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Special Report on

Software Build and Release Management

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ElectricCommander® automates and accelerates the software build-test-deploy process that follows creation of new code. It removes a significant bottleneck for software development by transforming an error-prone, manual process into an agile, reliable command and control system for software production. Enterprises for which software is mission-critical — such as Qualcomm, Intuit, BioWare (a division of Electronic Arts) and Caterpillar — use ElectricCommander to create a competitive advantage through higher software quality, reduced costs, and increased developer productivity. With ElectricCommander, your ...
ITIL gives detailed descriptions of a number of important IT practices and provides comprehensive checklists, tasks and procedures that any IT organization can tailor to its needs. ITIL is published in a series of books, each of which covers an IT management topic. The names ITIL and IT Infrastructure Library are registered trademarks of the United Kingdom 's Office of Government Commerce (OGC).
Sourcesense and Sonatype Form Strategic Partnership « Sourcesense buzz
MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, and AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS — Nov. 16, 2009 — Sourcesense, the leading European provider of Open Source services and solutions, and Sonatype, the Maven company, today announced a new strategic partnership to promote and  market Sonatype’s leading software solutions. The distribution agreement also allows Sourcesence to facilitate integration by providing training, support, and customization services across its network of enterprise and SMB customers around the world. Based on the Apache Maven project, Sonatype’s development infrastructure platform allows organizations to easily build and release ... market research, surveys and trends
Parabuild Adds Statistics, Telemetry and Reports for froglogic Squish
MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA — (Marketwire) — 03/29/10 — Today Viewtier Systems announced that it integrated Viewtier Parabuild with froglogic Squish, a popular tool for automated testing of user interfaces. The integration is available immediately. “Test automation is an important practice that helps software teams develop better software faster,” says Slava Imeshev, president and CTO of Viewtier Systems. “Parabuild promotes test automation testing by providing teams using froglogic Squish with an ability to run tests at every check in while monitoring test trends and statistics.” Parabuild ... market research, surveys and trends


Microsoft PowerPoint - WCG OSS Consulting Sales V1.1-Intro
prediction puts corporate spending on Linux systems at $10 billion by 2005. In a . November 2002 CIO survey of 375 information executives, 54 percent said that .... Software build and release management. Yes, alternate OSS is available ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
opensource - zFeeder multiple categories demo
Relational is an interface to load relations from a file, to write relational algebra queries, and to see their result. This software has educational purposes, since it makes it possible to immediately evaluate if a query is correct or not. For developers, it provides a relational algebra Python module which can be used within other projects. License: GNU General Public License v3 Changes: This release splits into independent packages (GUI and library), simplifies the makefile, removes information to generate Debian/Mac packages from the default source package, and makes "make source_all" generate the old-style tarball ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
ThoughtWorks Studios Launches New Online Build and Release Management Self ...
a new online tool that gauges the status of Agile practices related to building and releasing software. The complimentary self-assessment tool consists of 20 questions that cover all aspects of the software delivery process. The end result is a customized report with high-level analysis and potential areas for planning and executing improvements to existing build and release management practices. "The self-assessment questions and analysis are based on ThoughtWorks' extensive experience helping our customers achieve faster time-to-market and higher quality software through improving their build and release management ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Barnes & Noble Strengthens Leadership Team for Digital and eCommerce Businesses
the world's largest bookseller, today announced two new appointments to strengthen the leadership team for its Digital and eCommerce businesses and to drive its fast growth in digital content, devices and online retail. Jamie Iannone has been named President of Barnes & Noble Digital Products and John Foley has joined the company as President of Barnes & Noble eCommerce. In his new role, Iannone will be responsible for all NOOK(TM) eReading devices, software, accessories and retail integration and experiences; eBooks and digital content; and third-party ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Multi-Modal Modeling, Analysis and Validation of Open Source ...
software build and release management. Thus, the “requirements and release process” entails identifying and programming new/updated system functions or ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Configuration Management Plan
This section discusses the products, software tools, hardware, personnel, and training required to implement CM activities for the AHRQ Programs. AHRQ currently has three types of software development environments—Development, Test, and Production. The descriptions of each environment are discussed below. The AHRQ Development Team will have a work area/view to code and unit test programs located on the Developer's local drive or on a view server as identified by the Configuration Manager on a case by case basis (i.e., per sub-project). The development environment will be used for work-in-progress during the early ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Software Release Management
process. By means of a software release management system, SRM, a bridge has been built between the development process and the deployment process ...
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What computer skills are required to become a video game software ...
And FINISH it. And release it on the web (either post on or on some mod websites). And polish it based on any feedback. And release the update. This could show a. initiative b. commitment and perseverance c. ability to work with other people (if he finds an artist and a sound guy, for example) d. ability to ask for, listen to, and react to constructive feedback e. programming and learning skills THOSE are the things that we look for in GP programmers. posted January 3, 2007 It depends on a number of factors. In general, a smaller game company is more likely to seek out someone with a broader set of skills than at a ...
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We are a small Legal Dept. and need something better than Google or Bablefish, but we don't want the expense of paying a translating service. Any recommendations or testimonials? Is there a good web-based equipment hire system available, and if not, how would I go about making one? Should I use an affiliate network to sell my software? I need to edit a series of basic videos together within the next 24 hours. I have no idea what I'm doing! Please help me. I'm going to be living in Cuenca, Ecuador this summer with some travel to Quito, Guayaquil and other cities. I'm a software developer and plan to work for ...