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Time Management for Anarchists

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In times past, when training budgets were somewhat normal the solution was easy. Sign up for a class in New Jersey, make sure that the boss is involved in the planning, offer a one page post-course “summary,” and email a thank-you for the life-changing opportunity. Simple. Nowadays, however, the boss is likely to deny the cost of the tuition, flight, hotel and meal expenses while still expecting to see some improvement. No-one has time to read one of those books filled with “The 1001 Crazy Tips of Abnormally Anal, Obsessive People.” What is an already over-worked professional to do? Making the ...
Individualist anarchism is not a single philosophy but refers to a group of individualistic philosophies that sometimes are in conflict. From there it expanded through Europe and the United States . Benjamin R. Tucker , a famous 19th century individualist anarchist, held that "if the individual has the right to govern himself, all external government is tyranny." : There are tags on this page, but the references will not show without a tag.
Time Management For Anarchists - Stepcase Lifehack
complete with historic anarchists Emma Goldman and Mikhail Bakunin. From there, Jim teamed up with Marc Ngui and turned the whole concept into a comic book, now available as a PDF . The comic, the talk and the Flash presentation all focus on a surprisingly simple dilemma focusing anarchists: how do you get things done when the Man is no longer setting your schedule? Jim puts it simply: The job and school both provide deadlines, purpose, peers — it’s like the fit you in an exoskeleton at the age of five. You grow up within these structures and while you gain a lot of experience doing projects, you never really develop your ... market research, surveys and trends
What to do when your go train derails
I think sometime last week the driver of my train of thought started drinking and then she fell asleep. The train didn’t crash; it slowly lost steam and veered at a snail’s pace off course into some rather large bushes. The derailment happened a little before my birthday earlier this week. I have been graciously granted an extension by my loved ones for said birthday - I get to be special for the rest of the week. But I still have a lot of work to do. To catch up on. I literally have no idea what is happening. This post was affected by the derailment. I had, or have, no idea what to write about. One potential idea was the ... market research, surveys and trends


2008 January « The Labor Party
a highly addictive and whip-smart website that feigns to predict any number of soon-to-fold titles. Depressingly, whoever maintains the site is quite often correct, and with an odd sort of radar-like precision at that.  There’s an interesting feature in the New York Times’ Business section today about Burt’s Bees . This is the formerly homespun and formerly Maine-based personal care products company that lately seems to have become much more popular for its marketing — a sort of hippie-esque eco-consciousness — than it ever was for its actual products. Personally, I can remember when the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Yes! I want to believe! I want to believe that Google and open source can be forces of good. This is one of the most explicit head-to-head moves against Microsoft by Google. And since OpenOffice is tied with Sun, this restarts the Microsoft v Sun competition again. Google throws bodies at OpenOffice [] 'Now Google believes it can help OpenOffice--perhaps working to pare down the software's memory requirements or its mammoth 80MB download size, said Chris DiBona, manager for open-source programs at the search company. "We want to hire a ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Understanding anarchism through the veil of misinformation: follow-up on the ...
As members of the Research Group on Collective Autonomy, we join our voices to those who are speaking out against unprecedented State violence and police repression in the wake of the G20 Summit held in Toronto in June. This violence has affected our friends, our colleagues, our comrades, our partners, our communities. In the same vein, we wish to denounce the misinformed and sensationalist discourses that have been emerging in the media. [ Fran�ais ] Repressive forces deliberately targeted those dressed in black. The media, also seemingly concerned with anarchist dress-codes, broadcast, over and over, images of supposed �young ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
The Decline of Resistance from the Red Scare to the War on Terror
80,000 dead; 8,000 disappeared. Peter Lee reports and lays out the strange saga of the Shivalingam of Amarnath. “Food security”… “sustainable agriculture”…”slow food”… “food sovereignty.” R.G. Davis separates the real from the phony in the world of organic food. Meet the women trying to reform America’s insane sex offender laws.  JoAnn Wypijewski describes their struggle.   Order CounterPunch By Email For Only $35 a Year ! August 23, 2010 By PETER GELDERLOOS A ugust 23, 1927. Sacco and Vanzetti, two anarchists accused and convicted of a double ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Book chapters:
Klärung eines Begriffes, Frankfurt am Main: Fischer Verlag, 2003. Munroe, Jim, Time Management for Anarchists, No Media Kings (blog), April 27, 2005, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Chicago Anarchists on Trial: Evidence from the Haymarket Affair ...
presents original manuscripts, broadsides, photographs, prints and artifacts regarding the Haymarket Affair, an 1886 conflict between labor protestors and members of the Chicago police force. Materials document the events leading up to the May 1886 riot, the arrest and trial of those accused of throwing a bomb that killed several police officers, and the appeal process for those convicted of the bombing including the eventual pardon of those convicted. This collection is held by the Chicago Historical Society. These online exhibits provide context and additional information about this collection. These historical era(s) are best ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Anarchy and the Internet 1998
lthough unintended, the internet is the quintessential example of a large scale anarchist organization. There is no hierarchical authority controlling the internet, the subunits participate voluntarily, information flows freely, individuals join and exit associations at will. Since the internet also contains abundant information about anarchism, it is the perfect medium for a course on the political history and theory of anarchism. This course is designed following a "content based approach to internet literacy" and involves active learning. You do not need to have any internet skills at the beginning of the course, ...
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One of Sun's major legacies was his political philosophy, the Three Principles of the People (sanmin zhuyi, 三民主義). These Principles included the principle of nationalism (minzu, 民族), democracy (minquan, 民權) and the People's Livelihood (minsheng, 民生). The Principles retained a place in the rhetoric of both the Kuomintang and the Chinese Communist Party with completely different interpretations. This difference in interpretation is due partly to the fact that Sun seemed to hold an ambiguous attitude to both capitalist and communist methods of development, as well as due to his untimely death, in 1925, before he ...
I emailed a friend after a long time. His reply was very short and ...