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Special Report on

United States public debt

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What is the National Debt? on-budget deficits (needed to keep the Government operating) on-budget money spent off-budget money spent off-budget revenue on-budget revenue ACCUMULATED deficits ACUUMULATED OFF-BUDGET surpluses REVENUE (receipts) Money spent (outlays) MINUS How Much is the debt? Federal debt totaled about $9 trillion at the end of fiscal year 2007. However, that number excludes:  The scheduled and funded Social Security and Medicare benefits gap Miscellaneous other commitments and undertakings   Total National debt with additional pledges… … $53 trillion 1 trillion dollar bills end to end = 96.9 million miles ...
which is the difference between net imports and net exports. State and Local Government Series securities, issued by state and local governments, are not part of the United States government debt. The national debt is presented by the United States Treasury as two calculations: "Debt Held by the Public", defined as U.S. Treasury securities held by institutions outside the United States Government, and the "Gross Debt" which additionally includes intra-government obligations (e.g. the Social Security Trust fund). 1 At the end of first quarter of 2010, the gross debt was 87.3% of GDP , of which 56.6% was held ...
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The United States is broke and in debt. The only people who refuse to understand that reality, and who refuse to care, are the big spenders in congress and the White House. Disaster approaches, and what informed citizens want to know is exactly when the hammer will fall on our currency and economy. Now Moody’s Investor Service has given us a clue. First, some background. We all know the U.S. issues and sells bonds at over 200 public auctions each year. These bonds are sold on the open market and are essentially loans to us from other nations (like China) and private investors (like banks and individuals). These lenders buy the ... market research, surveys and trends
Secondary Sources: Small Firms and Jobs, U.S. and Greece, Discount ...
points to new data that confirms small companies dragging on the jobs market. “The contribution made by small businesses to overall job creation is often exaggerated. They do indeed account for most new jobs, but they also account for most job losses. Unfortunately, reliable data that tracks their net employment performance is scarce. The Treasury Department has now helpfully addressed this shortcoming by culling hiring-and-firing data from the Bureau of Labour Statistics by size of establishment. It shows that since the recession began in December 2007, firms with fewer than 50 employees have shed jobs at a rate of 0.4% ... market research, surveys and trends


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or individuals, nor does it include the money owed to Social Security beneficiaries in the future. If intragovernment debt obligations are included, the debt figure rises to roughly $9 trillion. [2] If unfunded Medicaid, Social Security, etc. promises are added, this figure rises dramatically to a total of $59.1 trillion. [3] In 2005 the public debt was 64.7% of GDP According to the CIA's World Factbook, this meant that the U.S. public debt was the 35th largest in the world by percentage of GDP. [4] [5] It is important to differentiate between public debt and external debt . The former is the amount owed by the government ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
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is an obligation of a government. Although individuals are called upon in their capacity as taxpayers to provide funds for payment of interest and principal on the public debt, their private property cannot be attached to meet the obligations if the government fails to do so. Similarly, government property normally cannot be seized to meet these obligations. With sovereign governments, the debt holders can take only such legal action to enforce payment as the governments themselves prescribe. Public debt is one result of government financing expenditures. It is different from private debt, which consists of the obligations of ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
"Federal Debt and the Risk of a Fiscal Crisis" − Important Takeaway
Public debt of many countries has ballooned in the last three years as the financial crisis has unfolded.  In particular, U.S. government debt held by the public is entering a phase not seen since World War II (see chart 1).  Chart 1 includes latest Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates of federal debt as a percentage of GDP for the next decade.  There are consequences to the projected elevated level of public debt not related to economic downswings and wars.  In addition to the well known outcome of higher interest rates and crowding out of private investment as deficits persist, at the extreme, it ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
German consumption, investment bode well for rebound
FRANKFURT — Domestic consumption and business investment have helped Germany post record growth and raised the chances that Europe's economic engine will keep chugging along this year, economists said on Tuesday. Stimulus measures have swollen public debt however, data from the national statistics office also showed, though it remains within striking distance of European Union targets. Dynamic German activity contrasts with a loss of momentum in the United States, the world's biggest economy, a slowdown in number two China and a fragile recovery in Japan. The Destatis office confirmed a second quarter growth ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


United States: 2007 Article IV Consultation -- Staff Report; Staff ...
United States: Public Debt Sustainability: Bound Tests 1/. (Public debt in percent of GDP). Source: Fund staff estimates. 1/ Shaded areas represent actual ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
GAO-10-517R Bureau of the Public Debt: Areas for Improvement in ...
Mar 26, 2010 ... 2GAO, Financial Audit: Bureau of the Public Debt's Fiscal Years 2009 ... money backed by the faith and credit of the United States to fund ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Carnegie-Rochester Conference Series on Public Policy 23 (1985) 55-86. North- Holland. PUBLIC DEBT AND UNITED STATES SAVING: ...
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Politicians get elected by making voters happy. Voters always want more public spending and less taxes. The only way to have both of those things at once is to borrow money. So politicians borrow... How do you contact the Bureau of public debt ? Formed in 1940 The Bureau of the Public Debt is partially setup to track and report public debt. The bureau of the Public Debt borrows money that is needed to run the federal government and to... If a debt is purchased by a debt collector how do you find out how much they paid for the debt Is that information public knowledge? On answer There is no way of finding out. Debt collectors ...
Where is the National Debt Clock and what does it represent?
The National Debt Clock is a billboard-sized running total digital clock display which constantly updates to show the current United States public debt and each American family's share of it. It is currently installed on Sixth Avenue (Avenue of the Americas) in Manhattan, New York City. The idea for the clock came from New York real estate developer Seymour Durst, who wanted to highlight the rising national debt. In 1989, he sponsored the installation of the first clock, which was erected on 42nd Street close to Times Square. In 2004, this clock was dismantled and replaced by the new but virtually identical current clock. ...