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Special Report on

Stewardship Theory or Agency Theory

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I examine the extent of the linkage between the percent independent directors in the boardroom (measured by the ratio of independent directors over total directors) and the market returns of firms belonging to the technology, engineering and communication industries. The results indicate that an independent boardroom configuration positively impacts on the financial performance of the firms, which is in compliance with the agency theory of the firm. The relationship "boardroom configuration--financial performance" is however not linear in nature, but rather curvilinear with a negative concavity. The implication is that ...
is an officer with significant influence in the company's governance decision-making process and who possesses one or more celebrity traits including credibility, goodwill, rights, image, influence , liability, and standard of value. A director's leadership and decision making affects the governance and wealth maximization of shareholders’ wealth. A question remains whether the perception of a celebrity board director is a universal phenomenon or specific to boards within the United States. A definition for celebrity is a famous person or a person who is widely known in society and business who commands a degree of ...
St. Louis Social Media News for May 21, 2010 | The St. Louis ...
Hope you got through the work week with all your faculties intact…If you are new here, welcome, and let me take a moment to get you up to speed. This column is a (almost) daily digital stroll through local social media and technology related news and events with a little dose of whatever else catches my eye. The intent is not to be the complete news source on any given story, but to give you as complete a snapshot of each day’s news as possible, so that, in theory, if you looked at nothing else all day…you would have a road map directing you to all the stuff you would want to know about. I don’t think we ... market research, surveys and trends
Conservative Camel: Freedom of Speech is Good; or Not
Our Founding Fathers guaranteed in the First Amendment our God given right of freedom of speech. They did this because a person is not truly free if he is not free to express his views. The left, who like to think of themselves as the most tolerant among us, seem to not be quite so tolerant of speech they find does not fall in line with their political views. In a speech at Hampton University, President Obama bemoaned devices such as iPod, iPad and X-Box as diversions. He suggested that these type devices provide 24/7 access to arguments that Obama said “don’t always rank all that high on the truth meter.” ... market research, surveys and trends


Chairman and CEO-separate or combine?
There is data showing that 95 percent of all FTSE 350 companies in U.K. .... and a crash in IBM market value from a peak of 106 billion in 1987 to a low of 27 billion ..... Stewardship theory or agency theory: CEO ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
CEO Duality and Firm Performance during China's Institutional ...
Market capitalization (billion yuan)‡ ..... (2001) found that CEO duality decreased slightly from 43 percent in. 1995 to 35 percent in 1997. .... Stewardship theory or agency theory: CEO governance and shareholder returns. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Hindutva Imprint on Samjhauta Express Blasts
SYYED MANSOOR AGHA delves deep into then stalled probe into Samjhauta Express blasts and reveals that Haryana police had almost cracked the case in a short time but it was the powers that be that did block the probe. In a welcome development the Government of India has handed over Samjhauta Express blast case to National Investigation Agency (NIA). This was announced in New Delhi by Mr. U K Bansal, Special Secretary (Internal Security) in the Union Home Ministry on July 29, 2010. Later on, confirming the decision, Union Home Minister P Chidambaram explained: “One of the aspects that NIA will probe is whether it has got any ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Feature: Role Of The Auditor
An audit is an exercise objective is to enable the auditor to express his opinion as to the truth and" fairness of the financial statement prepared by management. Auditing emanated from the growth of business from owner managed to the current complexities which segregates ownership from management. This required stewardship accounting and the need to examine the financial report (auditing). Due to the authority invested in the directors, it becomes necessary to appoint an "independent" auditor to check the possibility of excesses and abuse of power by the directors. This is the birth of auditing as a profession. ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Stewardship Theory or Agency Theory: Returns
Stewardship Theory or Agency Theory: CEO Governance and Shareholder. Returns by. Lex Donaldson †. James H. Davis ‡. Abstract: ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
A VISION FOR NUCLEAR THEORY Report NSAC Subcommittee Nuclear Theory
... the DOE has given very good stewardship to its nuclear ... of nuclear theory across science. The DOE program has seen a 15% growth in supported ...... agency definitions of nuclear theory, or breaking down the funding agency ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Are Company Founders Underpaid? — HBS Working Knowledge
one says the life of the entrepreneur is glamorous, at least in the start-up phase. Financing pressures. Bad diet. Family—what family? And now new research from Harvard Business School professor Noam Wasserman reveals another "founder frustration": below-market pay. Wasserman's research with 1,200 executives at 500 companies concludes founder pay is on average $30,000 less than that of non-founder executives. (The pay discrepancy disappears as the business matures.) What's the reason for such founder discounts? One reason is that non-founders can increase their compensation by threatening to jump to ...
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IMO, the validity of your premise depends to a significant degree on what organizational issue, and which "crowd" may be the best or most informed engaged with that given organizational issue. But directionally I think you are right. I also think that there's lots of learning about participative dynamics most organizations have yet to go through before they can effectively engage with a range of types of crowds. posted 6 months ago International development, communications, project design & management see all my answers Best Answers in: Non-profit Management (25), Social Enterpreneurship (15), Non-profit Fundraising (13), ...
Google Answers: Sale of human tissue in Canada (human cells)
Hello voidhack-ga, You raised some very interesting questions. The advancement of medicine has ledto the ever more sophisticated use of human organs and tissues. The need is enormous and the supply is limited. The legal, financial, moral and ethical framework on how to handle organ and tissue acquisition varies tremendously all over the world. As technological advances are made, new issues arise. The short answer to your question is: No. The sale of human tissue is forbidden in Canada. But the situation is somewhat complicated and requires extensive discussion to explore what kind of charges and fees are permitted for the ...