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Special Report on

Semantic Data Management

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The Semantic Web vision of the World Wide Web Consortium is to extend the current Web, so that “information is given well-defined meaning, better enabling computers and people to work in cooperation.” 1   This is important, as the mix of content on the web and in applications built using web architectures is shifting from exclusively human-oriented content to computer-mediated content. In the Semantic Web, data are defined and linked in a way that enables its use for more effective discovery, automation, integration, and re-use across various applications. Toward this end, the W3C has adopted standards and tools such as RDF and ...
or tasks and so that data that once could not be automatically processed by a computer could be. It also encompasses some ideas about being able to automatically share information between different people. This concept is very much related to the Semantic Web but is distinct insofar its main concern is the personal use of information.
Configuring Semantic Web Technology Support in Oracle 11g Release ...
The Oracle 11g platform offers a scalable, secure, robust platform for semantic web data management. Oracle 11g supports efficient management of  RDF, OWL by executing simple queries. Data can be stored in the form of  RDF triples and queried easily. Here are a series of steps to set up Semantic web support in Oracle 11g. 1. Install Oracle 11g and download the “JENADRV” patch from “ “. 2. Extract the JENADRV folder to some directory. 3. Goto Directory Your_Drive_Name:/>Oracle_Home/product/ ... market research, surveys and trends
Evri Ties the Knot with Twine — Twine CEO Comments and Analysis ...
This acquisition consolidates the two leading providers of semantic discovery and search. It is also the culmination of my long and challenging venture to pioneer the adoption of the consumer Semantic Web. As the CEO and founder of Radar Networks and, I am both happy and relieved to have reached this milestone during what has been a difficult time of global recession. I am very proud of my team and the incredible work and accomplishments that we have made together, and I am grateful for the unflagging support of our investors, and the huge community of Twine users and supporters. Selling was not something we ... market research, surveys and trends


WWW2009 - Register
The large diversity (with respect to cultural background, school of thought, intention, opinion etc. ) underlying the content creation process of the Web contributes a lot to the wealth and value of the Web. On the other hand, the wide variety of opinions and biased content found on the Web makes it difficult to get a balanced view on a given subject, given that many people only consider the ten search results provided as the first page of results by a typical search engine. This panel will controversially discuss the risk of biasing through the Web as well as the potentials that are inherent in diversity and that today are ... industry trends, business articles and survey research » Blog Archive » CIS515 Strategies for Database ...
Relational databases are set of tables defining the columns of the rows they contain, which are also conceptualized as relations defining the attributes of the tuples they store. Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) abstract the normalized relational structures underlying the system away from the user, allowing them to focus on the specific data they wish to extract from it. Through queries, they provide users the capability of joining sets in relations into reports, transforming data into information. Through normalization, they eliminate redundancy, ensuring there is only one source for each data element in the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
News Analysis: Capgemini Immediate Delivers Cloud Services To Royal Mail Group
to RMG.  As the UK’s second largest employer, RMG employs 188,000 people, handles over 80 million items per day, and delivers over 150,000 parcels per day via ParcelForce, its worldwide express parcel business.  Analysis of the deal reveals two key points: Royal Mail Group chooses cloud computing for concrete business value. RMG sought a new eBusiness platform.  Through the RFP process, RMG determined that traditional on-premise software and hardware solutions on single stack technologies (e.g. Microsoft, Oracle, and IBM) did not meet current and future business requirements.  Requirements included increased time to market to ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Document Management Roll-up: SharePoint 2010 Support Increases, Open Text ...
It's just about the end of August and time for the gears to shift up one. This week, there have been a number of new releases that have focused principally on getting SharePoint 2010-ready. O3Spaces has also been busy, this time adding Linux support. Summer though it may be MetaVis ( news , site ) has been busy creating new support for SharePoint 2010 . Earlier this month it introduced MetaVis Live Compare offering better governance over SharePoint implementations . This week it has announced that the MetaVis Architect Suite now supports SharePoint 2010 Term Stores and Document Sets. Architect Suite includes metadata and ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Semantic Data Management for db4o
semantic data management layer for db4o which supports role modelling, ..... achieved by building a semantic data management layer on top of db4o. The ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Information Sharing of Trusted Reference Knowledge in a Dynamic ...
The Changing Climate: Making Earth Science Relevant Again in Light of Global Warming, Washington, DC. A New Enterprise Information Architecture and Data Management Strategy for the U.S. Government Part 10: Web 2.0 for Earth Science Collaboration for Information Access Paper and Slides . Also see Water Cycle Ontology for Water Cluster Breakout Session January 15, 2008, Net-Ready Sensor Standards Harmonization WG Meeting at NIST. A New Enterprise Data Management Strategy for the U.S. Government - Part 8: Emergency Management and Sensors Paper and Slides . New collaboration with the Semantic ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Semantic Data Management: Towards Querying Data with their Meaning
just relational data. We call such an effort semantic data man- agement. In order to support semantic data management in DBMSs, ...
  1. profile image brightonjobs Computing Officer (Semantic Web Research Data Management) - University of Oxford - South East
  2. profile image ivisgroup Information Management Online say that by 2012 semantic and SOA data hubs will be the 4th generation of MDM, our semantic engines are ready!
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  2. Webinar: The Significance of the Semantic Web
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What is phrase based indexing and what is different between Latent ...
As described in the site (see last link under Web Resources) Phrase Based Indexing is "an information retrieval system (that) uses phrases to index, retrieve, organize and describe documents." In other words, structured/logical phrases included in documents all over the Internet, will be recognized by the SE as relevant and subsequently organized in groups that will rank in the search results according to the relevance they possess (in relating) to the content of the original query phrase. Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) identifies "hidden" relationships between the searched term and other terms (words) within the ...
Semantic HTML: Does mark-up provide enough meaning in web documents?
lexipixel, the question in the title of this topic is "Does mark-up provide enough meaning in web documents?". You are right that it is a good idea to save bytes - just as long as there is still enough meaning. It's up to the author to decide on where to draw the line in the trade-off between file size and meaning. If we always went for the smallest possible file size, all our documents would look like .txt files with no tags at all! The semantic web is a load of BS. Markup doesn't mean anything to a human unless he or she is a HTML author. In that case the meaning, i.e. the semantics of a tag is of purely technical ...