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Special Report on

Supply Chain Management Certificate

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By combining purchasing, logistics and supply chain management into one certificate program, UCR Extension has created a course of study that reflects the realization that many professionals in this field are responsible for most, if not all, of these functions. This comprehensive and practical program is designed to help professionals develop their capabilities, and is offered in cooperation with the Inland Empire Chapter of the National Association of Purchasing Management (also known as the Institute of Supply Chain Management). Participants in this certificate program will explore: Purchasing Logistics Supply chain ...
for human consumption. Commercial shrimp farming began in the 1970s, and production grew steeply, particularly to service the U.S. , Japan and Western Europe . Global production of farmed shrimp reached more than 1.6 million tonnes in 2003, representing a value of nearly 9,000 million U.S. dollars . About 75% of farmed shrimp is produced in Asia , in particular in China and Thailand . The other 25% comes mainly from Latin America , where Brazil is the largest producer. Thailand is the largest exporting nation. Shrimp farming has grown from a traditional, small-scale businesses in Southeast Asia into a global industry. ...
Supply Chain Management Degree Programs
Every business must have supplies and materials in order to run a successful operation. Supply chain managers are employed to ensure that needed suppliers are always available to employees. The job entails dealing with suppliers, meeting with business executives in order to make important contractual decisions, as well as predicting what the company’s needs shall be in the future. Indeed, a good supply chain manager is also a good negotiator in that he or she should be able to get quality materials for their company at a low price. Other names for supply chain managers include contract managers, buyers, purchasers, and ... market research, surveys and trends
Supply Chain and SEO
Keyword analyzes are very important. Which keyword is more searchable? Which just sounds great but nobody really uses it? You need to have some idea of what keywords are worth to be worked on, and what can be passed to competitors, if they want to be first in the row on them.  This report will have 3 categories – High monthly volume, medium monthly volume search and low monthly volume search across 3 major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, MSN (Bing).  I used the HubSpot tool for my analyses.  Depending on your site age, traffic, number of relevant backlinks, and site optimization level, you may choose ... market research, surveys and trends


Labor Market Information
service area posted a year of steady growth in 2005.  From an industrial perspective, certain industries within the STWDB region exhibited high employment potential between the 1st quarter 2004 and the 1st quarter 2005 . That is, from the analysis done by TWC Socrates Shift Share analysis, these industries displayed a positive industry mix and a positive local share during this time period. Ambulatory Health Care Services (NAICS 621) displayed the largest change in absolute employment with a gain of 848. Truck Transportation (NAICS 484) followed with a gain of 471 jobs. Social Assistance (NAICS 624) followed closely in ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Education in Washington State
families, contribute $216 million to the state economy. ... pride in its Supply Chain Management certificate program, which satisfies the .... top five percent of colleges in the U.S. for granting degrees in computer and information ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
'We are not maximising potentials in maritime industry'
Obiora Madu, CEO and programme director of Multimix Academy, a specialised capacity building firm with focus on global trade, logistics and supply chain management, speaks with SIAKA MOMOH on how the firm has been providing global competitive advantage to Nigerian companies. Obiora Madu, as the CEO and programme director of Multimix Academy, while speaking on how the coy grew to become one of the leading specialised capacity building firms with focus on global trade, logistics and supply chain management, assures that the firm has been providing global competitive advantage to Nigerian companies. Also explaining the firm’s ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Performance Team Lands on List of Top 100 3PLs
bases its selection by evaluating submitted information, conducting personal interviews and online research, and comparing that data to their readers' burgeoning global supply chain and logistics challenges. The service providers that are selected are companies that offer the diverse operational capabilities and experience to meet readers' supply chain and logistics needs. "Given the growing complexity of mastering global supply chain management, the role 3PLs play continues to become increasingly important," said Felecia Stratton, editor of Inbound Logistics . "Recent economic times have forced ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Health Care-Supply Chain Management Certificate Program
Who is the Health Care-Supply Chain Management certificate designed for? The Health Care – Supply Chain Management certificate is designed for those who ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Supply Chain Management
Master Certificate in Supply Chain Management program. Seize your opportunity to advance within this dynamic, exciting and highly lucrative career field, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Lehigh University | Office of Distance Education | Certificate in ...
Operations, logistics, marketing, sales and service. Increased profits, decreased lag times. How does your supply chain create value for you and your customers? Success in today’s business environment is driven by competitive advantage and profitability. Customer focus, value-added product differentiation and cost management are the elements associated with industry leaders. Through in-depth study of an organization’s value chain, Lehigh University’s supply chain management certificate program demonstrates how these activities are linked both internally and externally. In a creative, hands–on ...
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