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Special Report on

Sustainability Management, Sustainable Business

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Bayer is committed to the concept of sustainable development: Economic, ecological and social matters are goals of equal rank in our corporate policy. To implement this balance worldwide, we have developed effective steering mechanisms and defined specific goals by which we measure ourselves. Our sustainability management is based on long-term values and clear policy guidelines that are valid for all parts of the company. In economically difficult times, it is more important than ever to increase the value of the company in harmony with social needs and goals. Bayer’s sustainability concept is consistently aligned to this ...
Waste Management Moves to Knock Styrofoam Off the Shelves |Triple ...
MicroGREEN produces an expanded plastic product called Ad-Air that can be used in many of the same applications in which polystyrene, commonly known as Styrofoam, is used today. The advantage of Ad-Air is that it can be made from recycled plastics such as PET and as a result, can itself be recycled at the end of the product’s useful life. Polystyrene is made from petroleum, is highly flammable and uses carcinogenic benzene in its production. It is labeled as #6 for recycling, although many recycling operations do not handle it. According to Green Living Tips, approximately 10-12% of it is recycled annually (#1 and #2 have much ... market research, surveys and trends
Emerald: Article Request - Sustainable “what”? A cognitive ...
The purpose of this paper is to explore the meaning of sustainable development held by New Zealand “thought leaders” and “influencers” promoting sustainability, business, or sustainable business. It seeks to compare inductively derived worldviews with theories associated with sustainability and the humanity-nature relationship. Design/methodology/approach – Worldviews were explored through a cognitive mapping exercise. A total of 21 thought leaders and influencers constructed maps of their understanding of sustainable development. These maps were analysed to reveal commonalities and differences. Findings – Participant maps ... market research, surveys and trends


3 Sustainability Trends to Watch for 2005
ustainability as a key bottom-line issue for investors is poised to break through into the mainstream of consciousness in 2005. After years of business leaders grappling with the question of how to minimize the toll they take on the environment, we now see such well-known companies as IBM, Dell, AMD and Electrolux fully committed to sustainable business practices. These companies already know what investors will learn in 2005: Sustainability is good for the planet and it can be good for shareholder wealth," said Portfolio 21 co-founder Carsten Henningsen. Three Trends   Investors who want to understand the growing ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Survey: Recession Slows Corporate Sustainability Efforts ...
conducted in December 2008 by Booz & Company of 828 senior managers, finds that companies  are losing confidence in their leadership’s ability to withstand the current economic crisis. One key finding indicates that “green” efforts will be significantly delayed due to the recession. The survey reveals that 40 percent of respondents expect green and other corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives to significantly slow due to the downturn, while 29 percent of respondents don’t believe it will delay green projects. The pullback will be especially evident in transportation and energy industries, with, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Kikkoman Foods to Install Solar Panels on Soy Sauce Factory
)--Kikkoman Foods, Inc., America’s number one soy sauce producer, will install a 106.6kW DC solar electric (photovoltaic) system at its facility in Folsom, Calif. The new system will significantly reduce the need for fossil fuel–based electricity to power production and allow the company to sell solar electricity back to the grid when the facility is not in operation. “Japanese culture has a long history of valuing the environment and making sustainability a priority. As a Japanese company, we share similar values with Kikkoman Foods, Inc. and are proud to be a part of ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
UChicago Launches Sustainability Management Program
Newswise — This September a select group of professionals will begin training at the University of Chicago to fill an emerging position in the U.S. workforce: sustainability director. The professionals have enrolled in the Leadership in Sustainability Management Certificate Program at the Graham School of General Studies, the University’s continuing-education division. Students may start the program in the autumn, winter or spring and complete the non-credit program in a year. The program consists of six courses that meet once a week for five weeks and a capstone project. “Our ideal student is working in some capacity in ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Corporate Responsibility Research Conference 2010 “Sustainability ...
CSR and sustainability in SMEs. Stakeholder management. Responsible consumerism and ethical consumers. Sustainable entrepreneurship. Sustainable business ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Basic Information | Sustainability | US EPA
The traditional definition of sustainability calls for policies and strategies that meet society’s present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.     The 1970 National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) formally established as a national goal the creation and maintenance of conditions under which humans and nature “can exist in productive harmony, and fulfill the social, economic and other requirements of present and future generations of Americans ” [emphasis added]. The concept of sustainable development was described in a 1981 White ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
MBA in Sustainable Business from Maharishi University of Management
provides advanced knowledge and experience in renewable energy, organic agriculture, and the other principal fields of sustainable living Students with a bachelor’s degree in business may be able to complete the MBA in Sustainable Business in as little as one year. Other students may be eligible to receive credits for some undergraduate courses previously taken in the fields of sustainability, ecology, environmental science, and related fields. These credits, upon approval, can enable the student to graduate in less than two years. As more and more people recognize the importance of sustainability, new opportunities ...
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What are the main problems Executives face in implementing ...
Using LinkedIn (2), Air Travel (1), Car and Train Travel (1), Job Search (1), Economics (1), Financial Regulation (1), Energy and Development (1), E-Commerce (1), Web Development (1) Difficult to quantify ROI unless there is support at the very top and annual budget set aside. posted 10 months ago The toughest challenge is the age-old battle of ethics versus dollars. It takes INTEGRITY and true grit to see these projects through (and I applaud those taking them on). Regardless of who provides the support (leaders must recruit needed strengths and talents regardless of title or role), the key to success lies in maintaining the ...
Sustainability consulting and design - how to start? | Ask MetaFilter
My background is in Web and user experience design - but my passion lies in doing something meaningful besides building Yet Another Corporate Web site for an Agency. I'm reading about sustainable design and social entrepreneurship and like what I've read so far. I'm looking at companies like Sustain, SustainAbility, BluSky, IDEO and others, and reading sites like Design21 ( to get up to speed on the field. The idea of helping companies become sustainable through life cycle analysis is probably my strongest passion out of my many, many interests. However, because the field seems to ...