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Special Report on

Sustainability Within the Supply Chain

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An important factor which differentiates ASML from its competitors is the significant contribution made by our suppliers in the development and manufacturing of semiconductor lithography scanners. At least 85 percent of the value of parts and modules of an ASML system are custom-made finished (sub) systems purchased from suppliers. This enables ASML to concentrate on its unique competences; design of the machine, system integration (software and hardware), service and support, sales and marketing. Many suppliers also handle part of the development of these integrated components, which include lens and laser systems. There are ...
Another definition is provided by the APICS Dictionary when it defines SCM as the "design, planning, execution, control, and monitoring of supply chain activities with the objective of creating net value, building a competitive infrastructure, leveraging worldwide logistics, synchronizing supply with demand, and measuring performance globally."
Earthster: A Metric Tool for Leaders in the Age of Transparency ...
The age of ecological transparency is nigh. Business leaders now must learn to embrace “externalities” (like pollution) and work to lessen them, as Christopher Meyer and Julia Kirby argued in the Harvard Business Review last month. If this is our emerging business reality, here’s a hot tip: look into . Earthster represents an emerging generation of information systems that uses the metrics of life cycle assessment (LCA) to track sustainability impacts throughout a given product’s supply chain in their entirety, making visible the externalities with precision. This metric gives companies the tool they need to ... market research, surveys and trends
Ford Aims to Help Reduce the Carbon Footprint | Ford at AutoTalk
Ford is surveying 35 top global suppliers to gain a better understanding of their greenhouse gas emissions footprint as part of a broader effort to reduce carbon emissions within the auto industry. Ford's supply chain approach builds on its success in measuring and reducing its greenhouse gases. Ford is working with World Resources Institute, World Business Council for Sustainable Development and the Carbon Disclosure Project in an effort to identify appropriate data from suppliers. Ford intends to share lessons learned and lead collaboration with other automotive companies through the Automotive Industry Action Group. Ford ... market research, surveys and trends


Sustainability Within the Supply Chain
The focus for most companies today is the development of a sustainable supply chain — one that is robust enough to support itself and actually improve the environment. Patrick C. Penfield is assistant professor of supply chain practice at the Whitman School of management at Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York. We are living in a dynamic time period and one of unprecedented growth throughout the world. Commerce between countries is increasing at exponential rates. At the same time, the world’s resources are being depleted and used faster than ever before, and raw materials are becoming costlier and scarcer. Many companies ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Apr 29, 2009 ... could save 20 percent on a trucker's fuel bill. ... Robinson senior vice president, said, “Sustainability within the supply chain is ... 500 company and had annual gross revenues of approximately $8.6 billion in 2008. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Keep Your Suppliers Honest
Dow Jones Reprints: This copy is for your personal, non-commercial use only. To order presentation-ready copies for distribution to your colleagues, clients or customers, use the Order Reprints tool at the bottom of any article or visit Globalization and its relentless drive for efficiency have led us into a world of long and complex supply chains. Even "simple" products, such as cereal bars, can be made of ingredients from more than eight countries on four continents. Such complexity has led to higher productivity for companies and lower prices for consumers. But there's also a dark side: ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Sustainability… blah, blah, blah!
Take a look at any of the conference programmes for the up and coming major industry events planned for the rest of this year and there is one clear theme that pervades. No prizes for guessing that sustainability is the dominating theme, whether it be the sourcing of ingredients from renewable sources, green packaging or the ethical trading of products. In the past couple of years sustainability has developed from a backburner issue to a fully fledged major component of any new business plan. That this issue is of vital importance to the way the industry should be doing business in the future, there is no question. The simple ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Assessing the Evolution of Sustainability Reporting in the Mining ...
2.6 Sustainability within the supply chain. 2.7 Fines and penalties. 2.8 Negative events (accidents, spills, etc.) 2.9 Employee training on social and/or ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Environmental and Sustainability Ethics in Supply Chain Management
Environmental and Sustainability Ethics in Supply Chain Management .... environmental supply chain management and design decisions within the control of the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
What are the main problems Executives face in implementing ...
Using LinkedIn (2), Air Travel (1), Car and Train Travel (1), Job Search (1), Economics (1), Financial Regulation (1), Energy and Development (1), E-Commerce (1), Web Development (1) Difficult to quantify ROI unless there is support at the very top and annual budget set aside. posted 10 months ago The toughest challenge is the age-old battle of ethics versus dollars. It takes INTEGRITY and true grit to see these projects through (and I applaud those taking them on). Regardless of who provides the support (leaders must recruit needed strengths and talents regardless of title or role), the key to success lies in maintaining the ...
What does the word "sustainable" mean to you when discussing the ...
Government Services (2), Commercial Real Estate (1), Facilities Management (1), Education and Schools (1), Criminal Law (1), Writing and Editing (1), Packaging and Labeling (1), Supply Chain Management (1) This was selected as Best Answer Sustainability relates environmentally responsible choices that produce minimal impact on the environment. This can include all stages of a process, through efficient use of energy to grow, transport, and package, as well as recycling of related waste materials from manufacturing, packaging and consumer use. In the building industry, sustainability and environmental (or green) design has taken ...