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Tech Product Management

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I expected that the economy -- and burgeoning interest in social media -- would accelerate the shift toward digital channels throughout 2009 to an unprecedented degree. Reviewing this year's survey results I was surprised that, while B2B marketers experimented enthusiastically with social networking sites (Facebook, LinkedIn) and microblogging (Twitter), social media have yet to create budgetary or business impacts on the marketing mix. (Note: this research looks at firms of 50 employees or more only. The data set includes results from smaller firms as well. Tim Harmon will likely publish on this data.) In fact, ...
from its conception, through design and manufacture, to service and disposal. PLM integrates people, data, processes and business systems and provides a product information backbone for companies and their extended enterprise. 'Product lifecycle management' (PLM) should be distinguished from ' product life cycle management ' (PLCM). PLM describes the engineering aspect of a product, from managing descriptions and properties of a product through its development and useful life. PLCM refers to the commercial management of life of a product in the business market with respect to costs and sales measures. Product ...
Product Management Metrics (part 2a) « On Product Management
and then a breakdown from there on metrics for individuals based on objectives and tasks that support the goals of the organization. To me that seems like a logical approach, because all other organizations in a company, includes sales, marketing, technical support etc. have metrics defined and measured that way. So what’s the problem? So why is it so hard to come up with metrics for the Product Management organization? Well,  it goes to the heart of the major issue with hi-tech Product Management today. And that is that most companies don’t look at Product Management as a holistic function within the company, but ... market research, surveys and trends
High Tech Product Management
firm? What’s the function, and wherever does it belong? I’ve held permanent positions in numerous substantial tech concerns, as with PJM Consulting I’ve worked with many extra in a very consulting capacity. Product Management is all above the map in Substantial Tech. Most generally it resides in the marketing department. From time to time, it’s in the engineering/product advancement department. Occasionally you may see it as it’s personal function. And once more, what does the phrase mean in a very Substantial Tech firm? From time to time it’s utilized interchangeably using the phrase ... market research, surveys and trends


Product Management Survey 2009
Product Management Survey - 2009 Sponsored by the 280 Group and Quantum Whisper August 30, 2009 Authored by: Barry Paquet Copyright Statement: All content © 2009. Copyright holder is licensing this under the Creative Commons License, Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported, (This means you can post this document on your site and share it freely with your friends, but not resell it). Product Management Survey - 2009 Sponsored by the 280 ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
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For most of the world's population, college or some kind of training is required to pursue stable jobs and pay. In today's world, workers need to show that they have the knowledge and skill level to work effectively and efficiently for nearly every employer in the market. For many, a four year Bachelor's degree is not easily attained, so they look for more options. A popular alternative is technical training. Technical training provides workers with the skills to be able to work ... Tags: javelin tech training By: Mark Shapiro | - Advantar Laboratories Picks Temperature@lert to Protect GMP Related Materials ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
There's more to an IT career than technology
As IT roles move up the value chain, companies like Johnson & Johnson, State Street, W.W. Grainger, General Mills and Xerox are looking to hire smart, tech-savvy, collaborative business professionals for 20- or 30-year multifaceted careers, not for IT jobs. "I believe the idea of hiring people for a job is well past," says LaVerne Council, CIO at Johnson & Johnson. Instead, Council and other savvy IT and business leaders are more focused than ever on developing sophisticated job-rotation programs and flexible career paths that offer employees exposure and experience throughout the enterprise and significantly boost ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Senior Program Manager - Product Lifecycle Management
The Program Manager is responsible for leading the continued evolution of BlueArc’s Product Lifecycle Management [PLM] process which is designed to ensure that all key milestones and decisions are met and products are launched on time and to specification. PLM is one of the key business processes within our company and impacts all functions. Driving continuous improvement into the process itself will result in improved company performance. The program manager is a key customer advocate and champion within the product lifecycle process and at all times needs to lead with this in mind. As such, this position reports directly to ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


The Top 12 Product Management Mistakes
tech product management community by providing content, services, and professional development for product management organizations worldwide. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Walt Laity – Manager, Nuclear Safety and Technology Product Line
include the CRL Project Integrated Safety Management plan, NEPA and ... Nuclear and Facility Safety Manager; responsible for managing the ORNL's efforts in ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
A Pilot Survey of Software Product Management
Documentation and Tech Support held a variety of org-chart positions. Rationale and Design of the Survey. Software product management is harder than the ...
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For anyone in the tech industry: What are the biggest challenges ...
I've been closely involved with two major software launches. From my perspective I think managing expectations (internal and customer) has to rank right near the top of the list. Followed closely by ensuring a launch that doesn't sacrifice quality in favor of a long list of half-baked functionality. posted 3 months ago Differentiated but customer-relevant benefits for your product (service). Typically, I see product management creating lists of features, and benefits that are smaller than buyers care about. Not enough stories/use cases that appeal early in the consideration cycle. (I'm thinking about solar for ...
What is a fair professional services rate for providing high tech ...
Below is a link that that you will find useful. Although directed to those that are seeking to hire contractors, it does provide insight into consulting rates. Having been in the product management consulting business for years, I believe rates are highly subject to geography, length of engagement, degree of difficulty (or skill required) and of course, budget. One thing I’ve noticed is that clients have a tendency to use other contractor experience as reference. For example, your client may have contracted with a DB specialist, agile trainer or a marketing consultant. Whether you should be below, on par or above these ...