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Special Report on

Usability Context Analysis

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In health emergency care, effective and just-in-time interventions of on-the-field operators can reduce damages to injured citizens. Such damages can be severe and sometimes turn into permanent disabilities, causing high social costs. In most European countries, proper training of operators is still a critical issue. In traditional training, psychological impact of accident scenarios on operators is afforded in real-case situations without being tested in advance. JUST, therefore, addresses training of non-professional health emergency operators, by using advanced IT tools. The project R&D work aims to produce a Web/CD training ...
in order to direct its behavior toward a specific action. This practice is common to politics and business and can facilitate the approval or disapproval of or indifference to a person, policy, or product. The ethical use of crowd manipulation is debatable and depends on such factors as the intention of and the means used by the manipulator, as well as the ends achieved. Crowd manipulation differs from propaganda although they may reinforce one another to produce a desired result. If propaganda is “the consistent, enduring effort to create or shape events to influence the relations of the public to an enterprise, idea or group”, ...
The Evolution of “Usability” in a more UX-aware environment
   The extent to which a product can be used by specified users to achieve goals with effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction in a context of use. ISO 9241 is a standard with 28 parts, and talks about the ergonomics of computer-related products. The concepts behind usability as a quality aspect in software are further entrenched in ISO/IEC 9126 standard on “Software Engineering – Product Quality”. ISO 13407 is a development-oriented standard on “Human-centred design processes for interactive systems” and seeks to provide guidance on human-centred design activities throughout the life cycle of computer-based interactive ... market research, surveys and trends
Summary on Køien, GM, 2007, “RFID and Privacy” and Michael, K ...
In Geir M. Køien’s article, “RFID and Privacy”, he explained that RFID is an acronym for Radio Frequency Identification, which is a tiny chip, sometimes thinner than paper and have two main types, which are Passive RFID tags and Active RFID devices. He went on to explain the differences between these types, with the largest difference being its operation method; The Active RFID Devices have their own internal power supply, while the Passive RFID tags don’t. He then presented a number of examples where RFID chips were already in use today. He explained the two main development areas, which were in cost and ... market research, surveys and trends


eServices Capability Model (escm ) Annotated Bibliography
The U.S. temporary help services (THS) industry grew at 11 percent annually between ...... total valuation for of more than $2.9 billion—and a ...... ISO 13407 checklist, usability context analysis, usability maturity ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
International Conference on Product Focused Software Process ...
Dräger is a 1.4 billion DM multinational operating primarily in the fields of ...... Employing a method such as usability context analysis ...... percent of requirements defects detected during requirements work activities can ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Successful Brand Enhancement Through Packaging: Best Practice In Leveraging ...
In mature markets the importance of packaging design in contributing to brand communication and appeal (on-shelf, in-store) is increasing, due to a number of factors, including: * Consumers are increasingly aware and demanding in terms of brand choice, product quality, health and ethical issues. * The environmental challenge for companies to optimize the use of materials, water and energy, minimize waste and maximize the recovery of used packaging. * The trend towards premiumisation is influencing innovation and packaging in many market sectors, particularly mature markets. * The increasing diversity of media channels for ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Top 3 Usability Tips for Building Better Blogs, Maximizing Engagement
and the various ways the information can be shared with others. The ‘weblog’ has transferred itself from an online journal into primary vehicle for establishing oneself as an authority and brand champion. Yet, chances are your company’s blog is not featured prominently on your site, or not optimally marketed to your constituents. Like the other pages on your website, a blog’s usability is just as important to helping convert visitors into customers, as well as establish brand loyalty in the marketplace. Let’s examine the simple, but effective ways blogs can be optimized to encourage engagement and ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Usability Context Analysis Guide - Evaluation of
Usability Context Analysis is designed to be used by a small team of people with a stake in the development of a product, including one or more with a ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
NASA - Process: User Centered Design Methods
Brainstorming brings together key team players to inspire each other in the creative, idea generation phase of the problem solving process. Brainstorming is used to generate new ideas by freeing the mind to accept any idea that is suggested; allowing freedom for creativity. The result of a brainstorming session is a set of good ideas, and a general feel for the solution area. < back to methods matrix Card sorting Card sorting is a technique that allows designers to see how users group the items of a web site. Each item is written on a small index card - in a typical card sorting exercise there may be anything from 30 to 80 ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Usability engineering methods for software developers
prototyping takes place. There are techniques (such as usability context analysis) intended to facilitate such early focus and commitment [11]. When usabil- ...
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Must links be blue for best usability?
And what about CSS-driven links like here on WW? Will many browsers fail to show them properly? On a site catering to other than webmasters, would you use something similar, or keep it more standard? Thanks for the ideas on this. btw, WebProNews just ran an article pushing the idea that blue underlining was essential. I think it depends upon the audience. If I'm writing for a library or a school or folks who rarely use the Inet then I'm more inclined to use standard blue underlined links (booaaaarrring). If, however, the audience is likely to be more experienced then I'll play with them. In either case, I'd ...
How do you define "gold-plating" in a project management context ...
The original PMBoK Guide included the phrase "meet or exceed stakeholder needs and expectations from a project" as part of the definition of project management. In subsequent editions, the "or exceed" was removed on the basis that this encouraged "gold-plating." ("Needs and expectations" was also replaced by "requirements," but that's another discussion.) To me, gold-plating is limited to scope. It means delivering a higher-grade product than the customer needs. Does anyone have examples of gold-plating in the area of schedule or cost? And a related issue ... do you think a project manager should be trying to exceed any of ...