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Special Report on

SAS Ontology Management

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automates the time-consuming process of reading individual documents and manually extracting relevant information. Organisations are in constant need of powerful tools to manage proliferating data from social networks, call centers, customer surveys, claims forms and sales returns. SAS’ award-winning analytics mine, interpret and structure information to reveal patterns, sentiment and relationships to improve decision making.  “Our customers use text analytics for customer intelligence, risk management and fraud management,” said Fiona McNeill, Global Analytics Product Marketing Manager at SAS. “Those involved in enterprise ...
from text. High-quality information is typically derived through the divining of patterns and trends through means such as statistical pattern learning . Text mining usually involves the process of structuring the input text (usually parsing, along with the addition of some derived linguistic features and the removal of others, and subsequent insertion into a database ), deriving patterns within the structured data, and finally evaluation and interpretation of the output. 'High quality' in text mining usually refers to some combination of relevance , novelty , and interestingness. Typical text mining tasks include text ...
Cypress Care Successfully Completes SAS 70 Type II Examination
ONE the Movie, an independent film, has now been seen on five continents by over 100,000 people. The film was made by Ward Powers, a trial attorney and father of three who lives in a suburb of Detroit. After waking one morning with an idea to make a film exploring some of life's big questions, he ordered a video camera and ventured out with two friends and a list of questions designed to discover the meaning of life. No one had any filmmaking experience. MLM mockumentary "Believe the Movie" has been released on DVD. The movie pokes fun at the multi-level-marketing (MLM) industry. Believe the Movie - MLM Mockumentary market research, surveys and trends
Archaeometry SAS-blog: Archaeometry at SAA 75 - F, April 16
Eva Hulse—Jill of All Trades and Master of None?: The Challenges of Doing Soil Chemistry Analysis as an Archaeologist Kimberly Kasper and Kevin McBride—The Spatial Significance of Plants Quentin Lewis—Unequal Variables: GIS and Spatialities of Inequality Brian Jones—An Exploratory Data Analysis Approach to Artifact Density Correlation Meredith Hardy—It’s a Small World? Settlement and Interaction on St. Croix, Virgin Islands Ezra Zubrow, Eva Hulse, Greg Korosec and Dustin Keeler—Supra-regional Issues in Archaeology Ray Whitlow—Linking Spatial Theories and Archaeological Data with ... market research, surveys and trends


The Text Frontier - Text mining, voice mining and unstructured ...
earlier this week in New York City to attend the conference as well as host our customer, The Tribune Company. The Summit is a highly intense, in-depth, two-day conference that covers how to develop, implement and enhance cutting-edge internal search capabilities, so Kathy and Cailyn were also there to support SAS' recent news on Text Analytics . This year the emphasis for Enterprise Search Summit 2010 is how enterprise search enables Information Access. Search can no longer be viewed as a stand-alone application. It's so timely because Kathy & Cailyn sponsored the SAS booth at the conference to highlight and share ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
SAS for Military Intelligence
Eighty percent of data warehousing efforts fail due to poor data quality. No ... Taxonomy/Ontology Mgmt. • Model Mgmt. & Deployment. • Forecasting. • Econometrics .... Improving customs management: A large international agency turned ... risks have been detected, $20 million in duty has been retrieved, and the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


SAS GSA PriceList
SAS Ontology Management - PSA - Annual Maintenance ... Additional SAS Ontology Management Studio Per User -. Annual Maintenance Fee ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The use of concept maps during knowledge elicitation in ontology ...
Microarray Informatics Team, The European Bioinformatics Institute – European Molecular Biology Laboratory Outstation, Wellcome Trust Genome Campus CB10 1SD, Cambridge Hinxton, UK 2 Australian Research Council Centre in Bioinformatics, Institute for Molecular Bioscience, The University of Queensland 4072, St Lucia, Australia Alexander Garcia Castro: a.garcia/at/ ; Philippe Rocca-Serra: rocca/at/ ; Robert Stevens: robert.stevens/at/ ; Chris Taylor: chris.taylor/at/ ; Karim Nashar: nashara/at/ ; Mark A Ragan: m.ragan/at/ ; Susanna-Assunta Sansone: ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Gary H. Merrill
SAS Institute Inc.; Cary, NC. 1987-1992. Manager, Language Features and Environments Department ... in Technical Notes on Ontology Management (AAAI-99 work- ...
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I have an audio signal containing very simple amplitude shift keyed data . Is there any cross-platform software I can use to extract the data? Or pointers to an explanation I could use to write my own? I currently have iTunes 6, and am reluctant to change to 7.0.2 based on all the horror stories I've read/heard. The problem is, I'd like to buy the new shuffle, but it lists system requirements as '7.0.2 or later.' Is this fact or crap? Can I use the new shuffle while remaining on version 6? I'm rather dim when it comes to stuff like this, so any insight is appreciated. Should I retake the LSAT on ...
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Generating XML documents help? I work with the county health department, and have been asked to come up with a way to create, store and manipulate metadata for various datasets we store internally on a network drive. Basically I think the simplest thing to do is to create an xml file stored in the same directory with any dataset. Preferably I can do this with infopath 2003 or free software, and using the Dublin Core standard for metadata. I've seen the 5 year old answers on Dublin Core Metadata from this Ask , but I need to let my coworkers create the data first, and that mostly covers storage/database solutions. Looking ...