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Scope Management using Kano Model

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In any entrepreneurial activities bringing about changes you will have to deal with individuals or groups interested in the outcome or simply impacted by your project or program. Depending on the breadth of your project or program, the list of stakeholders can encompass public government, media, public opinion influencers and corporate management. Independently from the constituency you are referring to as a manager willing to ensure the highest probability of success to your initiatives you have to engage them. Managers need to think of Stakeholder Engagement not only as a set of tasks to execute, but also as a way of achieving ...
in some 40 countries. He is Adjunct Professor in the School of History and Philosophy, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of New South Wales , Sydney . Since 1968 he has directed four public commissions of enquiry on technological issues for Australian State and Federal governments: the Northern Territory transport and development; the road and rail freight transport; the electricity sector; and toxic waste .
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In this article I came across a job entitled Six Sigmma. I had only seen this one other time when I was looking at government jobs on CPOL. It perked up my interest into exactly what is Six Sigma? What is Six Sigma’s history? My research found out it is a way for corporations to save huge amounts of money. General Electric is using Six Sigma effectively saving billions of dollars, as well, as many other corporations such as its inventor Motorola. Six Sigma is also a career that pays very well. Top Six Sigma employees make well over $100,000k. Since I was looking at government jobs, I think they could use a multitude of Six ... market research, surveys and trends
Design For Six Sigma Tools ~ A Break from Information Overload
What are the main tools used in DFSS? That's a huge question and impossible to answer. DFSS places strong emphasis on customer analysis, the transition of customer needs and requirements down to process requirements, and minimizing defects, costs, and time. A few tools are common to any DFSS methodology, but the use of other tools will vary according to whether the design is of a product or a service or a process, the specific context, and the priorities. A book of this scope cannot present all of the DFSS tools in sufficient detail. Most of the tools in this chapter and the next easily warrant a chapter in itself. In fact, ... market research, surveys and trends


VOC Loyalty Survey Can Aim Customer Retention Projects
A health plan organization analyzed a simple voice of the customer (VOC) survey to find the drivers and the relationships between loyalty and retention. Then it used the analysis to help target Six Sigma projects to improve subscriber retention. By Tami Axcell Retention is a behavior. Satisfaction is a feeling. Loyalty is a measure of the potential for retention. One health plan organization has used the analysis of a simple voice of the customer (VOC) survey to find the drivers and the relationship between loyalty and retention. While a health plan has many opportunities to improve operational efficiencies, this loyalty ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
A MEDICAL MODEL FOR NIGERIA---death with a smile
SEPTEMBER 17, 2004. I have reprinted two articles below. The first indicates that only about 20% of the population of Nigeria believes in the existence of AIDS. (Thank God some people are listening to the truth.) Of course, Nigerian officials lament the national �ignorance.� In truth, however, this rampant disbelief has to be a spillover from President Mbeki (president of South Africa) and his staunch refusal to buy into the fake HIV causation theory of AIDS. Mbeki has publicly expressed his grave doubts about HIV and the body-destroying AIDS drugs which are the basic thrust of the �humanitarian AIDS ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


LNCS 5618 - Understanding Key Attributes in Mobile Service: Kano ...
2 Systems & Operations Management Dept., California State University, Northridge , USA ... More specifically, by using the Kano model, it tried to ..... Thus, there is a need to expand the geographic scope to ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The Cowpea Value Chain in Kano State, Nigeria: the Potential to ...
to compete, as well as farm management expertise through extension services. ..... the limited scope of this research, gender roles in Kano agricultural ...... economic interest in using processed cowpea grain because it reduces labor costs ... The estimated model was a good fit for lack of capital but not for the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Business Process Best Practices: Project Management or Six Sigma?
Project Management. Scope Management. Scope Planning .... 52 226 Kano Model .... sufficiently discuss using Project Management as a methodology, ...
How can we integrate Six Sigma methodology together best pratices ...
I have done it for GE in France for one of their sub and it works pretty well. Let me know if you have any specific questions: - We lay down all the PMBOK processes for initiation, planning, execution/control and closure - We matched against the organization maturity which processes to keep, remove or create - We took all deliverables from each type of projects DMAIC, DFSS plans and created for each detail process systems which included inputs, ,outputs people tool and technic - Then we were able to add Six Sigma quantitative measurement to allways improve the quality of the project management process and each process groups ...
Slashdot Ask Slashdot Story | Moving Away From the IT Field?
"Insourced" Habla espanol. The key is to find a position where the job can't be sent to China or the worker can't be imported from Mexico. Mostly, this seems to revolve around sales, management, some medical (not all), some education (certainly not all), organized crime/politics and marketing. Anything else? You've obviously never been treated by a nurse who was in the job for the wrong reasons. Please don't ever SUGGEST nursing to people, unless they demonstrate a genuine compassion, patience, and willingness to help others even on their worst days. I'd also suggest that you get out of IT ...