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Special Report on

Safe health-care waste management

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The following are just some of the many projects being carried out by Health Care Without Harm and member organizations around the world. Bagamoyo District Hospital, near Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, is home to an exciting pilot project using an autoclave to sterilize infectious waste. Working with local NGOs AGENDA, JSI and UNDP/GEF, HCWH have trained staff in segregation and installed an autoclave and shredder. A waste management committee has also been set up. Tests using simulated medical waste have shown the most efficient procedure to disinfect the waste. Read the technical report   (pdf) . Safety boxes ...
describes loosely discarded, surplus, obsolete, or broken electrical or electronic devices. Environmental groups claim that the informal processing of electronic waste in developing countries causes serious health and pollution problems. Some electronic scrap components, such as CRTs, contain contaminants such as lead , cadmium , beryllium , mercury, and brominated flame retardants . Activists claim that even in developed countries recycling and disposal of e-waste may involve significant risk to workers and communities and great care must be taken to avoid unsafe exposure in recycling operations and leaching of material such as ...
Medical Or Hospital Waste Management « Knowledge for free
Health care wastes are among the most important waste management programs that state or city government should pay attention to. Health care wastes or HCW are objects both sharp and non-sharp, body parts, chemicals, drugs, medical devices and radioactive materials that health care institution dispose. In the United States about 7000 tons of waste everyday or 2 million tons annually is collected from hospitals and health clinics. Hospital wastes are mainly solid wastes. There are bio-hazardous materials, flammable and toxic materials. There are also radioactive or isotopes which very dangerous to handle. Medical wastes ... market research, surveys and trends
Waste Management – Process, Guidelines & Facts
Health Care Facilities must be committed to waste management principles. Waste management is implemented by the establishment of a waste management committee and the development and implementation of a Waste Management Plan. The Generic Waste Management Plan provides supplementary detail and forms a practical tool to implement the Guidelines. These Guidelines will assist managers and personnel of any facility to implement standards and comply with relevant legislation. Adoption and commitment by each facility through the establishment of a Waste Management Committee and adoption of a Waste Management Plan will assist ... market research, surveys and trends


Waste Management & Research
Eighty-one percent (47/58) responded that they had seen instructive posters on segregation in ..... which could be reduced by more than 31.4 million kip/year ..... WHO (2004): Safe Health-care Waste Management, Policy Paper, Fact sheet. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Traditional and current environmental risks to human health
below the MDG target of 75 percent (UNEP GEO4, 2007). ... Africa's renewable water resources are estimated to be about 5400 billion m3 per year, of which .... Safe health care waste management. Policy Paper, World Health Organization ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
How Would You Spend a Trillion Dollars?
80,000 dead; 8,000 disappeared. Peter Lee reports and lays out the strange saga of the Shivalingam of Amarnath. “Food security”… “sustainable agriculture”…”slow food”… “food sovereignty.” R.G. Davis separates the real from the phony in the world of organic food. Meet the women trying to reform America’s insane sex offender laws.  JoAnn Wypijewski describes their struggle.   Order CounterPunch By Email For Only $35 a Year ! August 24, 2010 By STANLEY HELLER I t’s up to the Left to construct a program to put people back to work. The captains ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Leading Quality Organizations Support NBCH's eValue8™ Health Plan Evaluation ...
Bridges to Excellence, the Leapfrog Group and PROMETHEUS Payment encourage health plans and health care purchasers to participate in national assessment program WASHINGTON , Aug. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- As the U.S. moves forward with health reform, health care purchasers are working to eliminate waste, overuse, and misuse in the health care system at the point of care. To that end, several of the nation's foremost quality and measurement organizations – Bridges to Excellence (BTE), the Leapfrog Group , and PROMETHEUS Payment® – announced their support of eValue8™, a program of the National Business ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Safe health-care waste management
August 2004. WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION. Safe health-care waste management. POLICY PAPER. 1 - Unsafe health-care waste management leads to death and ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Standards for Universal Precautions and Health Care Waste ...
disposal of health care waste. • Advocacy for safe injection practices and appropriate waste management is conducted by – NGOs, cultural, religious and ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Health care waste management: a neglected and growing public ...
Nov 4, 2009 ... 1World Health Organization. Healthcare waste and its safe management. Documents. Available at: ...
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Smoking damages your health and your wealth but if you are a nicotine addict you will behave like a drug addict and therefore the money you waste on your habit will be irrelevant. The damage you do to your body may not seem obvious at first and you will no doubt see old people still smoking which will lull you into a safe sense of security but don't be fooled because those older smokers are lucky. They also tend to be thin. Apart from the 9 cancers you can get - there are many other smoking related illnesses that can impact on your life and every year people have limbs amputated due to a lack of oxygene reaching the ...