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Special Report on

SSRN-The Glass Cliff

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associated with your investments. Now all you have to do is keep yourself from rapidly jumping in and out of the hundreds of ETFs and index mutual funds now available..In fact it seems that the more the manager of your actively managed mutual fund trades, the less likely he is to produce superior performance and he is surely more likely to generate more tax headaches for you. My bolds below: High Trading Is Bad News For Investors Buy-and-hold hasn't looked too good lately, but churn-and-burn is no better. Stocks are sloshing around faster and cheaper than ever. You can trade online for $7.95 or less. Nearly 2 billion ...
What is the Role of Government Vis-à-Vis Capitalism? — HBS Working ...
How broad is government's role in a capitalistic society? The debate this month boiled down to the extent of government's role in relation to capitalism. Those arguing for a relatively narrow role included C. J. Cullinane, who commented, "Government should have little to do with capitalism … there is a place for government, and economists, in the capitalistic system, but in this case less is more." Gerald Nanninga suggested that we "limit government's role to defining capitalistic criminal activity and the means of eliminating such activity." Marshall Cammack asked, "If we take the ... market research, surveys and trends
The Futility Economy - Clusterfuck Nation
     It's the first business day of the new year and oil is trading above $80 a barrel, which means the price has re-entered the danger zone where it can crush industrial economies. This is a central element of the predicament we find ourselves in. The US economy is essentially a Happy Motoring economy.  During the whole nervous period since the collapse of Lehman Brothers, American gasoline consumption hardly went down at all, though so many other activities collapsed, from house-building to trucking. Yesterday,  The Seattle Times published a story with the idiotic headline:  Oil Touches $80 ... market research, surveys and trends


Spring 2009
Electronic copy available at: A publication of the School of Business .... about 80 percent of the banking assets in these countries. .... ration of the so-called “glass cliff” phenomenon—the po- .... ple actually destroyed value: “A total of $187 billion of ac- ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The Impact of Entrepreneurship Education: An Evaluation of the ...
In the table, 291 or 91 percent of the non-entrepreneurship ...... Entrepreneurship Program and $7.5 million less if it had not been top ...... Jason Geitzenauer and Cliff Unger. A diversified solutions provider ... Company specializing in carving, etching and casting artwork and designs on architectural glass and ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


The Glass Cliff: Evidence that Women are Over-Represented in ...
referring to this predicament as the 'glass cliff'. There is considerable anecdotal ..... politics: Further evidence for the existence of the glass cliff. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
tems of executive compensation, their ability to race over the cliff ...... the Glass-Steagall Act, the SEC had asked Congress to empower it to monitor in- ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
HARVARD LAW SCHOOL Program on Corporate Governance Is Delaware's Corporate Law Too Big to Fail ? .... Cliff Holderness. Marcel Kahan. Ehud Kamar. Steven Kaplan. E. Han Kim ..... Greg Taxin (CEO, Glass Lewis). Marc Weingarten (Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP) ...
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