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Special Report on

Region Air Traffic Management

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This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Air Traffic Control (ATC) Equipment in Millions of US$. The specific product segments analyzed are Air Traffic Control Communications Equipment, Air Traffic Control Navigation Equipment, and Air Traffic Control Surveillance Equipment. The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of World. Annual forecasts are provided for each region for the period of 2001 through 2015. A ten-year historic analysis is also provided for these markets with annual market analytics. The report profiles 75 companies including many key and ...
management and related airside services to the aviation industry (e.g. air traffic control, airways navigation and communication facilities, and airport rescue and fire-fighting services) within the Australian Flight Information Region (FIR). Airservices Australia is a full member of CANSO .
Air India plane crashes, 160 dead | Ghana Business News
An Air India flight from Dubai crashed Saturday morning in the city of Mangalore after apparently overshooting the runway, killing at least 160 people. Televised images showed rescuers carrying limp bodies up a wooded slope and wreckage still burning hours after the crash, with bodies and the nearby ground covered with white foam emergency workers used to fight the blaze. There were reportedly 166 passengers and crew on the Boeing 737-800 jet, which was believed to be 2 or 3 years old, a relatively new addition to the company’s fleet. The rescue operation was complicated by rain and the topography: Flight IX-892 went down ... market research, surveys and trends
LOATAY.COM - Volcanic ash gives Europe airports new nightmares
As the European Union sought to streamline its response to contamination of its airspace, civil aviation authorities in Scotland and Ireland closed some airports for the second successive day on Wednesday because of volcanic ash drifting from Iceland. Transport ministers from the European Union agreed on Tuesday to speed up plans to unify control over the region’s airspace and to establish strict guidelines for when levels of contaminants such as volcanic ash in the atmosphere make it unsafe to fly. But some ministers disagreed over whether there should be stricter guidelines in place before allowing governments to grant ... market research, surveys and trends


Encouraging Technology Transition through Value Creation, Capture ...
million in 2007 to 136.7 million by 2020. Additionally, the group estimates traffic to ...... Where r = d/100 and d = discount rate in percent per year. ...... “North Atlantic (NAT) Region Air Traffic Management (ATM) Concept ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Country or Region: Report Title First Line Report Title Second ...
remaining $2 billion for airport operation and air traffic management. Airport Development. At present, the government budget can only meet about 20 percent ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Chinese drivers stuck in epic traffic jam for nine days
Friday gridlock is painful enough, but try sitting in traffic for over a week. Unfortunate motorists heading northwest from Beijing to the Heibei province are currently trapped in a traffic jam to end all traffic jams, now entering its ninth day.  The congestion started with a spike in heavy cargo-bearing trucks on National Expressway 110 on Aug. 14, but a perfect storm of gridlock seemed to form as the days continued. Thanks to auto accidents, broken-down cars and highway construction, the traffic extends for more than 62 miles. How long is 62 miles? Picture a jam stretching from downtown Los Angeles to San Clemente , or ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Thales Australia ATM solutions win technology awards
Thales Australia team accepts the awards: L-R: Martin U. Ripple (VP Air Operations), Mark Palmer (GM Technical Director), Trevor Kristan (centre), Greg Irvine, Philippe LePetit. Thales Australia has scooped two prizes at the prestigious 2010 iAwards – Australia’s premier technology innovation awards program. The company’s innovative FLOWCAT Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) system was national winner in the Sustainability and Green IT category for managing airspace, capacity and traffic flow in an increasingly congested future. Thales’s Java Human Machine Interface (JHMI) Engine also received a national ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


The North Atlantic (NAT) Region Air Traffic Management (ATM) Concept of Operations is published by the. North Atlantic Systems Planning Group. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
and performance, in the context of air traffic management, of regional jets compared to traditional jets and turboprops. It was found that ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
What Does ATM Stand For? Accces To Money? - Yahoo! Answers
Air traffic control at AllExperts
certain aircraft — to prevent them from coming too close to each other horizontally and vertically. Secondary tasks include ensuring orderly and expeditious flow of traffic and providing information to pilots, such as weather and navigation information. In many countries, ATC services are provided throughout the majority of airspace, and its services are available to all users (private, military, and commercial). When controllers are responsible for separating some or all aircraft, such airspace is called " controlled airspace " in contrast to " uncontrolled airspace ." Depending on the type of flight ...