tools like Basecamp support effective project management? That's one of the questions that came up at the values-based project management session I attended at Web of Change , led by Rob Purdie of Important Projects . I wanted to continue the conversation with Rob himself, and promised to blog our own project ...
5 Tools for Web Designing — Web Design Firm
Every kind of work implies the use of tools to make it more productive and professional. Whether it’s the industrial sector or the agriculture sector, tools work more profoundly and more quickly than manpower. Similarly, a number of tools are used by web designers to craft the most creative and professional looking websites within hours. A web designer may not be termed one if they don’t use specific designing tools to craft a website from its conception to the end result. With several web design tools available today, we have handpicked only five effective ones for you: 1. Adobe Fireworks Accessible by the Mac and Windows ... market research, surveys and trends
Merlin 2 Project Management on Mac OS X
Merlin 2 is a project manager for Mac OS X that is as powerful as Microsoft Project, and a lot easier to use. It includes high-end features such as Net Plan charts, resource levelling, and utilisation graphs. Merlin 2 can be used to plan anything, including creative projects. Merlin 2 builds further on the success of its predecessor, and adds a large number of improvements and additions that make the application even more powerful than it was. It has remained just as easy to use as Merlin 1.x, though. Merlin 2 has excellent support for mind mapping programs. NovaMind was on the import list in version 1. Now MindManager and a ... market research, surveys and trends


GALAxy Newsletter | GALA Report: SDL-TRADOS Merger Survey Results ...
When SDL's shareholders approved the purchase of TRADOS Inc. last month, SDL became by far the largest supplier of translation memory, terminology management, and translation workflow management products. SDL is also one of the world's three largest language services providers (LSP). This article reports on the results of a GALA survey of language service providers about the impact of this acquisition. Its goal is not to comment on the business sense, wisdom, or moral propriety of this deal, but rather to convey the feelings of the industry about the deal.   The Background: SDL Buys TRADOS In a deal with ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
GALAxy Newsletter | How TMS Developers Pitch Their Wares to LSPs ...
The life of a language service provider can be difficult. Clients always want more work for less money in less time. Suppliers from lower wage countries undercut prices. Foreign exchange fluctuations hack away at margins. An inadequate supply of experienced project managers slows down production. New file formats, more languages, and new products challenge the time-honored processes that LSPs have developed over the years. It's no wonder that most translation agencies plan to spend more on translation automation in the coming year. What Do LSPs Look for in Software They Buy? The big question is "what technology will they ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Daegis Announces Release of DocHunter 6.0
Daegis, a leading provider of eDiscovery services and technology, today announced the release of DocHunter 6.0, its online review platform that enables law firms, corporate legal departments and government entities to process, host, search, review and produce documents for legal matters. DocHunter, the technology hub of Daegis' eDiscovery solutions suite, has been used by clients for over six years, and offers advanced functionality in the areas of early case assessment, data analytics, review and production. Today's release of DocHunter 6.0 expands ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
From Pushing Paper to Pulling for Success
Most organizations do not have project document strategies that promote effective information sharing. Project document management best practices can eliminate these problems and turn documents into the asset they are, instead of the nuisance they're often treated as. There are several best practice elements found in the document management world that can be applied to project management practitioners. No self-respecting professional wants to be known as a paper pusher or bureaucrat, but it can be a hard label for them to avoid when they're managing projects. Projects create paper, or more specifically, they create ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


LMR Solutions SMART EPMS technical overview
... preconfigured Windows SharePoint Services sites, enriched by software tools such as Web parts, templates, and project management and workflow utilities. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
EPM Framework - Workflow Matrix
Dec 29, 2008 ... EPM Framework - Workflow Matrix ... Project Termination. Project Management. Michael Porter (EPM). Closed. Project Closed Non-Compliant ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Project Management Methodology Workflow Diagram Key
Project Management Methodology Workflow Diagram Key. Introduction. This document identifies shapes and standards used in the Project Management Methodology ...
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Google Answers: Developing for SAP - General Questions
I have almost 4-yrs experience with SAP Development Tool and currently working for an implementation. I would be more than happy to answer your questions. If you happen to have a good business plan with your tool, I can go further for more details and maybe .. just maybe, interested in your product. Below are just some general answers to your general questions: 1. How do I develop a tool for SAP? Do I need to buy a development version license to the product or can I develop it externally somehow? A: It depends on the nature of your tool. If it is an external tool, than SAP provides hundreds of RFC calls to its core engine. ...