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The YAWL story

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equipment. It is open on weekdays throughout the year, and on Sundays in summer. Admission is free, with access for the disabled.
The Most Mysterious Maritime Mystery – The Marie Celeste | Most ...
The Marie Celeste, (in fact, in reality it was called the Mary Celeste), is the greatest maritime mystery of all time. She was built in 1861 by Joshua Dewis in Nova Scotia, Canada and was initially named the Amazon. The Amazon was rather calamitous; her first captain died of pneumonia within a week of taking charge; his replacement struck a fishing trawler, forcing the ship to return to the shipyards for repairs where it subsequently caught fire; on it’s first trans-Atlantic crossing it once again collided with another vessel. In 1867, she ran aground during a storm in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia; it was the final straw, her ... market research, surveys and trends
Good Men Down
There was no question in Thompson Wallace’s mind about going out that day. He was in debt and the ice had finally broken up. He’d owned the skipjack Claud W. Somers less than a year, and he was bound and determined to make good on her—she was the embodiment of his long-held dream to own his own dredgeboat. When the wind came up and the rest of the oyster fleet headed home, he stayed put in the open water at the mouth of the Honga River, determined to get in a few more licks. Then he headed back to Chance, the small harbor on the Deal Island narrows that he had left before dawn that March morning. He wasn’t worried about the ... market research, surveys and trends


Skipjack, Christopher White, Book - Barnes & Noble
Christopher White spends a pivotal year with three memorable captains as they battle man and nature to control the fate of their island villages and oyster fleet. Through these lively characters, White paints a vivid picture of life on a skip - jack, a wooden oystering sailboat as they dredge for oysters—a favorite staple of iconic American seafood cuisine for over a hundred years. But this last vestige of American sailing culture is rapidly dying. State officials have mismanaged the waters, putting sport above business, and modernization above tradition. These captains must set aside their rivalry to fight for their very ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Ben Yagoda on Y'ALL :: Stop Smiling Magazine
Seemingly an innocuous, even potentially charming, Southern solution to the English language’s lack of a distinct word to indicate the second-person plural (it sure beats such alternatives as youse, yiz, yins, you lot, you guys and the Sopranos -esque youse guys ), it has generated a remarkable amount of heat. Almost all of the controversy has centered around a single point: whether or not y’all is ever knowingly employed by natives to indicate second-person singular . In other words, would any self-respecting Southerner ever say to a friend, referring to the friend and the friend alone, “How y’all ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
How to be sure your news doesn't get left out of the Bin
Lighthouse Archaeological Maritime Program Director Samuel Turner (from left) and First Light Maritime Society Chairman Maj. Gen. Gerald Maloney showed Granaderos President Robert Champion and Mauricio Gonzales a replica of a 1760 yawl boat being built at the St. Augustine Lighthouse & Museum. The boat will be given to the Spanish, who are building a replica of Bernardo Galvez's flagship the Galvestown, which will visit St. Augustine in 2012. With the fall social season looming on the horizon, it's almost party time. Consequently, Beaches and Ponte Vedra Beach organizations are working hard to plan fundraisers and ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Bon Tons ferried big crowds between Bangor and Brewer
There were only two sensible ways to get across the Penobscot River between Bangor and Brewer a century ago unless you owned a boat. You could take the old toll bridge, a covered bridge located where the most northerly of the three bridges that exist today sits. By 1910, it no longer charged a toll and it was no longer fully covered because of the freshet that knocked out its midsection. The other way to get across the river was to take the little Bon Ton steam ferry, which ran between the foot of Union Street in Bangor and the foot of Wilson Street in Brewer, where the Joshua Chamberlain Bridge crosses today. The boat might go ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Surmounting BPM challenges: the YAWL story
Surmounting BPM challenges: the YAWL story. 71 or an AND-join, and additional elements in cancellation regions. YAWL's exception handling capabilities are ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Hangout - Travel and Attractions - NJ Beaches
Since the time of Captain Kidd's death many rumors have surfaced indicating that his treasure may be buried in New Jersey. He claimed to have buried 40,000 British pounds, of which only 10,000 pounds have been found. When gold pieces were discovered on Gardiners Island off Long Island, New York, many people became excited and believed more treasure was buried nearby in New Jersey. There are several beaches in New Jersey where Captain ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
English 151-3; "Aurora Leigh" notes
Conrad explores his memories of his disastrous journey to the Congo. He is in search of self-understanding and perhaps trying to exorcise psychological conflicts by which he was still possessed. In this short novel he dramatizes his own conflicting attitudes toward passion and reason, savagery and civilization Heart of Darkness is a truly great parable because these personal crises attain universal significance. The events of the story reflect ambiguities and tensions of central importance to Western culture. It is not surprising that T. S. Eliot was influenced by Heart of Darkness when he was writing 'The Waste Land.'
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Sailing: very green sailors, ketch or yawl, sailing friends
My partner has just purchased a 63' ketch, and we would like to learn to sail it properly. The rigging that is currently in place on the boat is very confusing! I have sailed smaller boats - sloops, not a ketch, but I am still unsure of where to start. Could you recommend any books or information that would help us. We live in a fairly remote area, and our boat is the largest around here so sailing friends help a little, but we are still needing more instruction. Thanks for whatever help you can provide. Judy McLay & Gerry Matheson Answer I am not aware of any books that deal specifically with the rigging of a ketch or yawl ...
What do you think really happened to the ghost ship Marie Celeste?
 unmanned and apparently abandoned, despite the fact that the weather was fine and her crew had been experienced and able  seamen . The  Mary Celeste  was in seaworthy condition and still under sail heading towards the  Straits of Gibraltar . She had been at sea for a month and had over six months of food and water on board. Her cargo was virtually untouched and the personal belongings of passengers and crew were still in place, including valuables. The crew was never seen or heard from again; their disappearance is often cited as the greatest  maritime   mystery  of all time. The fate of ...