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Special Report on

Transitional Employment Program

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Early findings from a recent federally funded research evaluation suggest that providing transitional work and supportive employment services to individuals shortly after their release from prison can significantly lessen the likelihood of subsequent convictions and reincarceration. The study also showed that transitional work generated large positive differences in employment rates between program participants and non-participants, although these differences declined sharply by the end of one year. MDRC , a nonprofit, nonpartisan education and social policy research organization, conducted the study as part of the national ...
Adult Education And Training Get The Ax In Proposed DC Budget ...
True to his word, Mayor Fenty has made public education a top priority in his proposed Fiscal Year 2011 budget. As the DC Fiscal Policy Institute reports , funding would be cut in all major areas except education, which would receive a 4% increase. Most of the increase would cover higher costs projected for special education and further expansion of charter schools. The remainder would offset the loss of federal economic stimulus funds that helped support the public school system this year. The investment in early childhood, elementary and secondary education makes all the sense in the world. Recent improvements notwithstanding, market research, surveys and trends
Adult TBI clubhouses offer hope | Articles & Archives | Behavioral ...
At least 1.7 million people sustain a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in the United States each year, according to statistics compiled by the CDC. Among TBI cases that reach the emergency room for treatment, 80 percent (1.36 million) are treated and released, three percent (52,000) die, and 16 percent (275,000) are hospitalized. Among those who suffer more serious brain injuries, many will never fully recover. Typically, following an initial hospitalization, these TBI patients will be discharged into inpatient rehabilitation. However, those rehabilitation periods are continuing to shorten, from months in the past to weeks today, ... market research, surveys and trends


Benefit Cost Analysis Of Transitional Employment Programs ...
With growing shortages of reliable unskilled labor, employers are continuing to expand efforts to hire individuals with mental and physical disabilities previously believed to be unemployable in the competitive labor market. Properly trained and placed in the right job, there are significant societal benefits to be reaped from tapping this productive secondary labor market. Indeed, such placements produce indirect benefits that go beyond the direct benefits of increased earnings for those individuals with disabilities successfully placed into the competitive labor market. For example, mentally retarded but competitively ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The Transitional Employment Training Demonstration: Analysis of ...
SSI recipients and for over $2.5 billion per year in SSI payments. Third, .... transitional- and supported-employment services was a 32 percent .... transitional-employment program would be more likely to create a ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Making sure citizens get where they need to be
JACKSON — From medical transportation to ensuring healthy county employees, it was on the table at the Northampton County commissioners this week. They approved a grant application for the Rural Operating Assistance Program along with granting non-leave time for the Wellness Program. The ROAP consolidates the Elderly and Disabled Transportation Assistance Program, Rural General Public Transportation Program and Work First Transitional-Employment Program into one application. Office on Aging Director Debby Warren said the county has been allocated $66,574 for the Elderly and Disabled Transportation Program (for seniors ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Marks House shelter seeks volunteers to adopt a room
Sitting on the corner, Marks House is a big, old house, built in 1903. It has an unusual corner entrance and a large yard generously sprinkled with blooming, pink naked ladies. To passersby, the house looks like any other old house, but to women in need Marks House can be a refuge and a place to start over. Run by the Lompoc Housing and Community Development Corporation (LHCDC), Marks House is a transitional shelter for women and children. “We get women just out of jail or prison, women just out of Recovery Way — a detox program — women escaping domestic violence and others from the community who’ve lost their homes or are ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Experience in developing a Transitional Employment Program (TEP ...
Keywords: Transitional employment program, mental illness, .... Comparison of transitional employment program (TEP) and supported employment (SE) ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Arkansas Department of Human Services
The Commodity Distribution Section operates in cooperation with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and administers the distribution of USDA Donated Foods to eligible outlets statewide. Foods are currently available to the following programs: NATIONAL SCHOOL LUNCH PROGRAM: Provides USDA donated foods for meal preparation in public and private schools, residential child care institutions, and child care centers. CHARITABLE AND CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTIONS: Provides USDA foods for congregate feeding to nonprofit, IRS tax-exempt service institutions ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Transitional Employment Program. ➢ Maintain regular contact with injured/ill employees throughout ... The Transitional Employment Program is based on ...
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Unemployed troubled friend soon to be homeless, how to help? | Ask ...
I have a friend who I think is likely to be homeless soon. I can't take him in, so what can I do to help him? We are in the northern Chicago suburbs (Lake County). My friend has been out of work for a few months, is far behind on his rent, and is expecting an eviction notice any day now. He has some issues. He has epilepsy, also his teeth are a disaster, and I don't know if he has any particular qualifications for any job. This guy has had troubles his whole life. His mom died when he was nine, his dad is on disability in California. He has a brother who lives somewhere downstate and has his own issues with mental ...
Whats a good housing program in atlanta? transitional housing or ...
single mom needs some housing hep, haven't found anything that would help her but if you know of something plz let me know. she's been homeless for 3yrs. everything she's tried is either full or there's a waiting list or its closed. 7 months ago Member since: September 03, 2007 Total points: 85448 (Level 7) Badge Image: Yeah, well she needs to get her name on the waiting lists to start with. The harsh fact is that she needs to move into a 'clean and sober' house - and I'm not saying that she uses drugs or alcohol because naturally I don't even know her. But ...