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Special Report on

Shoshone National Forest

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The Shoshone National Forest was first designated as the Yellowstone Timberland Reserve in 1891, and became the Shoshone National Forest a few years later, making it the first National Forest in America. Part of the Greater Yellowstone Eco-System, this 2.4 million acres sports some of the Lower 48 states' most rugged, scenic and remote countryside. More than 1.5 million acres of Shoshone are designated wilderness. The terrain here varies from sagebrush flats to thick evergreen and aspen forests to open alpine meadows to stark peaks of glacier-carved granite. The Forest stretches from the Montana border south to Lander, ...
Visit the National Museum of Wildlife Art and Wyoming Attractions
when you travel in our great state! Whether you enjoy – urban centers, mountains, forests, or water, the State of Wyoming provides exceptions diversity of tourist attractions and events. You can find the perfect opportunity to relax and getaway from the frantic schedule of daily routine. Tour Idea #1: Stop By the Buffalo Bill Dam Visitor Center- Cody, Wyoming. On your way to Yellowstone National Park, coming from Cody Wyoming, you will find the Buffalo Bill Dam Visitor Center. The dam was built around 1905 and was originally known as the Shoshone Dam because it was located on the Shoshone River. However, the name was ... market research, surveys and trends
Dude Ranch Vacations in Wyoming for Adventure Travel in the U.S.
Singles and families can book a guest ranch vacation in Wyoming during summer, spring or fall, taking advantage of vacation package deals. Dude ranches provide vacations with value and fun activities. Though horseback riding is the main activity at dude ranches, everything from boating and fishing to hiking and biking is offered. Guest, resort and working ranches afford variety from simple amenities to luxurious resorts. Wyoming has the most dude ranches of any state, according to the Dude Ranchers’ Association . The many guest, or dude, ranches in Wyoming allow guests to ride with real cowboys and wranglers. The following ... market research, surveys and trends


USDA Forest Service, Shoshone National Forest - Recreation
The 2009 aerial survey of the Shoshone revealed 823,000 acres are affected by beetles, or about 63 percent of the Shoshone's forested acres. The spruce bark beetle, Douglas-fir beetle, and mountain pine beetle are present. Map showing the bark beetle infestation on the Shoshone (PDF 1.6 MB) (Note: This map shows the insect infestation as of 2008. The map showing the 2009 aerial survey will be available in early March 2010.) Timber and fuels program elements include work to Salvage bug-killed, dead, and dying trees Harvest live trees to make the forest less susceptible to insects and wildfire Reduced stocking levels will ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Wyoming Outdoor Council -- National Forests: Shoshone
The country’s first national forest, the 2.4 million acre Shoshone National Forest borders Yellowstone National Park to the east and includes parts of the Wind River, Beartooth, and Absaroka mountain ranges. Mixed terrain from sagebrush steppe to forested foothills leading to snow-capped alpine peaks provide habitat to an array of wildlife species. More than half of the Shoshone is designated wilderness and coupled with roughly 30 percent of the forest additionally considered “roadless” it is arguably one of the wildest forests in the system. Some have noted that it probably looks much the same as it did when Teddy Roosevelt ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
YNP fire kicks-up, but quenched by rain
Although the Arthur 2 Fire in eastern Yellowstone National Park kicked-up recently, precipitation Sunday hampered the fire’s growth, leaving fire managers guardedly optimistic it will not spread. The fire is one and one-half miles southwest of the East Entrance and on the south side of the Middle Fork of the Shoshone River. The fire has caused no closures. Reported at 75 acres Thursday, the fire expanded to 218 acres over the weekend. But on Sunday night and Monday morning, nearly one-third of an inch of precipitation was reported. “We had a lot of rain last night,” said Bob MacGregor, Arthur 2 fire ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
U.S. Forest Service Chiefs Reflect on RMEF, Elk & Hunters
Since Theodore Roosevelt appointed Gifford Pinchot to the job in 1898, the chief of the U.S. Forest Service has been one of America’s most important conservation positions. For the past 26 years, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation has been working with this agency and its top forester to ensure a vital part of our national outdoor heritage–elk and elk hunting. An estimated four-fifths of the elk in the U.S. spend all or part of their lives on national forests and grasslands. Most elk hunting occurs on Forest Service lands, too. RMEF and its partners, together with the Forest Service, have helped to enhance habitat for ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Case Study: HRO Implementation on the Shoshone National Forest
Mar 17, 2009 ... Fire demonstrates that the Shoshone National Forest's fire and .... Shoshone National Forest, the concept of communicating upward in the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
This project consists of construction or reconstruction of five road segments. These roads are labeled as 540.1K, 540.1N, Temp 1, Temp 2 and 532.3B. Work includes establishing work clearing limits, installation of survey staking, clearing and grubbing, roadway excavation and linear grading, placement of aggregate and pit run, installation of a Government-furnished prefabricated bridge, culvert installations, seeding, and road closure gate installations. This project is located on the Wind River Ranger District of the Shoshone National Forest and ranges in elevation from 7.800 feet to 8.400 feet. The roads are generally ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
An Economic Profile of the Shoshone National Forest Draft
The relationship between the Shoshone National Forest and the local economy and ... The Shoshone National Forest's 2.4 million acres is located in portions ...
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  2. profile image CSTribune Shoshone Forest lifts camping restrictions: CODY -- The Shoshone National Forest is lifting camping restrictions o...
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which at 13,804 feet (4,207 m) is the highest peak in Wyoming. There are more than 20 other peaks in excess of 13,000 feet (3,962 m). Two large National Forests encompass the greater part of the mountain range. Shoshone National Forest extends from Montana to the southern tip of the Winds, along the eastern side of the continental divide and oversees 4 million acres (16,000 km²). Bridger-Teton National Forest is found west of the divide and has approximately 3.4 million acres (14,000 km²). Both National Forests are also within the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem . The Winds are composed primarily of a granitic batholith ...
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Teddy was a Progressive and take charge type person. He halted the Coal Strike of 1902 by threatening to bring in troops to mine the coal. Trust Buster Teddy again took on the railroad trust of J.P. Morgan's Northern Securities Company, a huge railroad combination, and J. D. Rockefeller's Standard Oil Company. Teddy saw to the passing of the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906, as well as the Meat Inspection Act of 1906. These laws provided for labeling of foods and drugs, inspection of livestock and mandated sanitary conditions at meatpacking plants. Roosevelt established the United States Forest Service, signed ...